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Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse, by definition, is using words to traumatize biological forms. Whether written or uttered, all language has the social and physical ability to help or produce harm.

Techniques of verbally abusive people (meaning word choices and speech patterns coupled with focused or directed sound or lack thereof) include but are in no way limited to the following examples of methods used by vertical thinkers to put their targets, preferred scapegoats, and victims in their place beneath them while they strive to avoid taking emotional or social responsibility for their word choice, deeds, action, or inactions:

  • withholding (the silent treatment)
  • countering (refuting or invalidating the spouse’s statements or actions)
  • discounting (putting down others’ emotions, possessions, experiences, hopes, and fears)
  • sadistic, sarcastic and brutal humor
  • blocking (avoiding a meaningful exchange, diverting the conversation, changing the subject)
  • blaming and accusing
  • judging and criticizing
  • undermining and sabotaging
  • threatening
  • name calling
  • forgetting and denying
  • ordering around
  • denial
  • abusive anger

Verbal abuse can be a one-time only thing or riddled throughout a toxic thinker’s everyday use of vocabulary and speech patterns.

The higher the IQ and lower the EQ, the more covertly abusive language choices made by a Machiavellian abuser tend to become.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, those with LOWER levels of IQ tend to resort, for the most part, to resort to making crass and caustic illogical or irrational accusations, to belittle, to strive to demean the listener, or in the cases of those with the lowest level of intelligence and emotional IQ, the VERBAL ABUSER tends to resort to making outright, unjustified and unwarranted ad hominem attacks against their target’s character.

The process of name calling to win an argument is known in academic social circles as making AD HOMINEM arguments, a serious and common form of verbal assault typically used only by people who lack the ability to process complex emotions, to understand causality, and/or who have blurting issues socially and biologically rooted in a perpetual lack of ability to control impulse.

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