Trophy Wives

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Trophy Wives” tend to spend their free time focusing on their looks and the appearance of a family home without ever caring about the development of their own character. The more of a Somatic Narcissist streak they have, the more likely they are to spend their lifetime acting like wholly codependent Co-Narcissistic Abuse Enablers.

Such women tend to be those raised to understand how to pretend to be sweet to get what they want. Willing to lie, cheat, manipulate, even steal to win financial gains, they obsess over things like looks and social status almost constantly.

The men who are attracted to such posturing posers are typically raised by toxic parents themselves and tend to surround themselves with men and women who equally strive to compete for prestige with regard to money or social status.

Actually, the less attractive the man’s character or physicality in general, the more likely they were or are to attract a gold digger wife who used her looks and feminine wiles to attract his interest. Seeking financial gain, many Somatic Narcissist females tend to target mates who are profoundly uneducated and lacking self-esteem romantically simply because such men are quick to buy gifts or stroke a check for home expenses to any attractive female who pays attention to them in any way.

For instance, a bride might target a man who is short or diminutive in stature but has money knowing he will feel socially lucky to have landed a physically attractive mate. Then, she might spend a lifetime comparing him to other more manly men in an attempt to constantly keep him on his toes by fostering the illusion he’s in competition with them in some way.

The bride might do things like start to pay more attention to other men when and if she’s feeling a need for attention or wants her mate to foot the bill for lavish purchases like new cars, a bigger home, or to pay the bill for a lavish family vacation despite the fact that his fiscal budget will be stretched or overextended.

What is more, women who marry men who are not physically endowed might make constant references to other men or images of celebrities she finds attractive, subtly shaming her mate and fostering insecurity. This serves the purpose of making her mate less inclined to stray while creating the opportunity for her to give him false praise, pretending she’s sexually satisfied with him in any way.

When she has sex, she makes him feel like he’s fortunate to be with her, increasing his desire to strive to please her while ensuring he feels unworthy in some subtle, deep, dark, twisted way. It’s a power, control, and manipulation based relationship style actively embraced by most Sociopaths and Narcissistic people in general who see social interaction as competitions to win (rather than as opportunities to reciprocally bond as well as affectionately communicate).

The game is one many unsuspecting men who have the ability to earn or who have inherited trust funds engage in playing. Seldom does one meet a man attracted to Somatic Narcissist females who is himself healthy or a “catch” in any way.

For that reason, many Trophy Wives begin their long-term romances with their wealthy partner as mistresses. Few financially successful men make their fortune in their late teenage years or even in their twenties, but many rely on first wives to help them do things like start families, buy their first home, buy first cars, make their way through income-producing degrees, or to launch their own businesses.

Once they attain whatever degree of professional success they expect is the highest they will ever achieve, they all tend to replace their female partners they met and married shortly after high school or college with women who they overindulge financially in exchange for their partner being willing to overlook their foul temperaments or simply obnoxious personalities.

Real wives actually care about their husband’s character and nature. Trophy Wives care more about the cost of their new car, house payment, their new hair extensions, the cost of their latest designer handbag (as a bragging statement, their latest plastic surgery, what Country Club they get to join, how expensive the private school is where they send their children, how tan they are, or where they go to take vacations.

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