Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-Social Personality disorder are considered UNTREATABLE as a mental health problem or condition.

Because Cluster B personality types are just that — personality types — there is no real cure because the diagnosis of the condition has nothing to do whatsoever with illness. To imply there is a treatment for something (in a medical sense) implies there is a disease or illness present.

There is simply no cure for behaving in ways that are narcissistic, short-sighted, and selfish other than to spiritually and emotionally mature to the physiological point (from an evolutionary standpoint) that a human mind — as animal species — figures out it is smarter to work together like ants than to embrace competitive social ethics of predatory species on the move who attack.

If a person has biological limitations that hinder their ability to process complex emotions, it stops mattering how they got that way and why.

The only real thing that matters is that everyone who comes near them or is socially entrained with them on any level of personal or professional enmeshment needs to — for their personal safety alone — be advised.

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