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When seeking support from our staff please be advised that we all share information with our other team members in order to ensure every article we produce or email we answer reflects the tone and life experience of more than one abuse victim or writer.

As such, while we cannot guarantee that you will work daily with the same person during the course of your recovery, what we can promise is all academic insight and research shared on any given topic comes from advocates who actually understand, work together, and are delighted to welcome new #TEAMEMPATH members to stand with us — beside us rather than beneath — when and if any of our readers, clients, or researchers are ready.

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$600 SOCIAL CARE MEDIA SUPPORT SERVICE OPTION — A convenient option* for those who are working outside of the home and don’t have time to do research alone… let one of our life coaches, ministers, or consultants work with you to help you survive the worst few months or years of any crisis. Every month, spend an afternoon or evening chatting live with one of our team members about your unique, personal circumstances. Then, let our advocate help share custom tailored links with you each week to help you help yourself work through whatever person, peer group, or ambient abuse situation you find is most vexing for you.

*NOTE: Services are denied to any person who shows signs of Cluster B personality type, including willing Abuse Enablers. As such, please be mindful, our service is NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you seek to change your abuser’s behavior rather than keeping focus on your own healing and on pro-socially striving to end enmeshment with toxic thinkers, do NOT — we repeat — do NOT ask us to work with or for you.

** This offer is based on bi-lateral acceptance of an ongoing contract for service; if you elect to make a social care media support service donation without prior written confirmation of contract for service and your application is rejected, the monies will be used to fund cost-efficient grass roots marketing of any 20 posts, pages, or memes shared daily by our organization on social media. As such, your funds help us help all Narcissistic Abuse victims and survivors to more quickly and efficiently get the word out.

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**** If you seek professional therapy services, life coaching, hypnotist support, legal consult, and/or advocacy services that involve ministerial support, feel free to reach out to our staff for recommendation or referral; clients are paired with individuals who have personal experience as well as professional qualifications advocating for victim’s rights as volunteers and paid professionals. Contact flyingmonkeysdenied@gmail.com for more information about pairing you with a paid professional or connecting you with an abuse recovery mentor who has firsthand knowledge about what it’s like to be targeted for social abuse by a person, family, or peer group.

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