when inlaws bully
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Why Toxic Family members act like serial bullies toward targeted Inlaws

Have you been targeted for romantic relationship destruction by an Inlaw? Ever wonder why? Because knowing the answer to that very question about their motivation can help you go gray rock and to detach yourself from feeling the need to respond when and if their baiting, provocative, or outright overt or covert deplorable behavior cyclically …

Impact of pervasive stalking and social abuse
Stalking This Just In

Survival Insights for and from victims of Pervasive Stalking and Social Abuse

Have you been targeted for pervasive social and emotional abuse by a Stalker who hunts you like Prey? Feeling underwater all the time socially and emotionally? That’s likely the medical and neurological impact of physically being exposed to and forced without remedy or relief to endure pervasive stalking and social abuse in relative isolation. Being …

What is BPD
BPD This Just In

What is BPD: Symptoms, Common Comorbid Conditions, and Diagnostic Options

What is BPD? Borderling Personality Disorder, also known as BPD, is a psychological condition commonly referred to as a type of nurtured Cluster B disorder. The neurological affectation is characterized by the problematic person’s behavior.   Common elements of BPD nature and behavior patterns tend to symptomatically medically provably include transactional mood swings, unstable social and …

Parental Alienation shames half of childrens genetics
Abuse by Proxy Parent Abuse This Just In

When Step-Parents strive to alienate children from biological parents everyone loses

When a clingy, co-dependent, and or socially anxious and insecure Step-Parent strives to alienate children and grandchildren from biological parents it’s Narcissistic Abuse, plain and simple. Don’t spend another moment of time wondering if Parental Alienation by a Step-Parent is inappropriate for them to strive to create as an outcome between any age child and …