On Gender Bias as a Narcissistic Abuse Tactic
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Gender bias a nurtured Narcissistic Abuse Tactic

Have you ever met a person who looks down on you because of your gender? It does not matter if they are the same sex as the one they are pigeonholing and criticizing, what that person is doing is deliberately using vocabulary to groom a sense of toxic shame into whomever they speak to and also about. 

Gender politics are what they are — a standard Narcissistic conversational sabotage tactic they use to inflame tensions between genders their grandparents created. It’s never rooted in any modern reality when a person says girls have cooties and boys are icky. 

When a person who was groomed by their elders to facilitate Narcissistic Abuse, they tend to see gender first. They do not see a room full of humans with varying talents and life path stories when they look around; all they tend to see is the significance of uniforms.

Pants are for men. Skirts are for women. Unless you are Scottish, there are few 21st-century Western cultural conceptions that a man in a dress could be a completely normal human being and or any kind of beloved social success. 

A monk wearing a robe is seen as superior to a female wearing a Sari. Seriously… the habit and practice of severing the affection and trust base between one sex and another is by modern moral standards nothing short of global deliberate sabotage and insulting. 

Many people are born today with genetics that reflect more than one gender. It does not matter if they dress in ways to make them look like a boy or a girl. It doesn’t. 

Clothing makes the man some obscure figure named THEY appears to tell everyone before they are four. The most depressing thing in the world to see used to be going to TOYS-R-US (the famous toy store chain of yore) and seeing that every toy aisle for girls was full of the color Pepto Dismal pink, baby dolls that barf and pee, and tiny pretend vacuum cleaners. 

Decades of brand agents forcing the concept on little girls raised in the 50s, 60, 70s, and 80s of the 20th century has led to multiple generations of females told from the get-go with advertising and graphic images that women are no more important than what man they can clean up after, all the while spitting as many children they can out of their nether regions. 

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Men are taught that if they are not willing to give themselves multiple TBIs playing the FOOSBALL (as Waterboy’s Mama calls it) that they are not real men. Moreover, they are told by even Supreme Court Justices now that drinking beer and playing sports while treating women like chattel to be sexually accosted and subsequently shunned gets you a seat on the highest court in the land to judge whether or not humans like gay individuals and women have — get this — fundamental human rights. 

If the process of grooming Tobacco Brides is not quelled immediately in the 21st century, it is likely the cycle of Narcissistic Abuse and sabotage of the entire human race by Social Predators is going to continue to happen until we have no planet. Pretending women did not contribute to science or history and erasing the records females matter or mattered from textbooks was the first male mistake. 

Why was erasing women from history and feeding them nothing but GIGO when it comes to educational pursuits detrimental to men? Ask your physician… because anyone who is educated about what Narcissistic Abuse is and who understands why the first rule of computing is “never lie” has the intellectual capacity to determine if you fill a computer with garbage and ask it to do accurate predictive analysis to solve social and medical problems, it cannot. 

It’s the 21st century, folks. Unless you need a penis to do a specific sex act that is 98 degrees warm and related to distribution of fluid for the intent of fertilizing an egg in a lab or a welcoming adult woman, understand gender is window dressing.  

Wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. Grant others you see the same social compassion. 

Teaching sons how to do tasks like cooking, cleaning their own home, or taking care of a child is essential parenting for the 21st century. So is encouraging a girl to do things like play in the mud, to spend social time with boys who are of good character, and to pursue playtime related to Math, Science, and anything else their developing hearts and mind show an interest in or treasure. 

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