when inlaws bully
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Why Toxic Family members act like serial bullies toward targeted Inlaws

Have you been targeted for romantic relationship destruction by an Inlaw? Ever wonder why? Because knowing the answer to that very question about their motivation can help you go gray rock and to detach yourself from feeling the need to respond when and if their baiting, provocative, or outright overt or covert deplorable behavior cyclically …

What happens to a Narcissist as they age?
Narcissistic Personality Disorder, This Just In, Toxic Parents

What happens to an Aging Narcissist when they reach Senior Citizen status?

Narcissists never get better as they age with regard to becoming more kind, socially supportive, and or empathetic and mature people. Their EQ limitations on a medical level leave 100% of their personality types functionally as well as logially emotionally disabled.