What happens to a Narcissist as they age?
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What happens to an Aging Narcissist when they reach Senior Citizen status?

What happens to an Aging Narcissist? If you are asking medically compared to socially as they reach Senior Citizen or retirement status, there are similar answers to the medical and social behavior pressing questions. 

The Aging Narcissist is a force of nature in and of themselves to be reckoned with on a daily, hourly, and literally minute to minute basis by caregivers and anyone exposed to their profoundly socially intellectually and emotionally violent demeanors. They cannot and should never be socially trivialized or ignored concerning how their lifetime behavior issues medically, fiscally, and socially impact everyone in their most intimate and personal world. 

As a person matures in age chronologically forward from birth, certain social, emotional, and medical milestones related to the development of their conscience — of our consciences — by nature, as well as exposure to life in general, occurs. The person who develops a Cluster B affectation in life tends to develop traits of that personality type by or before the age of four in most cases. 

A Narcissist is a person who, as a direct result of nurture retarding their personality and social nature, causes other humans to suffer while they themselves enjoy feelings of pleasure neurochemically released when they do things like lie, cheat, mistreat others, or when they dupe their supporters into believing their gaslighting or into harming and socially neglecting their rivaled target. They are the first in a group to tell anyone who will listen to them how they are better than others because they chose to live their life acting in ways seen in the modern era as not only socially unnecessary but also caustic to the overall health of the person and to their impacted companions. 

A young Narcissist may want control of other people’s time and attention. They may do or say things to net gain them response or reaction from someone like a parent when they feel socially unimportant, forgotten, ignored or neglected. But an Aging Narcissist won’t just want control of other human beings’ time and emotions… they will do or say whatever it takes to ensure they rather than another are the center of everyone’s focus. 

An Aging Narcissist is likely to be clever and quite sinister about how they get away with abusing, mistreating, or dehumanizing others. Constantly obsessed with comparing themselves with everyone else, expect them to become more critical of others as they age (rather than less). 

Know the signs of a learning disabled child striving to hide a medical disability. The Great White Whale in the living room is their toxic internal core nature wrecking up the place like an out of place marine mammal overtaking a forest area. 


Because the coping strategies a wayward teen uses to avoid admitting they need assistance in some subject like math — such as insulting the subject, ridiculing the teacher, and striving to make the content and anyone who understands it the problem as a way to distract educators and classmates from realizing they can’t comprehend the equations use — are the same method mechanically a Narcissist who is aging will use to hide all the complex emotional processing and self-reflection activities their truly, functionally retarded EQ aspect of their physical brain they cannot do. 

An Aging Narcissist, for instance, will be the first to get mad if new technology arrives that they cannot comprehend or with ease of facility use. Think of the senior in 1990, vexed by the rise of computers, insulting the machines, the people who created the technology, and anyone who feels socially or professionally comfortable using computers daily as tools. 

The same child who will make fun of a Math Teacher and brags that they have not used Algebra even once in their lifetime is the exact person likely to experience EQ malfunction rooted in Narcissism. The Aging Narcissist might refuse to strive to use a computer by the year 2000 in a similar manner, bullying the educators and anyone who likes math-based technology to hide the fact that they fail to grasp simple formula concepts like GIGO or AB = BA in a math-based but not NLP involved environment. 

An adult who ridicules other human beings for being too emotionally healthy or socially appropriately respectful of other human being physical human rights or emotions is the Aging Senior who ends up locked in a retirement ward full of patients diagnosed with non-specific Dementia. Unwilling to show respect for others or to admit when someone else is simply more neurologically suited to engage in a craft or social activity, expect the Aging Senior to allow their own ego to strive to fan eternal flames of their own physical and mental self-conception of superiority. 

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The person raised to the age of six or sixteen told by adults they are the prettiest, the most handsome, the smartest, “the best”… who believes others are less… they are the individuals most likely to struggle with a belief that society is based on social competition rather than on healthful collaboration.

Their social survival strategy tends to consist of: insult first, then ask no questions about truth or reality later when socializing; no one is likely to be safe from their criticism, overt insults, and covert manipulations of intellect and emotion. Expect no social quarter to be granted without them exacting a toll on anyone who they help. 

Around such Seniors or toxic minded individuals, no good deed a caregiver or adult child does to please their Aging Narcissist parent will go unpunished. The hospitality abusing prone problematic Adult turning Senior will go out of their way to sabotage or to devalue the effort of any individual or group who is not sycophantic yet strives consistently to do things like to include their relative in their life and home as a proffer to show them mercy, inclusion, affection, respect, and kindness. 

Understanding how a Narcissist’s parent groomed them to act so juvenile and selfish can help an adult child of a toxic parent to understand why the elder behaves in ways that are clearly so socially, medically, as well as emotionally destructive. Take the following knowledge in proper context as roots and origins — not as an excuse for engaging in anti-social by choice behaviors to self-advantage or for the Abuser to engage in ritualized bloodlusting.

Why were Baby Boomers especially vulnerable to developing Narcissistic Personality types during the latter half of the 20th century?

Pitted against siblings, other housemates, and or social rivals manufactured perceptibly by triangulating grown-ups, the child groomed to embrace the concept of social competition as the way of the world is destined to lead a paltry emotional and social life when measuring things like intimacy, quality of a relationship, and quantity of days when the person in question feels at harmony with (rather than at odds with) the world.

Bottom line — wartime propaganda, absentee fathers, and mothers who were clueless and miserable for the most part growing up tended to become ruthless pursuing their own personal comfort at the expense of everyone else.

It’s difficult being the child of an adult who tells them no matter what they aspire to do or what they achieve in life they will never be as great as their parent or grandparent before them… especially when that same message was coupled in so many American households with the teaching that some people (due to gender, religion, or the color of their skin) are born better and more entitled to things like fundamental human rights than others. 

[European culture is specifically dysfunctional in this regard: the entire culture of 19th and 20th-century life led to the social creation of medically EQ dysfunctional, FAS, Neurotoxin, Diet, and Tylenol Poisoning exposed life for children of parents and grandparents who lived through or fought during WWI and WWII. If you are unfamiliar with any of the aforementioned issues, it’s worth spending a few hours browsing search engines for related academia and medical notes to explain how the issues impact the neurological health and structural function of human brains as evidenced since 2015 in genetic reports and on brain scans now that the technology is available to prove or disprove medical health of personality and brain tissue.]

Groomed to thrive in chaotic emotional environments and to seize any available perception of things like money, status claim, or power, every word, dollar, and human relationship they have access to in life becomes a weapon for the Aging Narcissist to use and abuse. 

They sully and desanctify. 

Using words to hurt or to mislead people away from truth is their thing. Most Narcissists brag on their lack of empathy for targets and their ability to con or to sell stories or objects people don’t necessarily want or need successfully (seeing conning and harming as feathers in their social survival skills cap rather than as them having displayed behavior choices in life that otherwise would make a healthy person feel ashamed). 

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Magical Thinking reflects Narcissism in Co-Dependent personalities

As the Aging Narcissist approaches their senior years, expect complaints of all that they do not have… constantly. What they do have they will alternate conversationally devaluing or overestimating the worth. 

As they reach age 45 plus, expect the 45 through age 65 years to involved complicated scheming to net gain themselves more prestige, money, and status. Expect them to hate anyone who is younger than them or who has been more personally, professionally, or socially successful while they themselves sit and create the steadfast persona of an unpleasable person. 

If a medical crisis hits, expect the Cluster B individual to strive to hurt and to control the people closest to them while seeking to drag their preferred scapegoat targets and what’s known as their Narcissistic Rivals through the mud. 

A Narcissistic Rival is a person who somehow impresses a Narcissist so much in their simplicity of existence that the toxic person is likely to fixate on striving to interact with, to harm, and to functionally destroy or to erase them. If that person is a child, a co-parent, an adult child, a current love interest, a former love interest, or simply the object of the problem person’s derision, expect as the Social Predator feels powerless in their own life to seek to reach out and to harm them at random or to disadvantage the target in an attempt for the Abuser to feel in physical charge and relevant. 

The Aging Narcissist is the most likely type to use things like buying children or grandchildren’s affection as a method to sabotage that same targeted used object’s relationship with whomever they seek to hurt to gain physical control of the target’s affection. Money and sentimental objects they weaponize by withholding or by gifting inappropriately. 

Ultimately, Narcissists become petty and prone to using objects and things like family trust funds to harm people who they choose to target for neglect and abusive emotional manipulation of goodwill. Sneaky, deceptive, irrational, and dishonest are words used to describe the Aging Narcissist’s behavior choices towards those who have taken the brunt of their personality problems for the most number of years. 

If the Senior has money or physical control and possession of things like trust funds, estate holdings, or sentimental family items like photos, artwork, or home goods with priceless memories, expect them to use those same items to put anyone with a vested interest in preserving or protecting an estate or items with sentimental import through living hell. 

Never count on serving the Narcissist during their life while abdicating your own needs to pursue individual success. Those who have nearly unilaterally reported the hospitality abuser — typically after decades of making promises that if their support person puts their needs as a priority over their own that they will inherit that person’s fortune or estate or be repaid for their time and effort with whatever held item the con artist has promised from the estate. 

Expect the Narcissist as a senior to do things in their final decades, years, months, and days such as: 

  • Frittering away family trust funds 
  • selling homes promised to be left as paid for an inheritance to the people who ensured the houses were purchased, paid for regularly, maintained, and improved for functionality and comfort of senior residents over the years
  • giving away priceless sentimental objects to people who find or perceive no value in them because the objects were not theirs or related to the memory of a beloved or deceased relative
  • lending money to strangers and deadbeats while depriving caring and in need family members of financial and emotional support and assistance
  • deriding anyone who sacrificed for their happiness at that person’s expense that we should have known better than to trust them or to have taken them at their word that we would be treated fairly by them if we gave them support
  • triangulation of family members, attempts to alienate grandchildren from adult child parents
  • pretending the things in life that shaped their children’s personality types for better or for worse either never happened or did not matter if the exposure or events left the victim or victims (rather than the perpetrator of abuse of perverse social neglect traumatized)
  • obsession about comparing themselves to their children and grandchildren in a way that makes the youth seem to pale in social and physical comparison (ie pretending they were smarter, more attractive, more socially successful, comparing money, lauding themselves for surviving things like wars while criticizing the younger generation for not being born to share and or to endure whatever trauma exposure their toxic parent did) 
  • canceling things like life insurance policies without telling anyone until it’s too late to repay and continue to keep them instated 
  • wiping out trust funds that were left for the benefit of themselves to administer to give fiscal protection to them and to youngers named as beneficiaries
  • abject lying about social history and the character of anyone who in life the Cluster B person chose to mistreat or to marginalize 
  • making unwise medical or financial decisions or choices while hiding their behavior from loving children or supportive caregivers
  • leaving assets to whatever child or person does the physical and social least amount possible for the greatest balance of time in order to “teach the [kind person] a lesson” about what they are likely to claim is “how the real world works” 
  • letting strangers take items from their home or giving away items that do not belong to them
  • selling items for pennies on the dollar that they know someone in the family is deeply emotionally attached to, desperately physically needs but could not afford to buy for themselves, or that they wanted in order to spite their goodwill
  • saying the most hateful and socially deplorable things about and to their most compassionate and involved caregivers with the express goal of psychologically and emotionally crushing them for sport
  • enjoying throwing temper tantrums just to ensure the sabotage of another targeted person’s day, life, social responsibility, or emotions
  • behavior that resembles contrarian nature or “Cash Me Outside Girl” when it comes to social interaction and discussion of things like family finances, medical decisions, how to care for the senior as their health and social status and power declines, and or whenever they are asked to participate in a conversation where the Aging Narcissist is expected to communicate with the intent to understand and to show respect or appreciation for other humans
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Somatic Narcissist behaviors fostered by Hollywood Culture

There is little good that comes of enabling a Narcissist for the duration of their life most victims of people like Cluster B parents will tell you. 

The more a toxic person is indulged and allowed to treat others in their home or private life with ruthless disregard, the more likely they are to emulate Sociopaths, Psychopaths, BPD people, or full-blown Dark Triads by or before the chronological age of 28 when personality fully seats and frozen neuroplasticity related to the processing of complex emotions starts to form. 

Most derive pleasure from being physically unhappy with other people in comparison to themselves. By doing things like refusing to show mercy, kindness, or appreciation for things like their People Pleaser groomed children striving to make their life and their world a more loving and comfortable place, they self generate neurochemicals related to bloodlusting that tend to further functionally decay their own personality and their brain. 

At best, the Aging Narcissist will go out surrounded by strangers with Sychophant personality types who seek to manipulate the senior while they profiteer unless a child or family member willing to suffer the person’s abuse until the day the hospitality abuser dies is willing to force camp themselves in that person’s home or by their side. 

At worst, expect them to go out of the world doing and saying whatever word combination and behavioral path the narcy groomed Senior Citizen decides to take. 

But whatever the case, it’s important to be as fiscally and emotionally prepared as humanly possible if you are the child or spouse or former love interest of the Aging Narcissist for them to break every trust and sacred familial duty and promise. 

Narcissists never get better as they age with regard to becoming kinder, socially supportive, and or empathetic and mature people. Their EQ limitations on a medical level leave 100% of their personality types functionally as well as logically emotionally disabled. 


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