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Propaganda typically refers to educational material designed to spin or teach buyers (meaning readers or listeners) to do, feel, or say something in a certain way that benefits the common goals set out for public nurturing by any organization, school, or state.

It is a form of thought control used to brainwash citizens most commonly. Religions all promote propaganda materials created to drive business traffic back to their organization.

Once people “buy-in” to propagandist claims or premise statements (treating them with factual accuracy), claims can be made that brainwashing occurred due to effective mind control tactics having been employed in propagandist documents like the Bible (for instance).

In a country, “information” or media outlet releases, are using in every nation in the world to promote or publicize their own particular flavor of culture,  political cause, or point of view.

Fake information, especially of a particularly biased, ad hominem attacks, or socially and deliberately Machiavellian (meaning “misleading and manipulative in”] nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

In a toxic family unit, a scapegoat may be targeted for social abuse by a group of family members who have personality issues. A relative will be pervasively ridiculed and lied both to and about, typically confusing them to the point they actually appear to have a mental or emotional condition to outside parties who have been gaslit.

[Gaslighting is a Narcissistic Abuse tactic used habitually in all crooked or dishonest propaganda.]

In an office where workplace bullying is allowed and encouraged? Men and women of all ages, races, religions, and sexual orientations tend to experience personal and professional harassment. Fearing punishment or retaliation if they act like a whistleblower, most targets suffer in silence for decades.

On the playground at the schoolyard the mean girls or boys who pack together to run in gangs to bully set the tone for victims as well as aggressors. The kids that do strive to socially shame, harm, or intimidate others tend to grow up to continue situationally abusing others. 

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