Why do people lie to loved ones
Gaslighting, This Just In

Why do Cluster B people lie and gaslight?

Why do Cluster B people lie? It’s the most common question people who have been lied to and about tend to ask people they trust.

When people victimized by social predators ask, “Why do they lie?” understand it’s because their mind and body are aware that truth matters. Not because they are intellectually deficient.

People lie to abuse the hospitality of others thinking that they are somehow doing something that makes them more personally socially esteemed or prosperous. The sad part about it is that people who are consciously Machiavellian and so callously abusive of other human beings time and trust bring a host of medical problems on to themselves.

Here are the dangerous social games Liars and people who willfully engage in gaslighting play with their own neurobiology as well as with the health of the people who they mistreat by misleading…

The Abuser is toxic, lacking nurtured EQ. Their own parents failed to teach them the value of community, to respect other humans, or to care for their own social and emotional reputation by seeking to aspire daily to be men and women of actual pro-social nature and civilly responsible quality.

As a child between the ages of birth and four, they were likely seldom if ever told “no” or taught to care about the life quality experience of people who encounter them socially.

Kids taught life skill sets like how to self-entertain, how to self-soothe efficiently, and to consider the feelings, fundamental human rights and needs of other people seldom grow up to become mean little children who bully others at school or who mistreat their family members. Kids taught to be socially competitive and ruthlessly socially and emotionally gluttonous are groomed to view everyone — including their closest loved ones and especially their caregivers — with massive disdain… and they are oftentimes encouraged by toxic peers and abusive Groomers to actually win the validation of parents by behaving in socially abusive and or offensive and neglectful ways towards others.

The toxic parent lies whenever it happens to strike their fancy. Sometimes they lie to be mean and to manufacture chaos in the biopsychology and life of a targeted rival. Other times they will lie to net gain themselves social and financial perks they don’t deserve and in no way have EARNED.

Modeling that type of behavior to complicit and young children, the sneakiest of parents will oftentimes praise whatever offspring is either willing to pretend they don’t know or mind their parent is lying or gaslighting to make themselves feel important.

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They will literally create a Golden Child out of a son or a daughter or out of a grandchild born to an adult child they — as the elder — continue to mistreat or to outright abuse — with the worst among them pitting Golden Children against their other siblings… creating in the impressionable child’s basic neuropsychology a desire to emulate the Abuser in order to win that person’s approval while they self-sabotage their relationship with targeted siblings.

The less complicit enabling a toxic parent or toxic family member’s thinking any of their children or relatives happen to be, the more likely that person is to be treated like garbage. The person most likely to do and say the right thing at the right time for the right reason in a toxic family unit is the one most likely to be called the “Black Sheep”, to be treated like the family pinata, and pigeon-holed into the life role of “Scapegoat”.

The abusive parent who lies to get what they want — either by overt pathological or calculated lying about situationally specific abuse they want to keep hidden, by gaslighting to spin what has been named “Alternative Facts” in the 21st century by people who aspire to destroy the very fabric of all social compact and any pro-social people living in the 21st century, or by withholding pertinent data that could help other humans make appropriate decisions — teaches their offspring by role modeling and active lessons not only that lying and abusing other people’s trust is a way to get ahead in life but that it’s somehow a normal part of everyone’s life to strive to emulate.

Here’s a hint — it’s not.

People lie to control other people’s biopsychology. It’s that plain and simple.

Make it more complicated than that in your mind, miss the mark entirely about why people lie.

By telling another human being a partial truth, a mindful distortion of truth, or an outright slew of gaslighting to con, the person doing the lying and behaving Machiavellian is doing one thing and one thing only…

Getting themselves neurochemically off.

It is not pretty or glamorous, the addiction people who lie have to misleading others.

Their greatest pride and successes in life come only from misleading people who trust their words and opinions.

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Take that in. Really feel it and think about it.

Liars get pleasure from tricking other people into believing false portraits of reality that typically are manufactured by the Machiavellian social predator to disadvantage their mark socially and emotionally — always at that person’s direct personal expense. As in the direct personal expense of the person lied to, triangulated from others, or socially misled.

The rush of pleasurable endorphins the Liar gets from hearing someone they tricked into believing something artificial and acting on their beliefs as if they were true is neurochemically enormous for Cluster B people.

While a person who is not Cluster B may tell a lie or withhold absolute truth for pro-social reasons to protect the feelings — the emotions — of others, the social predator in to mistreating people to win their authority figures’ approval is of a different variety. They will lie, gaslight, smear campaign, and be contrary for no reason other than to delight in knowing that they have somehow outsmarted another person… never realizing that abusing the hospitality of someone is NEVER a reflection of the other person’s actual intellect.

By thrilling to outsmart someone — someone who is not thinking about whether or not the person doing the gaslighting is actually trustworthy — they take emotional credit for being clever in a way they are actually not at all.

Think about this…

If one trusts another because they seek to show that person respect… that has to do with being a person of high EQ who seeks to be a person of trust as well as someone collaborative with people in their immediate environment. It has nothing to do with smarts or logic and everything to do with how our neuropsychology perceives the world around us as natural Noble Savages.

The person who decides that in order to win someone else must by default lose is a profound vertical thinker limited in life to the use of low to no complex emotion to take in sensory impressions of the world around them. They are bound intellectually and emotionally to binary or the use of strictly convergent thinking — leaving no neurological room for things like emotional intelligence to happen inside their own heads when they are socializing.

The liar, seeking to one-up their mark — elates when they are believed by whoever they strive to explicitly or to by implied assertions left unchallenged to con. They love seeing someone in pain, triangulated from loved ones, and estranged from social support as a result of their target believing their lies.

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Expect social predators to lie about everything from romantic interests to simple reality about things like whether or not they actually tried to find the item at the grocery store they were asked to bring home. Whatever answer they feel like giving to direct questions about any given topic — no matter how small — they will give without regard to the truth, without respect for reality, and with zero care or consideration for the person who they mislead about whatever the issue.

Does this dress make me look fat? “Yes” will be their answer if the pathological liar knows full well the garment does not. Or NO if it does — so they can sit back and mock.

Realizing that the brain responds as children to how we are raised… meaning to the social stimuli to which we are exposed… is step one for recovering from Stockholm Syndrome — the mental condition that results from being lied to, gaslit, and placed under duress by toxic and socially controlling people who lack the EQ ability to serve in positions of authority over or safely in groups with non-Cluster B people.

In family units where more than one person is Cluster B, the pack tends to do things like defending lies and toxic behavior of the others. Realize mobbing is their form of neurological entertainment if they are low EQ or profoundly anti-social and narcissistic by habit.

Once you know you are a person of quality interested in things like being a person of trust, learning to withdraw your social attention from people who lie or who gaslight is the first step in taking control of your health.

Being physically in the presence of gaslighting people can cause someone who is physically intuitive to develop massive C-PTSD. Self-care to avoid developing or worsening the condition necessitates going low to no contact with anyone who lies or who abuses other people’s hospitality.

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