What happens to Narcissistis as they age?
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What happens to Narcissists in the end

What happens to narcissists in the end? It is a question all of their victims ask themselves eventually somewhere between their wake up and the complete enactment of their healing process.

For many people, the best thing to do is to leave the Narcissist long before their end days or senior years come around. It’s safer and pragmatic to do, as people with Cluster B personality disorders like Narcissistic Personality Disorder tend to escalate over time.

Do Narcissists end up lonely? — you might ask yourself. Or questions like:

  • What happens when a Narcissist loses control of their faculties as they age?
  • What happens to a Narcissist if their primary Enabler dies before they do or if they have a life crisis?
  • What happens to a Narcissist when they age?
  • How do Narcissists handle retirement or other age-related changes in life status?
  • What happens if a Narcissist loses everything?
  • Do Narcissists age badly or with grace and ease?
  • What will happen to the needy Narcissist if I move out or leave?
  • Are Narcissists capable of feeling normal human emotions like love?
  • Will Narcissists miss the people they hurt or drove away once they are old?
  • What happens to aging Narcissists as their health declines?
  • In the end, what will become of the Narcissist?

According to VICE magazine, “Scientists have found that narcissistic people fail to retain their friends despite being initially popular.”

In an article titled “Narcissists Will Eventually End Up Friendless and Unpopular, Study Confirms” posted on Oct 3, 2016, they validated what many high EQ people suspect.

Namely, that the more narcissistic the person is during the prime of their life, the more socially isolated from genuine companionship at the end of their lifetimes they are likely to be.

As it turns out, the people most of us tend to have the most cringe-worthy nostalgic memories about are what we know but don’t like to admit. Most of those incredibly charismatic, socially off the wall people who made us feel incredible until the first social or emotional (aside from physical) hangover set in were actually people known as Love Fraud Predators.

Love Fraud Predators are all mirroring and no reflection. The extroverted, life of the party types who are always looking for the next trending friend or love interest to woo are the type least likely in later life or during something like a medical crisis to be there personally for you.

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What that means is all of those people who trauma bond in their prime to one another by creating things like war stories from making terrible decisions while partying are likely in later life to have a few interesting things happen.

Technically NOT SO INTERESTING if we are being accurate as much as we strive to be honest.

The thing about people who lack complex emotional processing gray matter in their noggins is this. They are one-trick ponies doomed to repeat the same tired dramas and self-manufactured crises over and over, ad infinitum, destined to repeat the same “remember that conversation” until no one is interested in speaking with them.

Remember the sitcom “Married With Children”? The main character Al Bundy talking about his glory days at Polk High.

Take that guy to his 10, 25, and 50-year high school reunions — watch him elate, thinking about life during his prime. The rest of the time, expect his COllapsed Narcissist personality type only to shine.

If he married a Peg, Al Bundy is likely to have a social sparring partner to help him make his profoundly anti-social self look like he’s a normal man… at least on paper.

People with Cluster B personality types are only typically happy in life if they are miserable themselves… and making everyone closest to them or who is nice to them miserable as well.

Those enabled to be successful at things like human predation in life are likely to go to their grave surrounded by their Narcissistic Harem of Sycophants if they have money or personal property of sentimental value to someone in their family.

They are the type most likely to promise adult children who do the most for them that they will be rewarded in a will or with a life insurance policy. When the end times come, they tend to do terrible things like cancel policies without telling anyone or to simply give away all their personal and family heirlooms to strangers who happen to at their late stages show up.

The people most likely to be conned as senior citizens out of all their money and worldly possessions by charlatans are Cluster B people. As they age their neuroplasticity freezes from non-use.

It makes them vulnerable to being lied to and duped by people using manipulative words and triangulating language.

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Narcissistic people use denial as a brainwashing technique

There are some people who say their toxic senior actually knew full well if they were being conned and the reason they behave in fiscally and socially irrational ways is just a ploy to net gain themselves attention. Be mindful they truly are likely by the time they are post-age 55 to start to show signs and symptoms of being that Machiavellian.

If you ask one and they are ASPD they will look you right in the eye and tell you something like they can’t take it with them. Then, they will make mention of who showed up and who did not regarding trying to protect them or to make them stop.

Expect them to do and say horrible things as well on their death beds.

Expect them to give all the sentimental items to strangers or to whoever in the family values each item for sentimentality the least.

Expect them to give all the worthless items to whoever loved them and showed them the most social kindness. Worthless, meaning items of no monetary or sentimental value — just stuff… like being gifted the remnants of someone’s unsold items from a garage sale they held to get rid of things that other people had simply donated or dropped off.

Expect the money to be used as a weapon and like a carrot dangled in front of the nose of a workhorse or donkey.

Expect nothing to come to repay time promised and any financial or labor investment in the senior’s property never to come back.

Narcissists might lose their health and vitality. They might lose their sex appeal and place of esteem in society as they lose their youth and vitality and charismatic looks. But the more they lose in things like feelings of social dominance by youthful power, the more their Collapsed Narcissism is likely to rage.

They will get even with whoever they think is stupid, foolish, or weak — and with anyone who they believe slighted them before they leave the mortal coil.

What they cannot do to harm or to control other people’s emotions in life they tend to do with a will or lack thereof in the end.

All in all, however, Narcissists go out on their own terms in life.

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Typically, angry — ungrateful — riddled with malice and spite.

Narcissists get meaner and more socially manipulative and skillful at hiding abuse with each day that passes.

It’s up to all of us as individuals and as a social collective to decide how many of those days in their lifetime need to be physically spend enmeshed with our own.

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