Caulk Blockers Smear Campaigning Tampering With Witnesses
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Smear Campaigning against victims of social crime is witness tampering

Victims of social crime or violent sexual assault are the most common types of people that those who abuse launch smear campaigns against. But it is the people who carry on talking about the victim who are the real social predators — nothing more than Sadistic Voyeurs who act like hyenas while scavenger style picking apart the Abuser’s true crime witness.

Witness Tampering, when left unidentified by law enforcement and the courts as well as by common society, creates a massive (for lack of a more accurate or glamorous term) a “caulk block” of sorts — and yes we did mean to mistype that one and to make them what we consider to be a cunning linguist approved reference.

Caulk Blocking reports to authority figures like Law Enforcement, Guardian Ad Litems, the FBI, Social Services, or places like Homeland Security is a technical crime. Witness tampering is not a joke — it is inhumane second level abuse of a person already traumatized for no reason other than so whoever harmed them is not obligated to do things like stop abusing and openly — consistently — own their personal behavior towards others.

Lacking social and emotional intelligence and unable to grasp things like reality, social undercurrents, or patterns, Caulk Blockers take it upon themselves to run their mouths about people and events that they have no idea about or point of reference to discuss in a credible manner.

Literally — they “gum up the works” and prevent the flow of information to appropriate sources by pretending victims and their [our] social experiences are not deserving of being treated like abuse incidents that matter or that those crime victims are credible people retelling things about how trauma subjectively impacted our lives and our health.

Caulk blockers literally strive to prevent abuse victims of Cluster B people from receiving appropriate MEDICAL assistance while simultaneously ensuring that no fair and equal lawful or judicial protections for the person that the Abuser targeted to situationally abuse covertly or overtly with the support of a mob are ever given to that most deserving person.

By doing things like…

  • Shame Shifting — blaming the victim for an assault while pretending that because they were assaulted they should feel responsible and be ashamed while the predator is held to no social, moral, lawful, or civic responsibility whatsoever
  • Blame Shifting — telling the victim that because they were someplace at a given date and time at a place where they were harmed by a social predator it was their fault for being there
  • Gaslighting — telling the victim lies like it must be because they were drinking or wearing a short skirt or at a party or social gathering where other people were intoxicated that if someone hurt them that not only was it the victim’s fault but that they have no right to ask for social support, mental health services, or any assistance from someplace like Planned Parenthood to provide them with medical treatment to avoid life-changing consequences like an unwanted or undesirable pregnancy or an STD
  • Shaming — telling a victim they brought the abuse on themselves or that they deserve to be treated poorly for whatever reason the social predator sees poker tells on the victim revealing that they are insecure about something or that they have mixed emotions
  • Humiliating — forcing a victim to bare their soul and share the most intimate details of their sexual history in public so spectators can get themselves sadistically or psychologically off while listening to information that was truly never anyone but the crime victim’s business
  • Moving the Goalposts — telling a victim if they will do or say XYZ as part of capitulation to extortion that the predator will do ABC on their behalf if and when the task is complete and the Abuser claims to be satisfied with the “jumping through hoops” based performance. [Hint: the bargain is offered by a person intending to commit fraud — someone likely to pretend they are unpleasable in order to avoid having to perform whatever contractual act they in bad faith originally promised. For example, telling a person if they keep abuse a secret, if they fail to prosecute after being the victim of a crime,  if they cough over cash or never pursue collection of money lawfully awarded to them by court order, if they give up custody rights to seeing or knowing their child, if they do something like lie to or mislead a child into believing the extorted mark no longer loves, likes or cares about them… that the victim and their loved ones will no longer be targeted for social exile, persecution, or be hunted like prey by hired guns to persecute or menace the true victim of the crime  further.
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There’s no winning with anyone who is socially competitive for one reason only…

HUMAN BEINGS ARE COLLABORATIVE. Social predators are competitive.

People with healthy EQ cannot win in a social competition — that’s ridiculous. We can play sports on a team with other players we respect so we all can together seek to improve our unique physical skill sets.

We don’t play sports or engage in academic competition to harm other human beings or to put them down. We participate because our bodies know without needing to give it a bit of thought that collaborating and participating in life with other human beings makes our own souls alight.

By sharing fellowship with other people in a harmonious, collaborative, and skill set developing way, we improve on the scale of human evolution. We don’t seek to harm others because we know on a fundamental core level that every society — no matter how “Great” they think they are or how advanced we claim to be — is only as strong as its weakest, oldest, and most disenfranchised link.

People who hear a person came out of the closet as an abuse victim and attack them… or who think that because that person bared their soul in a painful and likely enormously privacy-violating way simply to seek medical attention for their mental health and social relief that it makes them and their story the personal property of people gossiping… do a massive social, moral, and spiritual disservice to themselves, to their loved ones, and to the entire human community.

The right thing to say when someone comes out as an abuse victim?

That discussing their pain or personal issues is not anyone else’s business but that person’s alone. Not the predator’s, not the predator’s friends and family, not the stranger down the street, and certainly not the business of some jackal or hyena trolling the internet because they did not get that pony they demanded from their narcy parents when they were 8 years old.

By making it a point to say it is every individual’s right to seek social support and legal protection from Cluster B people situationally abusing in private or in a public manner, the victim of crime or person who has experienced the sensation of trauma can speak in public safely while reaching out for support.

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So can the person they claim situationally abused them out of sight of other human beings or who is behaving in ways that are intended to provoke, bait, or to taunt and menace their preferred scapegoat. That same person can say they need social support for dealing with the immense feelings of shame and humiliation they feel if they are guilty… or not.

You see, a person who harms others on the sly and gets outed is the least likely person to show signs of developing anything like C-PTSD, PTSD, or some other crippling form of social anxiety at the idea they have done harm to another person. They are the most likely to rage at and about the character of the person they harmed — alternating denials they did anything to bait, to harm, or to provoke with claims like SO WHAT and boasts that if they did do it probably that the crime victim deserved it.

To the Abuser, if someone does not prosecute them successfully, the victim of trauma is entitled to no social or medical support to overcome the physical impact on their mind, body, or life. Actually making sure other people treat them terribly, withhold affection, and deny them any form of humane treatment or validation they have even experienced something traumatizing tends to become the Alpha Abuser and their Beta Enablers plight.

By terrorizing and profoundly humiliating and disenfranchising victims into believing they have fewer rights socially and legally than people who do things like use words and violent action to harm, bully or extort other people, Alpha Social Predators and the people who use them as means rather than as ends in themselves get away with literally using every form of deplorable social abuse tactic to harm people they feel like hurting whenever the whim strikes them.

Once the damage is done, the Predator moves on… while the victim of social crime is left cleaning up after the Abuser and their Enablers disappear after their bloodlusting inspired mobbing, bullying, and aggravated stalking party.

If you know a person who treats one or more people like dirt while placing others on pedestals… here’s a hint.


If you know a group of people who pack together and act like mean girls in grade school, know that’s what’s known in Narcissistic Abuse recovery circles as a NEST. A pack of Cluster B people who align with one another socially to use the others to do things like to abuse together and to lie in order to protect them.

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The goal of the mass bullying and smear campaigning in most cases is STRICTLY to ensure that if a crime victim ever gets up enough nerve to self-advocate for harm to end that they will not be believed or shown any compassion.

Especially not compassion or validation from authority figures like the police.

The ONLY goal of people smear campaigning is to tamper with witnesses to crime events that happened when the people doing the bulk of the gaslighting were not even present to witness, know about, or to “see”.

Remember every time you are in a city and see a sign in an intersection that says “Don’t Block the Box” what that actually means. Because people who blather on and on about whether or not an abuse victim is “telling the truth” instead of keeping focus on what type of trauma exposure that person is striving to heal give all the victim’s dignity and power away to whoever they believe without question whatsoever is the person who did them social harm or was civically neglectful.

Caulk Blockers block the box of metaphoric justice being allowed to socially be enacted. Smear Campaigning is witness tampering that harms not only people targeted for social abuse and mistreatment by socially violent people but also the smear campaigners themselves.

Why and how?

By ensuring that people who are prey in the eyes of Cluster B individuals are socially mistreated without lawful or civic recourse …

By sending terrorized crime victims to sit on stands in a court where the victim is presumed guilty of all forms of deplorable social nature and intent while a smug Abuser sits and points fingers and says that claims can never be proven because it’s their word against the victim…

By giving social and emotional support to increase the predator’s grandiose thinking and actual sphere of influence…

Smear Campaigners ensure when the tides or tables turn and they themselves end up victims of social harm or violent crime at the hands of other predators that their reputations are likely to be ruined and they are likely to be denied things like protection from court officials and law enforcement for themselves in the future.

All for what?

So someone not present and with no care about how their emotionally hedonistic and reckless approach to discussing other people’s lives and their pain can alleviate boredom by gossiping and trash-talking people who they target to dehumanize for no lawful purpose. Literally, the only core aim of smear campaigning is to ensure that a person being victimized covertly will never be believed if they come forward to tell anybody.

People who caulk block and enact smear campaigns prevent Abusers and people like Career Criminals from being held lawfully or in any way socially responsible for when they harm other humans. By doing so they put all members of society at risk and in harm’s way while destroying the lives and health of people who have already been profoundly harmed by the Alpha Predator or the Nest of Beta Cluster B actors who willfully enable Abusers to succeed in hiding their situational abuse crimes from society at large in some way.

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