Why Pathological Liars and Enablers seek to triangulate other people?
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Why Pathological Liars and Enablers seek to triangulate

Pathological Liars and Enablers seek to triangulate other humans. It is actual covert social and physical abuse of everyone’s hospitality.

Pathological liars tend to be experts at gaslighting. They lie to and about other people in order to strategically manipulate with the hopes of gaining social advantage.

Why do they do it?

To obscure the truth while attaining or regaining control over other human beings’ emotions and biopsychology in an attempt to make themselves feel self-important. It’s their neurochemical self-stimulating anxiety displacing addiction.

They do it to control the emotions and biopsychology of other people in an attempt to feel relevant and physically in control of their world.

If you are the victim of a Pathological Liar who has decided that in order for them to thrive, your life must be destroyed or your existence erased, have faith. The universe will replace any person, experience of joy, or sense of inclusion that you have stolen with blessings from the universe that are not simply equal to what was lost, but something infinitely more satisfying and “greater”.

Toxic people have a habit of trying to displace their own nervous tension by making other people uneasy. As a coping strategy to keep their focus off of themselves and any present social anxiety in their body, if they fixate on conning or mistreating a target they can avoid having to do any serious self-reflection or soul-searching that most toddlers start doing when they realize they are out of step with the ambient environment afforded to them by caretakers.

The more narcy and desensitized to emotion a person becomes, the more their neuroplasticity starts to freeze. Grandiose thinking caused by a pervasive, low EQ and tunnel-visioned, typically nurtured “Me Me Me” perspective heightens their Object Permanence Syndrome.

They start to seek others out with similar medical issues — namely personality disorders they were born with or that were nurtured in them as children, TBI issues related to blurting, and addiction to high-risk behaviors. From there, they end up creating personas of themselves where they use their group delusion to call themselves things like the “GREATEST GENERATION” (as if that could be logically possible or not something that is deliberately offensive to literally every generation born anytime after).

In an era where the word GREAT has been used to describe something immoral, socially competitive, and rooted in Narcissistic Anti-Social misuse, as in, “It’s great we have been hornswoggled into believing no generation could ever possibly have been as great or be greater at any time in the future…” — let us explain.

Pathological liars tend to gaslight to self-promote. They want to have their cake and by the grace of Enablers, they get to eat it too.

But their own cake is not typically enough for them as they age and their psychological disorders become more calcified in their neuroanatomy. The older a Cluster B person gets, the more they want their cake and everyone else’s, too.

Those who are prone to violence rather than simply lying about things like financial or marital infidelities tend to become more Machiavellian as they age — telling bigger lies about anyone they fear presents a challenge, is a rival or is a “threat” to make other people fear and mistrust the nature and character of their abuse target.

Enablers who triangulate place themselves in the middle of other people’s relationships. Then, they tell one person one thing and the exact opposite (typically) to another.

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People who triangulate are “great” at getting people to fear and dislike and or to mistrust and to remain socially estranged from one another. The last thing they want is for targeted Narcissistic Supply sources who have been brainwashed by their rampant gaslighting to find out they have been lied to or about either by a Cluster B person or by them, as Abuse By Proxy agents acting to win the social affection of the actual primary abuser themselves.

Greatness of mind, body, heart, or spirit comes from something internal — not as a commodity that can be bartered, sold, or somehow done away with simply because a Cluster B person or vertical thinker demands it to be made so.

Being a good person requires effort. It requires being mindful and striving to make pro-social choices in life even when they are not to our personal or direct advantage.

Great people are good people by nature, but they tend to make extra effort to do the right thing, to say the right things, and to help provide social support for others. Great people understand the value of truth is not honest for the sake of blurting… but that choosing to speak in a kind fashion with honesty and tact allows individuals to communicate in a way other people can trust.

When someone lies or withholds pertinent truths from any conversation — in person, via electronic methods such as over the phone, or using digital methods, there is no way for a listener (or a receiver) to intelligently amass the data.

People who lie to self-promote — meaning telling a falsehood or presenting themselves in such a way that they are able to gain things like access to finances, personal support, or professional opportunities — disadvantage those who are both in a position to grant favors or to give emotional assistance as well as typically directly disadvantage others who should have been entitled to the social support the liar receives based on their ability to lie to and con.

People who are truth-tellers tend to be whistleblowers. They also tend to be pervasively smear campaigned by their abuser and triangulated from people who should be loved ones by those who lie and engage in truly twisted and psychologically unhealthy, arguably immoral behaviors.

People who are occasional liars, willing to situationally abuse their own preferred scapegoat targets clandestinely or overtly, tend to advocate to lie in order to protect the “good” reputations of Narcissistic Abusers. Understand, individuals who choose to behave in such a way enable Abusers by their own free-will choice.

Enablers are typically either triangulated and grossly misinformed or gaslit… or they themselves are Weak Narcissists seeking to self-promote by somehow placing themselves between the person they esteem and seek to win favor from and the individual they perceive as a lesser or who they chose to treat like a sub-human.

When a person makes a moral choice to tell an abuse victim that they should not only keep their Abuser’s secrets “a secret” but that they should feel ashamed for having been abused, they make a very specific moral choice as a human being to prioritize the emotional needs of an Abuser over the moral directive THOU SHALL NOT LIE.

More victims have suffered at the directives of Enablers and religious abusers, believing that they are to blame for other people being deceitful…

Encouraged to become liars themselves to “keep the peace”…

To save the social reputation of people who — like the rest of us — could come forward and say… you know what? I made a mistake. I lied, I neglected, I dishonored you, I let you down, I abused you, I misled you, I hid things from you, I deceived you, or that they let a person or peer group down when they failed to do or say the right thing at the right time for the right reason for the sake of another.

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People encouraged to be egocentric and to look down on others or who have been groomed to behave in ways toward people that are exclusionary and anti-social by design tend to be the most supportive of truly Cluster B thinkers and the cruelest and disconnected from the people’s lives and emotional psychology they choose to neglect, to spiritually shun, or to MISUSE.

Vertical thinkers who suffer from Object Permanence Syndrome tend to behave the worst. Their neuropsychology tends to view the world as Thomas Hobbes believed it to be — rising Leviathans out of necessity, then conforming to a submissive state under “rulers” who lead not by morals but with Machiavellian intent to amass power rather than to collaborate.

Those who are more in line with horizontal thinker’s values tend to appreciate communication and companionship for companionship’s sake. For people not afflicted with Object Permanence issues, we understand that GOD or our higher power can be in the other room and still exist out of our metaphoric toddler eyesight.

Horizontal thinkers tend to value things like inclusion and kindness for a reason. We understand that if there is a sentient God who turned over the caregiver reins to us that in all likelihood (from a pragmatic and purely utilitarian sense) that caring for others promotes the evolutionary success of not only our species but of every non-Cluster B person and life form (sentient or not) on the planet.

By wrapping our collective heads around the concept that Rousseau was describing horizontal thinkers when he was discussing the “Noble Savage” and that Hobbes was describing Authoritarianism and life under a persecutory dynastic monarchy would be the logical outgrowth and only way to control a populous riddled with Cluster B actors, mobbing and exhibiting pack predator behaviors en mass, the devout student of forensic psychology as well as of the liberal arts can find peace and spiritual comfort.

See the predator as a pack animal, seeking to create an environment for their victims that is nothing less than poor of quality, nasty of tenor, brutal to experience, and with God’s blessing SHORT.

Realize YOU HAVE A CHOICE about how to develop your own character. If you have been lied to or about, left feeling confused and not understanding why other people respond to you in negative ways… welcome to the world of having been successfully smear campaigned against.

Take it in. Resist the urge to make excuses for other people’s moral choices.

Own your power. Understand that while their power is being sneaky and abusive for the sake of whatever they believe is personal gain, your “power” comes from a much different sense of the word in Platonic form.

Socrates would ask, “What is power?” He’d answer, we suspect, with an argument structure that resembled Plato’s account of the MIGHT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MAKE RIGHT argument.

If he was alive today and had not been forced to drink Hemlock for the crime of WHISTLEBLOWING, chances are he would have said something like this…

Power, to a vertical thinker, is about dominance; to a horizontal thinker, it’s about being able to interact in a social environment in a healthy way that allows for the needs of all to be met; for a spherical thinker, it’s about being a GUARDIAN.

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Men and women of goodwill nature who are educated in Philosophy, as well as Physics, are likely to understand the aforementioned statement. Those who are undereducated and willing to do the legwork to read philosophical and ancient religious texts with an intent to understand what was influenced by pop culture and the pearls of wisdom that have been timelessly included are likely to have the fastest time mindfully and intelligently amassing the data.

The FORM of the word “power” causes people to jump on the bandwagon whenever it’s mention primarily for this reason — because it’s been misappropriated by those seeking to dominate or who have sadistic natures, leaving people who are truly emotionally strong, civically pro-active as well as productive and capable people being called names like “Snowflakes” as if being pro-social over egocentric is somehow a flaw in their character.

HINT: Being a Humanitarian is a JOY and a pleasure, not a flaw in physiology or character.

For that reason… check your internal assumptions about how you define words like success, goodness, and yes — power.

Become the constant gardener of your own neuropsychology — and seek out those Noble Savages to break bread and share fellowship. We become like the 5 people in life that we spend the most time with at any given stage.

Choose your friends and familial companions wisely — or life is likely to feel brutish to a soul-weary maiden or any questing and emotionally sensitive knave.

In a world full of people who are hurt and grossly under-parented when it comes to developing EQ as well as IQ, it’s crucial for any HSP person, neurotypical person, or Empath to know not only how to spot narcissistic individuals who have been groomed to be socially competitive but also to know we, as human beings with love in our hearts and the grace of free will can choose to chart a different path for our present as well as all human’s futures.

Embrace the good in yourself, first.

Put on your own oxygen mask before the plane starts falling further. Nurture your own EQ by aspiring to keep your neuroplasticity FLEXIBLE from a medical perspective.

From a MEDICAL perspective.

That’s right. We said it.

People who develop Cluster B personality types who are Narcissistic are NURTURED. People who are exposed to trauma and become an abuser rather than a healer tend to develop Anti-Social Personality Disorders of the ASPD-Sociopath type.

Those born interested in self-indulging their basest nature by doing things like lying to harm or to disenfranchise, who fail to support a person who is in need that they (as moral agent) have the ability to directly or indirectly impact in a pro-social way but refuse, those who choose to sneak around and to lie in order to mislead others play God in a way they are simply NOT NOT NOT morally speaking or logically entitled to be doing in any way.

People sharing truth with tact are kind. People choosing to obfuscate truth for the sake of others taking advantage so they themselves or their chosen Golden Child, token person, or civic group can unjustly take advantage of other people so they can self-promote or gloat is immoral in literally every culture.

Get narcissistic thinking out of your body and mind, starting by refusing to enable toxic behavior at home.

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