10 Hollywood Celebrity Narcissists
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10 well-known celebrities suspected of being narcissistic

10 Well-Known Celebrities suspected of outright Narcissism or caught behaving outwardly abusive to other people? No! Say it ain’t so! Vainglorious, eccentric, “no brown M&Ms in MY bowl” kind of ridiculousness is what we’re talking about in this CELEBRITY NARCISSISTS evergreen newsworthy “behind the scenes” fluff-n-stuff article.

“Celebrity Narcissists”, we’d like to hereby define, are people who not only do their job keeping up with appearances. They use and abuse other human beings with a conscious-free sense of pride.

Hollywood culture has long been suspected of harboring some of the world’s most egocentric, selfish, petty, and shallow Somatic Narcissists on the planet, but when it comes time to say who those fine folks are, most entertainment news journalists tend to shy away from disclosing facts.

Arguably the reason why no one wants to point fingers in Hollywood social circles about who is and who is not a Narcissist is that people are eternally optimistic. If, for instance, a child star begins behaving like a moral lunatic between the ages of 18 and 30, all their former fans are praying and hoping they will someday grow out of it.

There’s also the CYA motivation, meaning journalists who cover psychology news are always hopeful if they show favor to a troubled person, there will always be the chance for an exclusive interview. Sharing positive publicity spin angles about the world’s most obnoxious Somatic Narcissists is how organizations like E! keep the favor of cantankerous and Histrionic or Somatic celebrities.

Then there’s US.

Having folks on our staff who have written Entertainment News as freelance journalists and working on non-writing endeavors with various celebrity figures and Hollywood insiders over the years in luxury product and luxury real estate has given our writers insider insight on who is and who is not pretending to have a star-struck grandiosity complex.

We know Little Bow Wow treats his mother terribly and that Justin Bieber’s dad is a real piece of work. Britney Spears having “issues” based on her Southern Culture on the Skids family puts her in the class of a grown-up and super fit Honey Boo Boo Child when it comes to IRL “reality television star” potential. And of course, there’s Scott Baio — tragically hoping he will someday get all that teen-angsty mojo back he had when he was a “Happy Days” kid.

We know Megan Fox and Michael Bay are — for lack of a more scientifically or medically accurate term — Co-Dependent, Co-Narcissists.

We know about Arnold Schwarzenegger. His Somatic Narcissist streak and peer culture have led him to make some incredibly unwise personal life decisions, but all in all, he seems to be a neurotypical guy who is able to grasp the larger green celebrity news picture…. and in all honesty, nearly everyone who is familiar with his history wishes he has been born in the United States so he — not that other guy — could have run for president on a fiscally conservative, green energy, and a responsible 2nd amendment supporting platform.

Mel Gibson is… everything the writers at South Park warned the general public he is and was (and more). He is likely to be as the creators of South Park fantasized — complete with tightie-whities wearers running his fan club, supporting his anti-whomever with a grossly errant sense of (arguably) Judas Priest loveresque, truly homo-erotic pride.

Sly Stallone is a serious status-seeking, introverted Narcissist obsessed with earning money and his looks — we are not criticizing, we’re noting.

Susan Sarandon is, with age, becoming more and more overt in her behaviors. Like many stars whose fame dims over time, she’s become more publicly outspoken — making ad hominem attacks on political rivals while seeking to keep her on name socially relevant and in the spotlight.

We’ve even come to realize beloved Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were not and are not who they present themselves to be in the public eye. Unlike Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (absolutely normal, bright, intelligent, and loving social media-loving Hollywood stars who have used their celebrity status WISELY), they have spent more time worrying about scoring hotter, younger mates and messing up their own kids’ self-concepts in the process.

But all those characters and personality types have honestly got little to no social influence anymore on the psychology of rising stars. We’re not talking about how many records they sell or how many viewers on television they can draw.

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We’re talking about who is and who should never be considered a proper role model to OTHER up and coming star celebs.

So, without further ado — here’s a WHAT NOT TO DO role model list, perfect for losing friends and ensuring everybody in the industry who is NOT prone to behaving artificially and acting like a suck-up should know. Behind the scenes — when the cameras are NOWHERE AROUND, the following hot celebrity figures are allegedly pure hell to have to deal with on a personal or professional basis, proving money cannot buy class and Cluster B personality types are no different from one another the world around.

Mariah Carey is known for being a major Somatic Narcissist. Short-sighted and dictatorial, her pipes that made her famous are used to bellow “take care of me” orders when and if anyone on her staff is around. She embarrasses herself and other people by not only sucking up to people she feels have money and influence but by treating those who are closest to her like she owns them somehow. Fear factor? Mariah Carey makes many people on her crew and in her posse routinely feel SMALL.  Virtually impossible to please, fickleness and her mood seem to dictate where she goes and what she does, with intense lows coupled with moments of extreme diva. Neighbors also report her dogs being… problematic — not because for the dog but because of the cavalier attitude she has about pet waste cleanup. She’s also been accused of not paying her vet bills.

Kanye West is most famous in celebrity gossip circles for jumping on stage to grab the mic from Taylor Swift’s hands while she was accepting a music award. Then, he proceeded to tell her and everyone watching on national television why she did not, in HIS subjective authoritarian position, deserve to have won the award in the competition. Going on to marry reality television star Kim Kardashian, love bombing, and wooing her during her marriage to that not-worth-mentioning-his-name-and-dragging-him-into-this NBA star, not only was he instrumental in making sure she got divorced, he rushed to marriage and quickly impregnated her. Pay attention to this guy — not only is he amassing a major following for his rap music, but he’s also able to speak fluently extemporaneously and has expressed a desire to run for the office of President of the United States in 2020.

Kim Kardashian, now the mother of not just one but two of Kanye West’s babies, is arguably the face of Somatic Narcissism. She’s gorgeous (thanks in great part to heavy makeup, Spanx, and plastic surgeons. Her status-seeking is notorious, noting that in order to springboard her career as a celebrity figure of note, she made a racy sex tape. If you have never seen it, don’t. Seriously. just watching a few minutes will leave you wanting to wash your eyes out with soap. The epic amount of time she puts in in the gym to firm up and enlarge her colossal backside is the result of having suffered a “Narcissistic Injury” when former BFF Paris Hilton, known for supporting Somatic Narcissists, Anorexics and Bulimics with microscopic tushies worldwide essentially spotted an unflattering tabloid media shot. Comparing Kim’s rearview to looking at what equates to cottage cheese bagged in control top pantyhose, Paris Hilton not only made herself a target of the Kardashian family to “take down” in the reality television market, she inadvertently turned her own nemesis friend into a supermodel once normal gals with broad beams found out about the socially inappropriate and unflattering comments.

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s famous mother, is a real piece of work. She’s built an empire using men, having affairs in her youth with prominent figures, and she’s turned out to be the ultimate DANCE MOM meets TEEN MOMS GONE WILD of sorts. Following the death of her famous lawyer husband Robert Kardashian, best of friends with the suspected murderer and known wife-beater O.J. Simpson, there’s even rumors O.J. is the biological father of her daughter Khloe. She meets every diagnostic criterion for a MOMMY DEAREST, constantly triangulating her own children against one another striving to make them compete for her accolades and affections. Encouraging her daughters to use their looks and sexuality to gain and hold on to fame, there is no low she will not take or teach her children in pursuit of the almighty dollar and fame.

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Bruce Jenner, the Gold Medal winning Olympic athlete most famous for appearing on the cover of a box of Wheaties cereal back in the last CENTURY, has always been full of himself. He’s presented historically as a fiercely competitive, socially conscious, “feminine” male. When he finally came out as a crossdresser, Kris helped him hide his secret while dismissing his proclivities as just playing around and being silly — but old Bruce has a secret. One he willingly and deliberately kept for decades from his family and his love interests. You see, gaslighting and hiding sexuality is a major red flag of Covert NARCOPATHY — not just simple Narcissism. Narcissistic and vain, the athlete cared so much about his appearance that when signs of age started to show on his face, he let the plastic surgeons take a knife to it. When THAT did not go well, the epic slide turning Bruce into Caitlyn so the plastic surgery mistakes were easier to hide began. Now, after having breast implants and facial feminization surgery to make him look like a woman while keeping his man bits, Jenner is the face of the transexual nation. Using turning himself into a woman by outward identification only, he’s really starting to do more harm than good to the movement for cultural acceptance of people whose biology does not perfectly line up with concepts of self-identity with regard to gender situations. Why? Because he’s a Somatic Narcissist with Histrionic tendencies, prone to grandiosity and now claiming he’s voting for Donald Trump as the voice of WOMEN. [Sorry, love… it does not work that way. Try again another day.]

Madonna has always been known for her avant-garde lifestyle. She’s had sex with men like Dennis Rodman, women like Sandra Bernhardt, and she put Guy Ritchie through one of the highest conflict “quiet” celebrity divorces on the planet. She’s rumored to be sleeping in the same kind of oxygen chamber Michael Jackson was suspected of using (on the weird rumor scope), to be obsessed with owning and dominating her twenty-something lovers romantically despite the fact she’s essentially a celebrity senior, and she’s been accused by more than one staffer and personal acquaintance to be a physically demanding and ruthless lover, person to be around, and employer.

Justin Bieber had all the promise in the world of becoming a celebrity worth paying attention to for the long game. But sadly, whatever that child went through in the way of family hardship coupled with the bad influence of his bio dad, has left him rude beyond belief to his mother. Surrounded by people who give him poor council and use his celebrity status to self-promote, he’s surrounded by a posse of posers. Sadly, because everyone falls down and worships at the young man’s feet most of the time wherever he goes, the sociopathic BOREDOM has set into his psychology already. Expect drugs, partying, occasional arrests, and a string of romances in his twenties and thirties, followed most likely by having children with an EXTREME Somatic Narcissist — one that will more than likely be a Machiavellian or Dark Triad figure herself. Expect the high conflict divorce, affairs and serial cheating, broken contract lawsuits, and eventual accusations of intellectual property theft or plagiarism to hallmark his 30s and 40s. If reality television is still trendy by then, expect the boy band style pop music singer turned wannabe gangsta rapper to make a special guest appearance on shows like The Surreal Life and/or Celebrity Rehab when and if he decides he’s finally becoming culturally irrelevant.

Nicki Minaj — wow. Just wow. All that talent and such a horribly egocentric, histrionic, attention-demanding attitude. She’s smart, as in high IQ. She hustles, as in has a strong work ethic and street smarts that compel her to seek the spotlight constantly. But she pitches epic, verbally abusive fits and temper tantrums to get what she wants when she wants it. Even the most Borderline Personality type in the world would admire her ability to turn rage on and off with ease and facility.  We doubt she’s BPD — but she’s absolutely narcissistic, disrespectful of other people’s time and efforts, shows up late constantly for things like filming, and she cannot handle not being the center of attention at all times no matter where she goes or what rooms she walks in. Armchair diagnoses? Mild… MILD Histrionic with culturally nurtured NPD – Somatic Narcissism values. Is she capable of behaving like she has empathy? It does not matter because she’s prone to behaving without consideration for it regularly.

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Miley Cyrus… now there’s a Disney Princess to watch. As if Britney Spears “I’m gonna shave my head because my hair extensions are making it all fall out” cry for attention was not dramatic enough, we’ve seen Hannah Montana twerking to assert her grown-up status and sexual freedom for how long now? Cyrus’s parents both struggle with issues related to Somatic Narcissism but Miley appears to be of a truly Borderline Personality Disorder sort. Prone to blurting, risky behavior sexually, partying, drug and alcohol abuse, dressing garishly to draw attention to herself, and behaving in ways that are overtly hedonistic to the max, the young lady is the same as that cute boy or wild girl in high school that was always the attention-stealing class clown — even though they were posturing like the cool kid or life of the party. It’s cute in high school. It’s occasionally funny in college. But post 22? Yeah — the excessive self-indulgent, self-medicating behavior coupled by the risky business? It all truly starts to become an ISSUE.

Donald Trump. What can we say about the Donald that has not already been said? He’s clearly a Somatic Narcissist with ruthless, Malignant Narcissist meets run of the mill Sociopath ethics. But the press and most of his fans have missed one important set of clues related to his inability to control blurting behavior. Word behind the scenes is that as of late, Trump has been taking a medication on the sly to help him stabilize mood, to decrease impulsivity, to help him focus attention, to improve memory recall of academic material, and to help him — again — CONTROL BLURTING. Since Trump’s parents were both abusive (even if he does not realize they were yet), he’s managed to score the genetic jackpot of personality dysfunctions. He’s likely to be BPD masked by massive levels of culturally nurtured grandiosity — a condition that makes him incredibly narcissistic to the point of Megalomania — the 20th-century psychology term used to describe a person with extremely high levels of narcissism and sociopathy coupled by nature, with the added desire to use Machiavellian mind control and person-gaming strategies to dominate his environment in the larger world. For Trump, the question is not why he should or should not do anything in life he wants… it’s who’s going to stop him.  In his own mind? The answer is he cannot be denied any whim be sated that his hubris-riddled consciousness decides. If his “Narcissistic Rival” [target] “Crooked Hillary” is smart, she’ll take this memo and reveal note to heart. To best Trump, just tell him NO. About something. Not that he’s wrong. Just tell him NO. Then, refuse to pay attention to WHATEVER he’s puffing up, blustering on about, or trying to convince everyone to take him seriously about being an AUTHORITY FIGURE. The key to besting any human being who behaves like Donald Trump is to remember they are truly the Veruca Salt version of a modern grown-up. Since they are not likely to go away quietly, best to casually sit back and relax — as subtly ignoring their social credibility truly causes them to blow themselves metaphorically up.

For more information about suspected Celebrity Narcissists and Narcissism in the news, follow facebook.com/celebritynarcissists.  We’re always happy to take questions from the mainstream media, campaign analysts, law professionals, and celebrity staffers to help everyone understand not only the personality type of famous figures but how the people in their lives can help micromanage or steer the celebs’ behavior in such a way that the pressure on their staff starts to ease with regard to not only their aggressors — but also to help victims in inner circles cope with growing C-PTSD issues.

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