Glittering Words
Covert Narcissism, This Just In

Why Narcissists speak in glittering generalities

Why do Narcissists speak in glittering generalities about themselves, their work, and their personal lives? Because they are masters at promoting overt and covert Stage Hypnosis concepts to all those who will give them an audience in the hopes of recruiting or converting that person into estranging the Narcissist’s social, romantic, and or political rivals. 

Glittering Words are key terms and phrases that a Narcissist uses to position themselves or their products in ways that appear to be socially competitive and above. It is a form of salesmanship that utilizes Stage Hypnosis tactics to build prestige into a product.

They want to feel bigger than life, above the law, and better than other people who they personally perceive and project they compete with socially 100% of the time. Overt, they come right out and tell you they are great; covert, they will do and say things to coax their victims into feeding their ego to soothe or to socially assuage the Social Predator’s base level emotions that relate to the dominant party’s whimsical self-aggrandizing and oftentimes Collapsed Narcissist types of self-esteem related far less than complex emotions. 

The Narcissist wants to believe tales of their own sparkling grandiosity.

Psych Central notes, “Using glowing words and statements to describe one’s self, ideas, or behaviors without providing evidence. Narcissists are in love with their words just as they are in love with everything about themselves. They think superlatives make them look good.”

The example they give is when a narcissistic partner tells their spouse:  “I’m the most amazing [marriage partner and romantic catch essentially] ever. I’m super-thoughtful, smart, and always available. I provide a world-class lifestyle for you.” [Oh joy of joys… look at YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU.]

Notice how many lines of shite the person with the narcissistic disposition is actually selling and attempting to peddle. First of all, the focus in on them; secondly they string together a series of promotional bullet points attempting to market themselves to the person chances are they are conversationally as well as romantically abusing. 

The Narcissist will always be the first to tell you how cool or great they are compared to their rivals. How will you know who their Narcissistic Rivals and social abuse or neglect targets actually are? Listen — because the Narcissist (without fail) is going to tell you. 

Connect the Dots
The unappreciative Narcissist uses and abuses People Pleasers religiously

The more Anti-Social the Narcissist is as a comorbid condition, the more likely they are to dehumanize targets. Using terms like animal names to describe others or calling them actual animals is what statistically seems to be a go-to technique for Conversational Controllers to triangulate others from one another while leaving themselves in the conversational position of jury and judge. 

If someone else does well, expect the Narcissist to roundhouse-ly demean them.

They will insult other people’s looks, intelligence, work product, sexual viability (for better or worse), their financial status, their religion, you name it — whatever works to ensure anyone who may have felt impressed and inclined to esteem the Abuser’s Narcissistic Rival will be dampened like someone throwing a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West.

Only the target is Glinda and she is covered with glitter that the person trying to shift the focus off her success doing something pro-social or kind or in the best interest of herself that benefits others wants to ensure no one they seek to deceive and recruit as a Flying Monkey will see. 

Further, by using terms like “The Greatest” or “Most” the Glamouring Narcissist paints their audience (as well as themselves) into a corner. Imagine the horror of having parents who called themselves members of “The Greatest Generation” and being asked by them to socially compete.

How could anyone possibly take their elder’s words seriously and simultaneously expect to be able to rise to a level equal to socially or better than them?

The Narcissist — by controlling the vocabulary choice in conversation and socially aggressing or shunning anyone who points out their belief system is undermining and reflects neurological dysfunction in their thinking patterns — holds onto social power with an invisible Iron Fist. 

Telling people their product — namely themselves — is the absolute best is a perfect example of Stage Hypnosis sales tacticians run amok. Do you have to be better than someone else to be great? Someone with healthy neuroplasticity is likely to grasp the Platonic Form concept and academically as well as neurologically come to the same conclusion — no. 

Can you be a wonderful husband or wife and be the best in your home without needing to compare yourself to Mister or Missus Jones? If you are obsessed with romantically triangulating yourself or your mate with other prospective or potential people to bed and to wed continue to spit glittering terms deriding other people while elevating yourself to a status of grandiose importance to your targeted mate that makes them feel as if you have one foot out the door. 

Connect the Dots
Malignant Somatic Nurtured Narcopaths are socially violent personality types


Because that’s what Love Fraud predators do. They are constantly seeking to deceive their targets and to dupe. 

The man or woman who goes on and on about all the things their ex did wrong or failed to do to please them is the type most likely to speak about themselves and whatever else they peddle personally and professionally, making themselves sound sparkling and shiny and in demand compared to whatever discard pile person they more than likely love-bombed effectively then told to pound sand after they used and abused them to the point their victim stopped feeling love for them or was impressed. says, “Using [glittering generalities] has been described as “name-calling in reverse.” The more a Narcissist repeats a statement or phrase that distorts reality and they are not immediately in that moment confronted, the more likely people who listen to them casually or in passing as well as attentively and submissively are likely to begin to act as if whatever shiny words the Narcissist used to describe something or someone is based on simple, non-complicated reality. 

They further add, “A glittering generality is a vague word or phrase that’s used to evoke positive feelings rather than to convey information. These terms are also known as glowing generalities, empty vessels, virtue words, or loaded words (or loaded phrases).” 

Realize when and if a Narcissist starts praising themselves or a product that benefits them to sell they absolutely aggressively will. Not because they think what they are asserting is true, mind you… but because they get off neurochemically on a chemical surge that happens in the brain called Duper’s Delight in non-technical terms. 

The Narcissist gets off on being granted esteem and affection they do not deserve and have not personally socially, spiritually, or morally earned. 

Plato's Stunt Double

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