Narcissistic Abuse in relationships
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Narcissistic Abuse in relationships leads to the formation of wholly preventable stress related illnesses

Narcissistic Abuse in relationships leads to the formation of wholly preventable stress-related illnesses. It’s a medical fact — one that should be taken as a serious risk to national as well as to global security.

C-PTSD and its symptoms cost every nation and country not only the social and mental health of their citizenry, but the cost to caretake people who have been brutalized by Cluster B individuals in public or private who develop things like life-threatening or chronic health issues as a result are likely to do fiscal and tremendous life-quality harm to (physically) almost everybody.

With depression named as the most common global illness by the World Health Organization (WHO) likely due to misdiagnosis of Narcissistic Abuse victims who are too scared to report or who don’t realize their hospitality is being abused in the 2017 – 2018 year, taking the issue of social abuse seriously at this juncture in 21st-century society is essential.

People who abuse the hospitality of others by acting in ways that are socially abusive, neglectful, antagonizing, or competitive cause people — themselves included — to suffer issues relating to things like high blood pressure and increased sensitivity to physical pain or discomfort. The folks we are discussing in this stipulative context are individuals typically suffering from Cluster B personality disorders.

To be more accurate with our discussion, problem people cause other individuals to suffer. Then, they wonder why when the bloodlusting chemicals released in their brain when they are in fight mode subside, life — to them — seems somehow lackluster and boring.

People with Cluster B minds are socially competitive and aggressive. Prone to actively and willfully engaging in various and or all forms of social or physical violence depending on their extremity of type, toxic people — problematic individuals — tend to lack the ability to self-soothe without needing to act like a codependent person interested in self-generating opportunities to engage in socially or personally destructive behavior.

Emotional abuse includes but is not limited to all of the following Machiavellian Narcissistic Abuse tactics:

  • yelling
  • name-calling
  • spewing insults or otherwise ridiculing you
  • attempting to make you question your own sanity (gaslighting)
  • invading your privacy
  • punishing you for not going along with what they want
  • trying to control your life
  • isolating you from family and friends
  • making subtle or overt threats

Noting that reacting to abuse is NEVER the same thing as initiating abuse to attention seek is crucial for victims seeking to regain a locus of emotional and psychological well being.

People who create problems in a community, a workspace, a school system, a peer group, a romantic relationship, and or within a family unit by doing things like gaslighting, lying, betraying people’s trust, by causing big scenes at always the most socially destructive moment possible, and who fail to show other humans any form of respect cause everyone around them to develop medical distress.

By yelling — using words to hurt, amplified in tone — an Abuser frightens and humiliates their target while brutalizing anyone in listening distance as collateral damage victims. The chemicals produced in a victim forced to freeze are profoundly destructive to health and psychology.

A victim with the emotional strength to fight back when lied to or about or physically mistreated is likely to end up exhausted physically and emotionally. They are also likely to suffer side effects caused by neurochemicals related to hyper-adrenalization.

Someone spewing insults is as likely to be doing themselves harm by indulging in rage. Bloodlusting causes or caused by a hyper-adrenal flush is what it is — a survival mechanism; the more one turns on that primal instinct and floods the brain with neurochemicals that are related, the less one is likely to be physically able to engage in the use of EQ (namely, emotional intelligence).

Seeking validation from our abusers as well as medical attention from them for our mental health when they are the ones who are inflicting the damage and in need of moral sanity is a ridiculous trauma bonding habit. Stop it.

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Treating an outside authority figure to tell you if you have done something like experienced trauma or if you have a physical sensation of pain or discomfort in your body like their wholly subjective opinion — no matter how well educated they are — is more valid or credible than our own is a mistake of epic NLP PEMDAS import.

Acting like if one of our family members, one of our children, or one of our lovers treats us badly that it says anything about us other than we have toxic taste in relationship choices at times is foolish to do from a medical perspective. Social Anxiety born from feeling personally ashamed or embarrassed that someone we know, are blood-related to, or are bound to due to a relationship of affection is a nurtured medical condition that would never exist had people in positions of social power and influence over us during our earliest ages of childhood had not groomed us to feel shame and responsibility for causing or for other people’s behavior.

Caregivers who teach young children that they can do things like disrespect other people and other people’s property do tremendous harm to themselves, to all impacted family members, and to the child under-parented. The stress placed on older siblings, for instance, by a parent who refuses to tell a toddler not to touch or to break other people’s stuff or to tell the child that they cannot be the center of attention at all times in every social setting or situation and on literally everyone that an undisciplined child, an under-parented teen, or a Cluster B adult is enormous socially, medically, and ultimately intellectually.

Children who do things like bite, throw food or toys, or who hit others when they do not get what they want or who throw temper tantrums to effectively control behavior and emotions of any caregivers, collateral damage victims, or parenting adults become adults who do the same thing to their husbands and wives.

The Borderline Personality Disorder tactic to net gain attention, to ensure the person throwing the manipulative fit will not only get what they want but ensure they are never abandoned. Their family and friends and co-workers walk on eggshells.

No one thrives physically when predatory, morally insane, dominating behavior is “tolerated”. Tolerating an abuser acting poorly so no one has to stand up to the person is not only passive suicide for the Enabler but it’s passively-aggressively medically assaulting the aggressor.

People enabled to behave badly freeze their own neuropsychology. That means people who enable are actually passively getting even with their Abuser by doing and saying absolutely nothing to prevent that person from harming themselves medically by failing to exercise social skillsets like self-control, self-reflection, and acting with civic respect for everybody.

Toxic people refuse to honor other people’s boundaries. They might esteem other predators and themselves, but when it comes to thinking about victims of their social mistreatment, few if any actually think of “normal” or kind and emotionally intelligent people as humans.

By thinking of targets and rivals as nothing more than disposable objects or livestock they can treat like a commodity, Abusers profoundly dehumanize their targets in their own minds. If they mix animal comparisons with how they refer to their rivals or to preferred scapegoats… ie saying “All men are DOGS!”, she’s just a (female dog used for breeding purposes), or by comparing all people unlike themselves to sheep… the social predator does terrible harm to their own brain anatomy.


By freezing or failing to use complex emotions leading to areas of the brain responding to social stimuli as if the tissue is materially physically as well as chemically repressed.

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But don’t take our word for it. Start checking the science.

Watch the new brain scan technology reveals since 2015 to see how human minds with low to no EQ show pattern behavior of doing things like causing High Conflict Divorce in their families.

Acting in ways that are passive-aggressive is the Cluster B covert social abuse MO. Getting even with someone for doing or saying something the predator does not like is their primary mental fixation.

Getting even — a concept that hardly ever (if ever at all) crosses the mind of a high EQ person — causes the predator to cycle. Typically their anxiety coupled with adrenal flush causes them to do things like look older than they actually are by or before they hit just past their prime.

Middle-age and senior years are not friendly to people who live their lives behaving self-indulgently and sabotaging other people.

For instance, someone’s blood pressure may elevate in response to a social predator hiding a target’s car keys just before that big day at work or the exam they cannot miss… with the victim and all of the people they let down as a direct result of the social sabotage all having their biology directly or indirectly quite personally harmed.

Every time someone lies or harms another in order to self-promote, they do neurological damage to their own brain in such a way that costs them dearly in life in ways they are medically speaking unlikely to physically ever emotionally to be clinically able to experientially understand. They lose things they never find out exist because their parents refused to actually actively parent.

People who develop personality disorders also develop grandiose authoritarian personality types. They fear monger to groom others to seek out their protection, leaving themselves in a position of authority essentially over no one other than profoundly gaslit, codependent members of their Narcissistic Harem.

Telling people what to do, what to think, and forbidding them from doing any actual thinking for themselves is the most common modus operandi for people who are groomed to aspire to be vertical thinkers. Sadly, those who embrace the groomed Cerebral or Cerebral Somatic Narcissist function are the most likely to become Abusers as well as to be profoundly mistreated in life.

Triangulating other people’s affection is also their thing — people into social competition. Who is wearing what socioeconomic status symbol or in the “in crowd” with them becomes their life and psychological health and healthy neurological function limiting obsession.

Bullies are always the most obvious about who they do or do not choose to treat like a human — as if they somehow have the “right” to make that kind of social, moral, or spiritual assertion. By gaslighting people into seeking their validation, they make themselves into a joke… by pretending to somehow be like collaborative humans.

Knowing how to spot the wolves pretending to be SHEEPDOGS is the fastest way to protect oneself from such individuals in society.

It is also a way to guarantee health improvement for yourself and for all of your peers. Narcissistic Abuse in relationships causes stress illnesses to form in Abuser and targets, yes… but knowing that in advance gives people a chance to avoid trauma bonding rituals entirely during their adulthood in order to avoid having a lifetime’s worth of C-PTSD from being accidentally created.

Abusers and their prey all share a desire to be treated like ends instead of means in all forms of society. By holding a predator socially accountable for their actions, people targeted by such predators actually show them respect, medical care, and pro-social attention.

By limiting social interaction with people who do things like cause blood pressure to rise, bodies to develop life-threatening illnesses like cancer or heart disease, to suffer from stress-induced strokes, sleep disturbances, emotional fatigue, physical injury to victims using physical forms of social violence, tension headaches, nervous stomach, ulcers, you name it…

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Victims of social predators and toxic people, in general, can stop being victimized and become pro-social, healthy, and recovering survivors once they realize tolerating abuse and going along with an Abuser to get along with an Abuser is actually medically doing themselves, their own contemporaries, and the predators themselves a medical disservice to allow them to behave in ways that are short-sighted, disrespectful to others, and or abusive.

Remember that the next time someone is acting like a person who is unable to control their own social or emotional gluttony. Go gray rock and strive to depersonalize what they say — seeing words they say to strive to hurt as a neurological symptom that something is medically wrong with them in that moment.

If the pattern of someone behaving like a toxic person who causes themselves medical harm by raging and aggressing while traumatizing others in their sphere of influence starts to emerge, realize what’s happening and strive to handle the situation they create matter of factly.

For instance, if someone gets angry and calls people names while blurting threats of extortion or physical injury to regain their feeling or position of power and social control over their target or targets… realize they are showing clinical signs of Anti-Social personality disorder.

If they gaslight to triangulate other people while striving to alienate people’s affection using a mix of lying, gaslighting, and shame grooming tactics — understand they are Machiavellian and medically likely to do great situational harm to anyone who crosses their path who they do not like… as well as to anyone who shows them social faith or any form of actual kindness. Such people are likely to always find themselves getting in accidents and complaining about things like how much more important their personal comfort or life is than other people’s.

Expect old or Machiavellian codependent people to constantly strive to drag relatives, neighbors, and good samaritans into their medical dramas.

They will do things like eat poorly, drink, smoke, and party for literally decades then demand people give them special treatment when medical conditions surface as a result of their folly. Realize they spent their lives self-indulging with the goal of getting sick so they could force people like their own grown adult children to spend time caring for them during their health destroyed years.

Realize that C-PTSD caused during ADULTHOOD by making free will choices to enable Cluster B people or to surround ourselves with narcissistic people is as wholly preventable as developing something like lung cancer due to smoking or heart disease due to eating a poor quality diet.

Really understand it’s preventable, C-PTSD.

PTSD forms when something unexpected happens that trauma scars the brain. But C-PTSD develops fastest in people who are kind who never dare to question their toxic family member’s assertions about things like “the way the real world works”. By accepting that without toxic people in our lives to use like means that we will never be loved, our bodies learn that what we know to be true — that toxic behavior is TOXIC — is not respected by us in our minds.

Take a mind and tell it to pretend abuse, emotions, or words don’t matter to a body… watch it cause all kinds of medical issues for whoever pretends acting and thinking toxic thoughts do no impact health. Or that enabling Abusers is ever smart.

Respect reality. Character matters.

Folks who choose to enable abuse tend to be lumped into the category of people who die young for a reason.

Namely, because we failed to set healthy lifestyle-related, medical health-supporting boundaries.

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