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10 Commandments of Pro-Social Parenting

Parent Abuse tends to happen to senior citizens and adults whose children have been abused by Cluster B adults, forcibly estranged, or alienated. They can be alienated during their childhood, as young adults by toxic peers, and in adulthood if and when they enmesh with a LOVE FRAUD con artist or narcissistic romantic partner.

Toxic IN-LAWS are a common source of meddling and triangulating behaviors when and if somebody like a Mommy Dearest or Daddy Issues Creator views their own offspring’s family of a love interest as socially competing with the adult child or grandchild/grandchildren for CONTROLLING interest of their child or the affection of any GRANDCHILDREN.

Sadly, many young couples who are not familiar with Machiavellian thinking, people who gaslight, what social manipulation means, or that TRIANGULATION is a brainwashing and mind control tactic do not see the social predator manufacturing the triangulation as the source of the problem.

If an abused daughter, for example, can be manipulated by her family to hate or FEAR her love interest’s primary parent or family unit, it’s a MACHIAVELLIAN, sociopathic way to ENSURE that any toxic family dysfunction in their OWN family unit is NEVER BROUGHT TO THEIR OWN ADULT CHILD’S ATTENTION.

By forcibly striving to estrange or alienate their own child from being “exposed” to a different way of thinking or functionally behaving on an everyday basis, the highly intelligent but morally bankrupt control freaks accomplish several profoundly caustic things simultaneously.

First, they create tremendous stress for their CHILD, stress likely to harm or damage the LOVING relationship that could have otherwise bloomed naturally between BOTH family units.

Second, by targeting the new mate for ACQUISITION by LOVE BOMBING, they commit LOVE FRAUD on them. Love Fraud victims tend to engage in SPLITTING, seeing healthy friends and loving family as the ENEMY for pointing out that they are, for lack of a better term, being DEFRAUDED.

As the young adult offspring who comes from a sheltered, brainwash enabling familial environment, they encourage the adult child to commit social sabotage of their love interest’s own nuclear family parents in an attempt to gain favor and approval from their own toxic parents.

Grandchildren are typically served up on the altar of Cluster B sacrifice to the enabled toxic GRANDPARENT, making the adult child guilty of a moral crime, betraying hospitality of loving persons.

For religious people who follow the 10 commandments, here’s a reminder:

The Ten Commandments of Pro-Social Parenting

I — GOD — am the Lord, your God. You, the toxic parent, are NOT. This is not an insult — in order to be me without violating the gift of Free-Will choice I give, YOU have to let me do my job.

Thou shall bring no false idols before me… including people to be married who commit acts of Parental Alienation and LOVE FRAUD. Do not take the name of the Lord in vain, including using Religious Abuse to shame, manipulate, or justify gaslighting or harming your offspring.

Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy — welcome your adult child and their love interest’s non-Cluster B to break bread together, to celebrate the joy of human compassion, and to foster hospitality rather than DIVISION between the two factions.

Honor thy father and thy mother — but only if their actions, intent, and word choices are for the success of the human species, not deplorable or divisive.

Thou shall not kill or murder the soul, body, or human spirit of another.

Thou shall not commit adultery, including lying to or about a person about true intentions with regard to social situations; adults between lovers require sexual infidelity, but the betrayal of a Machiavellian parent of their own offspring by behaving like a two-faced predator is just that — predatory behavior.

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Pretending to be straight a Cluster B trait

That’s committing ethical adultery, romancing the devil whose fueling egocentrism, entitlement, and grandiose thinking in a glamoured person or a willing Abuser.

Thou shall not steal, including the love and affection one person may have had for another by intentionally or UNINTENTIONALLY manufacturing chaos, smear campaigning, gaslighting to control, or striving to pot stir while purposefully striving to manufacture TRIANGULATIONS (leaving yourself in the hot seat, pretending to be helping but positioning yourself as the authority figure or the “go-between”).

Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor; to do so is not only LYING, it’s Machiavellian strategizing and GASLIGHTING while self-promoting.

Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife (or anything that belongs to your neighbor)… or the affection of your offspring for OTHER PEOPLE.

Bottom line…

You are NOT your child’s “KEEPER”, mom and dad. You have been charged with the sacred duty of protecting the quality of life for yourselves, your offspring, and all future creatures, including but not in any way limited to all creatures great (meaning LARGE —  not better or more important) and small (not lesser), of all God’s children.

If greed and a fearful or passive-aggressive, contemptuous heart have led you to behave like a toxic parent, let this document serve you moral notice you are PERSONALLY responsible for your own actions. If you think God can’t FEEL and intuitively know your deepest, darkest secrets and innermost thoughts… we don’t know what to tell you other than you are displaying doublespeak logic with regard to the social promotion of magical thinking.

Be a better role model for your friends, family, church, and children. Be a better mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, community member, and (ultimately) HUMAN.

Having a “loving” relationship with adult children requires emotional honesty.

Winning sole custody rights of your adult child and their love interest is an extremely cruel and inhumane form of PARENTAL ALIENATION. Not only is it an anti-social act of passive aggression against a NARCISSISTIC RIVAL (meaning a fear or envy of a positive relationship that your adult child has the opportunity to engage in as a human growth experience), you are virtually guaranteeing the destruction of not only your child, their lover, and the grandkids but of yourself for using FREE WILL to intentionally meddle in other people’s relationships.

Why would doing something like that ultimately bring shame on the house of the person who is socially supported and lauded for essentially defrauding their own offspring into becoming an OVERT Enabler and hospitality ABUSER? If you don’t know the answer to that question intuitively, it might be high time to see a PSYCHIATRIST and stop deceiving your own church community, family, friends, social circle connections, your child, the grandchildren, your child’s lifemate, and your PASTOR.

The MORAL choice you are making is to not only to betray the sacred trust imparted you by a loving God but is to defy HIM. Toxic Parents and Toxic grandparents who meddle in the romantic relationships of their own children are morally GUILTY of striving to undermine God. Believing THEY, as moral humans, are not only SMARTER than God but ENTITLED to show such callous disrespect and disregard for the divine Watchmaker’s plans, is a genetic hangover from the original Lucifer rebellion.

Take the word of Samael — the great mirror — on this one. If you are a CLUSTER B person, all social interaction is based on socially competitive, exclusionary, toxic thinking. It’s rooted in NEUROLOGICAL processing abilities, with many born dysfunctional and others left with depleted brain function due to abuse and conditioning by toxic parents.

Children taught to shame others, to pride themselves on their ability to estrange, and who seek to exile ANY man, woman, or child of goodwill nature out of the loving care or companionship of a social clan reflects egocentric and amoral tribalism.

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The cost of being kind without setting healthy boundaries great for Autistics, Empaths, and People Pleasers

And that, folks — is not a moral-spiritual, ethical, or socially long-term advantageous decision.

Breeding in excess is common in such thinkers, as on a purely biological level toxic MOTHERS more than anyone knows…

If you are the last of your bloodline and prone to socially or biologically disadvantaging your child or, if you have more than ONE, that the CHILDREN each carry the trauma burden of carrying your personal pain and dysfunction for them in such a way that they themselves believe they are sinners who deserve to take abuse while tricking them into believing they will burn in hell if and when toxic parents are begged for mercy or asked to stop it.

Bloodlines with toxic matriarchs tend to die on the vine from an evolutionary social perspective for a REASON. And that reason is all part and parcel of the divine plan.

“Thank the Lord and praise be to JESUS!” proudly exclaim all men and women of goodwill nature as discussed in philosophical literature. Listen to Confucius. Trust the faith in Lao-Tzu’s teachings. And think about someone OTHER than yourself… at least for one lifetime or cosmic clock minute.

Your CHILDREN are counting on you to rise and do it. Shabbat Shalom, and all that goodness.

God gave Mary a unique and divine responsibility to love their children and protect them but to let God decide who they meet in life and the outcome of healthy, uninterrupted social relationships. Support your children allowing divine life plans to happen. It shows ZERO faith, love, or respect for a Christian God to triangulate HIM against his own creations.

It’s a truly DEPLORABLE use of power, noting deplorables are people of narcissistic or Cluster B affectation.

Fortunately for the rest of the sentient beings on the planet — including non-Christians — if there is a Flying Spaghetti Monster on the side, prompting us lovingly along to embrace Pronoia by reaching out and tickling our sentient auras with his/her/its noodly appendages, they/the divine creator is likely to be a HORIZONTAL and socially collaborative systems thinker.

And IF you pray, who or what kind of being do you truly predict would have any reason whatsoever to care about or take the time to personally listen, let alone strive to respond to you? Empaths don’t need ANY of this “explained” to them. They understand it all on a core, emotional, physical, and psychological level. Look at all the MARVELOUS “How to Overcome Toxic Parents” advice and way-shower guidance divinely led and inspired by the Christ Consciousness.

Why is it, then, that so many of God’s faithful “servants”, treat other human beings as having innately lesser VALUE?

Here’s a HINT…

Angels are NEVER treated in any way, shape, or form as competing with God in spiritual competition.

If your habitual thought patterns were culturally nurtured by Abusers and Abuse ENABLERS to feel toxic-shame based on socially competitive moral worth… then BINGO. You have found the source and root cause of the biological suppression of your own divine essence.

God is GOOD. God is also wise and OMNIPOTENT.

If GOD created all there is, then nothing — by logical essence — can exist that is not a facet of God, functionally engaging in SELF-REFLECTION.

In order for there to be a concept of self, one must (from a perceptive neural processing level) have both self-awareness and the impression of interaction with something or someone defined as another.

Guess what. It’s MENTAL.

And that very real psychological and spiritual truth, is not anything other than spiritually, psychically, and emotionally logical. If you strive to manufacture division and nurture narcissistic injury, fear, or social competition inspired hate, the more privileges you ABUSE are THEFT from the divine. And that, toxic parents and abusive grandparents or in-laws, is ultimately how a sentient God is likely to measure your eternal fate. As Anonymous Jones likes to remind Team Empath friends to consider…

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Spiritual musings for people with C-PTSD and targeted scapegoats

“TEST, then verify.” If you leave the cookie jar in plain sight, fill it full of divine baked goods, and leave a human being in charge of the equitable distribution of goods…

The NARCISSISTIC socially competitive thinker will get their hand caught in the cookie jar. You have to test SOCIOPATHY by seeing once they have access to goods, whether or not greed and lack of social conscience about who they deprive or hurt will play a part in their FREE WILL CHOICE behaviors.

There is justice in the afterlife of victims… but not justice to punish an aggressor. The best revenge is living well. Abusing an adult child’s goodwill trust to keep them from realizing there are other lifestyle choices and ways to live is NARCISSISTIC and simultaneously anti-social.

Enabling the social or emotional persecution of another is the only moral crime more extreme and abusive of God’s love than committing crimes like rape, physical torture, or murder. Oh, and by the way… that martyr shit? Committing passive suicide by enabling abusers is just that — suicide by Dependent Personality Disorder.

Kidlets just waking up and starting to realize that their parent’s intentions might not be what they claim to be when striving to keep you like a bone collector, check out the following video by Richard Grannon, the Spartan Life Coach. It’s a real doozy, so be sure to watch it when you are sitting down someplace quiet, while mindfully being ready to honestly LISTEN. It’s called YOUR FAMILY HATES YOU, but trust us, it has a powerful, socially enlightening message for all adults and psychologically mature, self-reflective children.

Then, trust GOD to lead YOU to the right bank of pro-social and Narcissistic Abuse recovery support literature.

It’s all in the Bible, but sadly, folks need to read about forensic psychology and familiarize themselves with Cluster B personality types before they are functionally able to glean wisdom already provided. For those seeking religious abuse insight — click here to view over 40 days worth of SUNDAY SERMON messages by socially evolving, Christians.

Please — for the sake of the children…

READ scholarly articles about Narcissistic Abuse as they relate to forensic analysis of grandparent and great grandparent experiences.

Watch the video series and HONESTLY reflect.

Take a moral inventory of yourself and your actions… and when and if you are ready to heal, consider the following list of questions:  Therapy Insights for Self-Reflection.

And by all means, stop attention hogging and socially striving to undermine in-law relationships with your adult child’s “person”.  The relationship between one human and another should NEVER be functionally sabotaged by a greedy, egocentric person.

A truly spiritual person understands both how and why Noah was successful showing absolute faith, building, stocking, and protecting the ark. With the colonization of Mars on the international and national agenda for all sentient beings, rooting out bad lines of code from neural linguistic programming is not only necessary, but it is also essential.

If people in charge of programming supercomputers and robotics in the hope of creating a socially helpful AI, then hacking lines of Cluster B code from parent psychology by NATURAL DESIGN must be re-coded prosocially, line by time-sensitive “bloodline”.

Think of YOURSELVES as seed banks holding the power of protecting and defending the only true right to life.

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