Flying Monkeys are amused by Ad Hominem verbal assaults
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Hurling insults reveals true nature of Flying Monkeys and Abuse Enablers

Have you ever tried to make a point in an argument with a narcissistic person or toxic thinker and had them respond to your valid point by failing to validate you, then hurling verbal assaults? It is a Machiavellian Narcissistic Abuse technique used by Cluster B characters when and if they know they are caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

If you can to this page seeking confirmation, validation, or understanding, here’s your SIGN…

Hurling insults reveal the true LOSER nature of Flying Monkeys and Abusers.

They have zero emotional, psychological, or personal desire to establish a meaningful dialog with targeted victims. To a Cluster B person, the only thing worse than an outright loss is when and if a socially dynamic “win-win” solution to ANY problem (no matter how big or how small) can be found.

The Cluster B abuser is a Stage One social abuser — harming directly, driven by deviant neurochemical biology. If a victim has pain, stress, or anxiety burden lessened — or worse… they are treated in public or private with compassion in such a manner that allowed the TARGET to keep their dignity intact? Holy CRAP — nothing makes a narcissistic, vendetta fueled social or domestic abuser lose their proverbial shippoopie, literally driving them to the brink of a land shark-like verbally abusive, narcissistic rage-fueled frenzy.

But the Flying Monkey?

The Cluster B ENABLER — that’s a morally insane, egocentric, social cancer of another kind.

With no biological reason limiting a Flying Monkey from being able to self-reflect and come to a conscious, empathetic, compassionate understanding of why harming others the way they do is not only immoral, from a social evolution and maturity standpoint, as Spock would say is, “Highly ILLOGICAL…” the ENABLER commits far more heinous forms of spiritual crime.

Most enablers are nothing more than weak-willed, “Collapsed Narcissists”. As such, they tend to be far more like VULTURES or the hyenas who played posse to the LION KING MOVIE character “Scar”,  young Simba’s Rasputin-like Uncle — the pack animal who waited until he had the perfect witness-free opportunity to kill his own community beloved brother Mufasa.

Angry that their daddy did not buy them that pony they wanted in third grade or that their mommy would not buy them their 42 pairs of two hundred dollar blue jeans, designer handbags, or tennis shoes…

FURIOUS their male neighbor just bought their wife and family a new BMW…

Seething with rage that their husband looked sideways with fond appreciation in their eye at another kinder or more personable female…

Convinced their own Narcissistic Rivals they loathe and hate are envious or jealous of THEM in some way…

Flying Monkeys types tend to get secretly mad that between birth until a younger sibling arrived, they were the apple of their caregiver’s eye. Kids raised in a household with toxic parents who promoted sibling rivalry as a way to convince their children to battle for love, appreciation, public displays of affection, and to win status or favor of a truly sick-in-the-head parent are the most likely to publicly and privately support the cultural nurturing and manufacturing of fluid, social TRIANGULATIONS.

Forced to hide aggression toward their siblings when mom, dad, or a grandparent is looking, their social con is a long game that truly begins the day the Golden Infant becomes nothing more than an indentured servant forced to babysit for, share toys and clothes with, and to tolerate a younger sibling’s narcissistic predilections.

You see, in a toxic home led by Cluster B adults, babies — not “children” — are treated like prized possessions. As children mature and require actual parenting, co-parenting, communal mentoring of life skills, and validation as a formed and chronologically maturing human, toxic parents have no earthly idea what to do with them.

So, what do they do?

Start the lifelong process of devaluing the growing child while pampering and fawning over the infant through toddlerhood. Ignoring the child development needs of the elder siblings entirely, most vertical thinker parents strive to make babies until one of them comes out a Dark Triad, totally personality copycat of the strongest Cluster B thinker in a family unit.

As the genetically deficient child is nurtured to ridicule, target and victim-shame more emotionally sensitive or physically less strong of their pack of offspring, the roots and wings of Dark Triad behavior — including rewarding them for harming others — is socially trained into the future Cluster B brain.

It’s gross underparenting at the root of Flying Monkey angst. It’s also fury rooted in having been told by toxic parents and known child abuser grandparents for a lifetime that if they just worked hard enough… if they just tried HARDER… if they kept their head down and keep plugging while taking an enormous amount of social abuse from stronger predators… that by the time they were grown-ups that they too could boss around and abuse other people while being fiscally rewarded and socially supported by other society members who esteem Somatic Narcissism and Social Terrorism.

Take that in… and please do re-read it as many times as you have to in order to truly be able to empathize with the Collapsed Narcissist’s plight — as truly understanding what bee is in their bonnet or under their craw, gnawing at their gullet all the time not only helps depersonalize their attacks but truly allows a compassionate moral agent of change to help unwind bad lines of NLP code in Psychotherapy environments.

Connect the Dots
Collapsed Narcissism and the Toxic Adult Child Mentality

Because their own Mommy Dearest figures made them compete in the nest for affection, parental support, attention, and praise…

While their brain dead Enabling Henchmen socially traumatized and utterly demoralized daddies sipped five o’clock cocktails with friends…

After spending the day trash-talking women, other religious groups, and minority scapegoat targets they derive physical pleasure at the mere THOUGHT of destroying, erasing completely from history, or socially obliterating…

Flying Monkeys as ACTIVE (rather than passive) abuse enablers develop a truly predictable vertical thinking pattern…

One that leaves them forever vexed about why God never seems to answer them when they PRAY, as their own thinking patterns BETRAY.

Machiavellian people hurl insults when an abuse target makes a valid point. Yes, they do know what they are doing, and no — they feel pleasure, rather than remorse when and if they have the PLEASURE of watching their abuse target psychologically meltdown in distraught, psychically vexed frustration.

Victims — change YOUR response to such baiting and deliberate VERBAL provocations. If you go Gray ROCK internally, keeping the focus on self rather than active or passive social engagement with the person, one can quite quickly learn how to OBSERVE a Cluster B speaker’s activities, body posture, microexpression, and facial (for lack of a better phrase “DUCK LIP POSER POSTURING” to know how to spot the PHYSICALLY obvious signs that you are dealing in person directly with a socially dangerous and toxic predator.

Spot the red flags and save yourself a tremendous amount of pain and utterly wasted time. How does the abusive thinker ACT?

  • Do they behave as if the world revolves around them?
  • Do they show fundamental respect for the human rights or innate worth of other humans?
  • Do they SPEAK in such a way that reflects compassion for ANY human being they discuss — not disingenuous “praise” for their Flying Monkey HAREM, but is any conversation they have that lasts for more than two or three minutes ever happen without them impulsively making some sly dig or outright denigrating insult of a preferred scapegoat or Narcissistic Abuse target who they are striving to smear campaign against or who they are trying to manufacture Triangulation between their listener (as the secondary mark) and whatever human being or stereotypical
  • peer groups they want to see everyone unjustly fear, hate, loathe, suspect are wicked, or who they themselves claim to “not trust”.

People who listen to these jokers and refuse to read the self-help psychology literature that proves the psychiatric patterns and neurology of Cluster B types exist are a special kind of belligerent and defiant humans.

Not clever enough to be successful as “leading” social predators but suffering from what typically presents as A) Collapsed Narcissist and/or B) passive-aggressive, covert, suppressed Narcissistic Rage, the wannabe social predator is really nothing more than a low-rent toxic person and vertical thinker.

People who ENABLE Abusers oftentimes find their cruel abuse and verbal assault tactics on people they perceive to be of lesser human worth or spiritual value HILARIOUS. Watch the movie “IDIOCRACY” one time before watching any political debate, reality television show, or participate in a family reunion discussion about virtually ANY topic to observe the phenomenon.

Look for the snake eyes and the teeth lickers who pot stir. If they bait and provoke, then sit back to watch the fireworks, chances are they are a COVERT SOCIOPATH.

If they do or say things that are inflammatory and make less intelligent and lower emotional IQ people prone to menacing, being upset, raging, or disheveling, resist the urge to minimize suspicions about the nature of the provocateur. Many a nation has fallen due to social predators posing as trustworthy advisors, speaking off the record, and prompting their puppet to react with emotional rage and moral insanity on NLP cue provided by THEM.

Most of their puppet victims don’t come to realize until many years or decades later how badly they were conned into being used as a weapon for a scheming social predator to alleviate their own boredom.

Most Cluster B with ASPD personality types that recklessly speak with wanton disregard for social harm and utterly socially destructive intention love nothing more than being the center of NEGATIVE — rather than healthy, inclusive, or positive attention. That’s why making ad hominem attacks on other people’s character appeals to them emotionally and psychologically on so many levels.

If a victim makes a valid point, what does a social schemer do? Tells the victim to their face or loud enough for the entire effing world to hear that they are worthless, have no subjective social or emotional credibility, they totally IGNORE facts to avoid taking personal, legal, or professional responsibility for the very real harms their abusive posturing creates in the common collective, and they victim shame while socially invalidating.

On a third grade playground, the really HIGH IQ ONES target emotionally intelligent kids for social abuse and ridicule.

Challenging them to a battle of wits they can never win, when the target makes a valid point about why the abusive rhetoric the bully spouts is nothing more than word salad arguments, the angry abuser blurts vulgar, disgusting, and ultimately nothing much more than childish Cluster B adult psychology themed insults.

Connect the Dots
A Narcissist and a Sociopath walk into a bar

Ad hominem attacks are the scholarly version of telling a person who bests you in a philosophical debate in an academic forum that they are ugly and their mother dresses them funny. After hurling the insult, the mentally challenged (arguably morally handicapped) verbal antagonist typically puffs up, lifts the chin in defiance, appears to be visibly sexually aroused or stimulated (if their private parts are still functional), and they throw their hands up in some sort of WWE-style “victorious” hand signally, threatening, and physically intimidating manner.

If someone hurls a verbal jab, lands a punch on a victim below the belt, their friends LAUGH and appear to be excited or turned on while playing voyeur (rather than disgusted), understand you have uncovered what’s known as a NARCISSISTIC HAREM or Cluster B pack of overtly or covertly aligned social predators.

People of like minds who have the same sexual proclivities and secrets tend to socially support one another in public. This is done to ensure situation abusers — like men who employ SEX TRADE WORKERS, serial cheaters, pedophiles,  or who engage in homosexual theme parties or attend group sex parties on the sly —  NEVER GET CAUGHT.

They provide cover stories and public backing for one another, and the darkest of predators keeps a constant vigil on who they can extort on the fly. It’s truly one of the most crooked ways a person can lie, socially blackmailing friends, taking liberties with victims being situationally abused, then using CRONIES to provide cover stories while mobbing innocent targets for their own SEXUAL pleasure and stimulation.

Yes — Cluster B people are FULLY aware of the harm they do by abusing, lying, provoking, betraying trust, and behaving with utter disdain for people they claim to LOVE or like as well as for those they more malevolently (rather than conveniently) abuse.

AD HOMINEM is a particularly cruel NARCISSISTIC ABUSE TACTIC that tends to combine VERBAL ASSAULT with public smear campaigning and #gaslighting. It’s a MACHIAVELLIAN intimidation strategy commonly employed by people who have SEXUAL SADISM running as an undercurrent or theme in their “private lives” personally.

Most people who sink to such verbal and psychological abuse lows tend to have high levels of repressed rage, passive aggression, deep-seated #CollapsedNarcissist agendas, and are either #BLOODSPORTADDICTION covert provocateurs or they are nothing more than straight-up #ADRENALINEJUNKIES.

When they rage at or about something, their BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER – esque temper tantrums flush their systems with pleasurable endorphins. It’s why they appear so smug, happy, proud of themselves, delighted, sexually stimulated, and confident following brutalizing any targeted mark or person.

Cluster B people, on a pure biology level, derive pleasure from a very different self-stroke of their own core values system. It’s the evolutionary flaw in the genetic design of EVERY man, woman, or child who happens to display all the corresponding criteria for DSM5 Cluster B — meaning SOCIALLY and/or PHYSICALLY aggressive — personality disorders.

Those who ENABLE social monsters or sexual predators are known in self-help social circles as FLYING MONKEYS who support, enable, and leech off the power and status-seeking (typically financial or power-motivated) success of their — yes, we did say THEIR — Narcissistic Abuse target, the DARK TRIAD MAN, #MOMMYDEAREST, or socially successful con artist — also known as #PsychicVampires.

They have NO metaphysical qualities. Most are bright, charming on-demand without sincerity backing their social gyrations, and all of them are, by MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CRITERIA, pervasively tunnel-visioned, selfish, demanding, duplicitous, disingenuous, dishonest, and egocentric.

Reverse projecting gets people HURT when and if a person who falls for gaslighting and false victimization claims by the social predator are believed. As the ultimate situational abusers, Dark Triad personality types con friends, family, and new acquaintances into helping them victim shame and abuse by proxy.

Most have NO IDEA what extreme emotional, physical, financial, medical, social, and financial harm they do by publicly or privately supporting an abuser whose only goal in life is to WIN at something no rational, non-Cluster B person ever understands with ease.

To understand WHY a Cluster B person gets their psychological and emotional rocks off posturing, prancing, hurting other people and preening, one must first realize that no matter how hard a vertical thinker tries, they will NEVER find peace or be able to physically understand the tremendous spiritual and emotional RUSH of pleasure Empaths and normal human folks get from helping one another feel loved and socially supported reciprocally.

Betrayed by their own faulty towers logic, the Cluster B and their Sadistic ENABLERs are doomed to live a life never feeling or being able to understand the warmth of human kindness or compassion.

They know it EXISTS like some phantom MENACE, but the pleasure they seek to gain by crushing it in no way can ever top what a preferred scapegoat feels when and if they realize both who and what a social predator is… and recognized the REASON why they personally were targeted.

Like DEMONIC MOTHS draw to hell-fire flames, the Narcissistic RAT PACK might swarm people who are OBVIOUSLY bright, loving, kind-hearted, and emotionally sensitive.

Connect the Dots
What happens when the Schoolyard Bully or Mean Girl grows up

Toxic shame hangovers from childhood along with feeling like SOCIETY somehow broke their own toxic family unit’s gaslighting, cognitive dissonance inspiring promises, drives their particular form of ethical and morally significant complaints. 

Fragile egos, a sense of invalidated grandiosity, and feeling the need to punish while attention-seeking validation for their most deplorable social skills, personal lifestyle choices, and civic fate socially cripple such conformist, enabling, Dependent Personality Disorder types.

They leech while they nurture toxic thinking, back gaslighters who speak with Machiavellian agendas, and suck up to any stronger social predator while trying to win their strong-arm “Thugocracy” style of social support, city boss protection, and civic career criminal’s preferential “Narcissistic Supply Source” FAVOR.

Hoping to steal or kill that person’s joy and reputation for fun and sport by harassing, stalking, and bullying both OVERTLY verbally and COVERTLY while hiding situational abuse tactics used on a targeted mark from their closest personal friends, romantic partners, and family, they attention seek from their duped Sycophant, co-narcissistic Enablers provoking and baiting targets to the point of emotional MELTDOWN then they claim they themselves are the VICTIMS of unjust social treatment.

By supporting an abuser, they proudly jut forward their chin, tilt their head back, stick out their tongue, and make socially abusive, menacing, and veiled threat hand gestures in the most socially INAPPROPRIATE of shock value timed situations. A toxic parent tells the preferred scapegoat sibling who is tortured on the sly and right in front of parents daily to “toughen up”.

The victim is told THEY are bad if they self-advocate for mercy or protection from the antagonizing Cluster B personality type sibling who is typically older and or smarter on an IQ level.

Victim shaming begins in the HOME — not on television or because of the government.

As Mark Ruffalo and PBS point out in a newly released children’s video segment explaining what empathy actually is, parents, school teachers, and caregivers who encourage social COMPETITION between children are the real culprits who have, by defiantly and stubbornly refusing to treat children as tiny humans lacking EXPERIENCE rather than material objects to be fawned over and played with like sex toy dolls by a sick minded, socially dysfunctional parent or grandparent, created a GLOBAL epidemic rise in HOMEGROWN SOCIAL TERRORISM.

Don’t be confused in any way, shape, or form about this CRUCIAL self-help and key self-reflection point.

VERBAL ASSAULTS and purposeful creation of an Ambient Abuse environment meant to terrorize and subdue any victim while frightening any and every potential witness or human rights advocate prone to showing compassion for trauma victims epitomizes RADICAL social, political, and/or religious-themed CIVIC TERRORISM.

You simply cannot use the same social abuse tactics “radical extremists” use overseas on your own national soil and not see the direct moral syncopation.

Cluster B people who pack together and cyberbully are cyber terrorists. Those who roam the streets threatening and menacing are bullies. And those who impulsively state socially destructive, inflammatory remarks that fuel fans of hedonism are morally insane.

Teaching KINDNESS and how to think things through from ANOTHER PERSON’S PERSPECTIVE is a parent’s job first, then a caregiver or educators. Thinking using EMPATHY modeling is a TRAINED skill set, not something people are born (typically) even understanding they have in their intuitive toolset.

As any parent of a child born with Childhood Conduct what happens when and if a child’s brutish behaviors are socially encouraged by toxic peer groups.

Ask THEM what happens when an under 18 CCD child who has been working with the well-intentioned, civic-minded social support of loving, kind, and INFORMED parents starts responding well and thriving after creatively teaching them empathy skillsets — not to more effectively mirror then subsequently love bomb and devalue or discard and civilly destroy human targets.

Kids with ASPD developed due to neglect, trauma exposure, or Ambient Abuse  born from experiencing or being forced to witness trauma tend to end up:

  • fans of angry music
  • loving horror films that feature graphic and intense violence
  • addicted to violent video games
  • tattooed or pierced or into some other form of what’s clinically known as SELF-INJURIOUS BEHAVIORS
  • prone to  engaging in sexual sadomasochism
  • having a “short fuse”, “quick temper”, or road rage
  • taking daily life stressors out on strangers or their own family members
  • refusing to self-advocate

People who believe their LIES and GASLIGHTING spins, writing revisionist history to malign rivals and socially disempower any victim who they abused situationally, the Dark Triad destroys the social contract “spirit of the law” by recklessly disregarding the social and PHYSICAL effects their debilitating Machiavellian scheming and self-aggrandizing cons end up GENERATIONALLY impacting — literally — EVERYBODY.

Cluster B people LOVE listening to victims talk in highly specific subjective recall details about issues that made them feel abused because it excites and stimulated them on a core nature level.

Each victim who tries taking the time to explain to an abuser why something the ABUSER did (or failed to do) to them or for them was hurtful gives the social predator the same thrill-seeking pleasure that showing crime scene photos does for a SERIAL KILLER.

Plato's Stunt Double

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