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What is duplicitous behavior?

Think Harvey Two-Face in Batman — only make him a perfectly normal looking and sounding person who presents himself or herself in various ways to different people in order to grossly misrepresent themselves as well as to mislead others about their actual neurological disposition and core nature.

Vocabulary.com defines a Duplicitous Person as, “Someone [who is] is almost like two people, saying one thing but then doing something very different.”

They go on to note, “Duplicitous people oftentimes promote contradictory images of themselves.”

For instance, a man who is a serial cheater may arrive home at 7 for dinner all smiles and pretending to be the perfect husband and father… without disclosing he spent the afternoon in the arms of a lover mocking the naivete of the wife.

Or a woman who tells her husband she has no idea how that great big loan got taken out in his name… you know the one. It was never repaid.

Or a child who tells one playmate at school that they are their best friend and that they dislike someone else — only to tell the other child at a later date and time they only hang out with the first person because they are obligated.

“Someone who is duplicitous can also be called “two-faced,” a vivid way to remember that this person shouldn’t be trusted or taken at face value…” shared the dictionary themed website.

It is crucial to remember two-faced people are above all else transactional thinkers who are besotted with Object Permanence Syndrome disorder likely to result in them being faithless as well as fickle people to know, to count on, or on whom to depend.

Be mindful of this if you see the trait in yourself or others — as it is a serious red flag whoever engages in the behavior is likely to face serious social and neurological consequences for their social malfeasance later.

Understand EVERY Cluster B person — adult or child — is likely to be socially two-faced and transactional.

If you keep that in mind during every interaction with one, you will be less likely to believe when they tell you beautiful lies. And that keeps you happier, healthier, and wiser free from the clutches of any bad girls or seriously socially toxic and or abusive peer groups or guys.

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