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What does Alienation mean? It is like living on the moon looking down on the earth watching everyone human as if you are some kind of invisible thing or an unwelcome alien.

The term Alienation in the context of Narcissistic Abuse commonly refers to a person, family unit, or peer group of being socially isolated from a group or an activity to which those same people — of from another family unit or culture — would have been automatically included, appreciated for socializing, and lovingly welcome to share space at an event or in general overall everyday fellowship.

To break that down…

Person or Peer Group A is alienated from people in peer Group B, meaning Group B is in some way excluding and with malice choosing to treat person or peer Group A like they are poop.

Got it?


Mother abuses child.

Child becomes and adult. New role? Adult child.

Only the Alpha social predator is considered an adult or allowed to do any serious adulting.

Mother of the now-adult child becomes a grandmother.

What does she do? Assign roles to establish brainwashing patterns and to socially undermine the opinion of the child about their self-proclaimed (without providing proof) “trustworthy” grandmother’s offspring.

Adult child placed in role of the grandchild’s black sheep sibling while child is groomed as if they are an inside Golden Child favorite of Toxic Grandma.

Toxic Grandma teaches grandchild to fear and to feel ashamed of their birth parent — the same birth parent that when that adult child was little Toxic Grandma used to ruthlessly socially neglect or abuse.

Grandchild has no clue. Sees birth parent as someone to avoid or to eschew.

Adult child victimized by birth parent again with assistance from the recruited Flying Monkey grandchild; the betrayal of human hospitality is profound and an unforgivable social sin because of the risk interacting with Malignant Dark Triads and their Narcissistic Harem brings to both the person in harm’s way and to everyone literally the likely preferred scapegoat abuse target loves and closely personally knows.

Grandparent taunts, psychologically tortures, and abuses their offspring in front of the grandchild — teaching the little one the pleasure of showing disrespect to and dehumanizing other people for entertainment and social esteem.

If the child is mean to the targeted parent, the grandparent will praise and reward it.

By the time a child is a teen, Toxic Grandma is likely to start talking about the child coming to live with them or to replace the role their own adult child, acting as their own abuse enabler, plays already for them. They foster sibling rivalry between parent and child — vying for their Celebrity Senior affection — any way that they can at every possible moment they have the opportunity.

They don’t need a motive other than to make a grandchild disrespect a parent in order to seek the grandparent’s favor to justify being deplorable towards the child they hope to sabotage or to demonize.

Alienation of affection is the ultimate goal.

Like a predatory ex who wants to play games with a child’s affection during a High Conflict Divorce, the Toxic Grandmother will use a mix of gaslighting and bribery mixed with triangulation tactics to get a child to truly believe their own parent — rather than the abusive grandparent abusing their own offspring with the grandchild’s help — is the adult in their life who is somehow not in their corner or worthy of being respected as a human being and socially acknowledged in a position of familial honor.

Parents have a duty to ensure their offspring thrive. Those who abdicate that duty by denying a child social support and emotional constancy rooted in affection and a desire to share fellowship and socially collaborative action fail their own moral, social, and biological imperative to preserve and to protect that which they create.

In a family unit with an alienation — a parent and child, siblings, exes who co-parent, birth family, or in-laws — one group withholds affection from a targeted other in an attempt to harm the other.

If the person being targeted for exclusion is not Cluster B, understand the mobbing abuse tactic that you are seeing.

Alienation happens over time, typically, not overnight. It takes time to engage in behaviors known as triangulating and poisoning the well.

A person who alienates one from another always knows exactly what they are doing even if they don’t understand their own core motivations causing them to willingly choose to act like an Alienator.

In a moral society with healthy people, things like emotional intelligence helps to guide and dictate the spiritual and social quality of all forms of evolved or evolving life. Ethical behavior allows frictionless pro-social societies to form and run without controversy or incident.

Alienators seek to tear people apart so they can feel like they are somehow able to replace God in real life. They want to create chaos so they can what-what and who they destroy being just that — destroyed.

A parent or peer group who alienates a target — whether that target is the Black Sheep of the family or a co-parent who went from being an abused child to being an abused spouse to being an abused and neglected parent all in one incredibly emotionally and socially confusing and physically pain-riddled lifetime — do so by freewill choice.

One simply does not make yo mama jokes without having the intention to shame the child for loving or liking or being like the mother in at least 50% of their DNA and social makeup of their NLP.

And that’s the goal of the Dark Triad who tries to erase loved ones from the life or mind of a targeted social engineering victim or to alienate — triple dipping.

The successful Alternator gets to feel the physical sensation of Dupers Delight when they gaslight and alienate targeted people’s affection with extra boosts to their grandiosity when they fawn over the child or person they treated like some kind of capture the flag trophy or object.

They get off on psychologically and socially abusing people using whatever power or sphere of social influence they have. And, if an Alienator can extend the abuse by gaslighting their friends into believing tales the victim is the Abuser and the Abuser is the victim…

For a person seeking to create an alienation status of affection between one or more parties in their sphere of influence — especially in a family unit — to succeed in their goal, someone who is being used and lied to and made into a monster themselves must assist the Apex Social Predator in their own Stockholm Syndrome based NLP influencing and anti-social behavior mindful grooming process.

Alienation is complete when the alienated person stops having an interest in the person or peer group from who they were socially and emotionally severed.

Tragic or not, to recover from alienation one has to grieve the loss of social relationship and move on.

But the most important thing to note is an alienated child never recovers. An alienated adult can learn to accept social loss and how to move forward with or without the lost child or love interest or alienated person’s presence.

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