Obsessive Ex turned Vendetta Stalker
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What is Obsessive Ex Syndrome?

Obsessive Ex Syndrome is commonly developed by people with Cluster B personality disorders. Arguably, it is one of the most toxic forms of harassment, violation of privacy rights, and an extreme type of vendetta stalking.

The more malignant the person who is obsessed with their ex, the more abusive the treatment of their ex post-relationship-mortem.

With Narcissistic Abuse and Domestic Violence acts actually increasing in severity over time, long after they themselves have discarded a partner who figured out their game or their former love interest has rejected them as a suitor.

While normal breakups include the expectation to a right of privacy, obsessed and vindictive people who have full-blown narcissistic personality types simply cannot let a recovering ex move away, get on with their own lives, or enjoy their rights to quiet enjoyment in life.

The angry and fiercely competitive antagonist refuses to let a non-competing [alleged] “loser” go.

According to Obsessive-Ex.com,

“In revenge cases, the Obsessive Ex wants the leaving partner to be punished or tormented. The Obsessor believes that the leaving partner deserves to be punished or harmed for perceived ‘wrongs’.  They don’t love the ex-partner anymore; the obsession has only to do with trying to wreak continuing damage to the ex-partner’s life. They will even pursue avenues of revenge that harm their own children.”

Their description of the strange vendetta agenda phenomenon could not be more reality-based or spot on.

Obsessed exes tend to do all they can to foster triangulation between the former love interest that rejected their hoovering attempts after being abused to the point they do all they can to recruit new narcissistic supply sources who are also prone to harboring grudges and ill will against other human beings long-term.

Expect an obsessed ex to strive to make a new partner insanely jealous of an ex, while at the same time convincing that person of their ex’s horribleness. Smear campaigning does not begin to explain the depths of betrayal of confidence and obsessed ex will share with a fresh potential supply source.

If they know a new supply has a bias against a cheater? Guess what. Magically their ex wa