Dark Triads
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Why Dark Triads manufacture chaos while attention seeking

Dark Triads have no original ideas. If you tell them as an advocate what the best thing to do is to minimize duress for others and to net gain them praise, they will be compelled by nature to take in what you say but by freewill choice will do exactly the opposite of whatever it is you tell them directly is the best possible choice they could realistically make.

Confused? Have no fear — we are right here and can talk you through the process of intellectually and emotionally being able to grasp both what they are doing as well as to help you understand why they are doing it.

Take a peek (from a Socratic standpoint) at the original paragraph as a statement or thesis.

Dark Triads — number one, EXIST.

Dark Triads have. Yes, they have plenty — but only plenty of hubris and things that are tangible. Think real estate, property, collectible objects, a harem of Flying Monkeys to support them and give them unlimited praise. They have scapegoat targets they treat like Sid’s Mutant Toys in the movie TOY STORY (the first one). They have children and parents and siblings and people they call their friends and family but treat like chattel.

Want to stop reverse projecting and save the world? Stop martyring yourself.


Ignore every victimized survivor’s advice and insight, instead preferring to call them crazy, to claim they are lying or pretending they are overly sensitive and irrational? Fine.

Narcissists, Malignant Narcissists, and people with radically abuse-prone, attention-demanding, boorish and loud MBTi – F personality types coupled with extreme senses of entitlement make FANTASTIC salespeople and dictators for good reason.

When they target a mark to win their favor and to con them into treating them like a human being with a subjective opinion worthy of trust, they employ a psychological trick Empaths use daily to bond with other people and to set their biological systems at ease.

Empaths mirror to seek common ground. They hear a person talking slow, they slow their speech pattern to create a more harmonious and therefore comforting sound.

They will also seek to communicate. Meaning, the Empath values sharing space, insight, information, and emotional companionship with others.

If an Empath is smarter than a person on an IQ level, they will strive to communicate in ways that reflect an intent to be understood. If an Empath is simply listening, they are striving to understand where the other person is coming from with the intent to find what most High IQ + High EQ people with HSP gifts is likely to tell you is something akin to finding the other person’s water level.

[Please note the aforementioned statement will not make a bit of intuitive sense. We’re sharing it specifically with that intent.]

Mirroring, when used pro-socially or naturally due to HSP proclivity to become vibrationally entrained with other humans and or sentient or biological and or chemical forms of creatures or blueprint informed creatures, is not only healthy and natural, it’s a wonderful skill set to be able to use at work, at home, and pretty much so in any new environment in general.

But here’s the thing — all Dark Triads and Malignant Narcissists do it, too. So do Sociopaths and Psychopaths almost like clockwork — 98% predictive. 

Swear to gosh, we are sharing information that anyone is welcome to test out for yourself if you feel the need to strive to reinvent the Narcissistic Abuse power and control dynamic wheel… or you can keep reading here or on similar websites every day until you get it.

A person with ASPD mirroring commits a form of identity theft by copycatting. Pretending they are both genuine and an “Innovator”, they watch people who they feel are likely to net gain more attention to them and… swear to all that is decent and holy, cross our hearts with steadfast refusal to hope we die and rejection of the idea that we would EVER purposefully or deliberately stick a needle in our own eye…

Connect the Dots
What does going no contact mean?


They IMITATE them.

They — the infamous “They” (meaning Cluster B people and their Narcissistic Harem of Flying Monkeys) will be the first people to tell you to get ahead in life you have to pretend to be like someone other than yourself.  [Yeah, ouch.]

If you were the product of a toxic family unit lead by a true Mommy Dearest figure or a Stepford Wife, then you are likely to already know exactly what we are talking about. If your parents were only run of the mill, substandard NPD or some truly vexing diagnosis like mild BPD, then you probably claim you truly like your folks and that even if they made a few mistakes raising you that they are basically good people who always tried to do right by you as their child but that they failed simply because they did not know-how.

We are NOT discussing those sorts of people or those forms of neglect by underparenting, helicopter parenting like overlords, or your average ordinary abuse cases.

Please resist the urge to misconstrue or to hijack Socrates on this point. Please stay on track even if all you can say and think is, “Holy chit!”

Pull your chair back to your desk, look back carefully at the screen on your phone or laptop, and mindfully take a few breaths.

If you pay careful attention, chances are your body just increased your heart rate, your pupils are dilating in a way not likely to track with ambient light, you may be feeling your parasympathetic nervous system starting to alight, and your body is likely to be preparing to enter a biological mode known as “fight or flight”.

Get a handle on it. Observe without trying to change-change or feeling ashamed of any of it.

You are not alone, you are not in peril, and the people sharing this article understand where you are coming from, what waking up to reality feels like, and yes… we are Narcissistic Abuse recovery ADVOCATES.

The reason your body is likely to buck and launch you into ridicule or panic mode before we even get to the point herein of what scientifically provable, fact-based, wholly predictable bunch of HOO-HA (rather than Hoo-AHH) this all is can be explained quite simply.

EVERYONE on the planet still in a body or who happens to be in a body already knows it.

Dark Triads, meaning people who meet diagnostic criteria per the DSM5 and all likely later editions of the psychology diagnostic manual for having Narcissistic Personality Disorder coupled with at least Anti-Social Personality Disorder with an average to above-average IQ and a Machiavellian self-promoting nature and a truly deplorable nature prone to gaslighting, sadism, and scheming behaviors, know the difference logically between right and wrong.

They CHOOSE to do wrong because, in their biopsychology, all that makes sense to them is to behave in as obviously ruthless and power-mongering, hedonistic way that they can.

Kids who are born HSP but who are severely traumatized, then nurtured to become Machiavellian and to behave in ways that are either Malignant Narcissist, Sociopath, or Psychopath by habit tend to grow up to not only conform to their own Groomer’s complicit standards of abusing people they deem as lessers while sucking up to stronger predators.

Think about it.

Picture in your mind the most notable cruel and powerful people you know. Think about politics. Think about celebrities. Think about religion. Think about history. Think about art. Think about literature. Think about that first truly mean and terrible grade school teacher or a religious zealot who abused your humanity, purposefully or inadvertently while striving to please whoever or WHATEVER they thought would help them be granted public validation and personal favor.

Connect the Dots
Sexual abuse of children and adults common for Dark Triad or Narcopath personality types

Think about bosses who are never pleased. Think about Hyacinth on the BBC television show, “Keeping Up Appearances.”

She’s not quite a Jim Jones, but she probably would think he was a snappy dresser if she was a real person and he had not convinced his congregation of brainwashed followers to drink the literal KOOL-AID in order to please his demand for their abject proof of public loyalty and submission.

She’s also not Ted Bundy — even though despite her best attempt to make everyone in her community think she and her Enabling Henchman spineless, weak-willed, self-martyring, loser sot of a husband is some sort of impressive person and that they (as a couple) are “well respected” in their community makes her sound a bit like Al and Peggy Bundy on a date, vacationing, pretending to be some sort of high rollers.

[They are posers.]

The observant and IQ laden but EQ lacking person, as a survival skill, learned from their youngest age to mirror.

Al Bundy in a top hat with a cigar in his mouth and bubble bath, sitting shirtless in a hot tub with his garish wife posturing in a similar manner, sitting in the tub by his side… sipping champagne while wearing a Tiara and dolled up by a beauty parlor and skimpily clad looking more like a streetwalker or well dress pole dancing stripper than a woman of class or any sense of civilly minded or decent character is the right vision to have when and if you hear a Malignant Narcissist with a Somatic Narcissist and or a Cerebral Narcissist high brow or low brow streak starts spewing their crap. 

And yes we have mindfully called it just that.


Because any person familiar with Gaslighting and Cluster B people and Dark Triads who have been properly educated to protect themselves, their home, their family, and their community is likely to have been taught by their own loving parents how to spot disingenuous people.

All kid raised by Empath parents in a loving manner who are not traumatized tend to rapidly assimilate the instinctual life lesson that people who are grandiose and pathological liars or who behave like Megalomaniacs blood-lusting for things like money and power are not only morally insane, but taking anything they say with any level of subjective credibility gives the predator what they seek: namely to have gaslighting uttered to steer to be believed so their own lies are given ACTUALIZED power.

So, here’s the deal — for anyone still reading and putting the time in to self-educate.

By pretending to be just like someone they want to influence, it gains them access to abuse trust. But the Machiavellian ones take the skillset and really perfect it.

They know being cruel or abusive makes people fear and fixate all their attention on them — some to save, others to confront.

A person who does the right thing at the right time for the right reason in life tends to be brutally treated by Cluster B people. They are loathed for choosing to do good.

The Cluster B Dark Triad KNOWS full well the difference between right and wrong and thinks knowing a person will consistently strive to do the right thing in a way that makes them predictable — but more so… VULNERABLE.


Because they Abuser can mind game them literally to death — moving goalposts, behaving unreasonably, pulling stunts that defy logic, and by always, always making it a POINT to say something negative (especially when it is obvious that they SHOULD behave in ways that indicate they were lovingly catered to and pleased).

By denying an enabling stooge validation or appreciation and always implying they both could have and should have done something BETTER, they take full biological and psychological control of their targeted mark, able to nurture Stockholm Syndrome far more effectively than EVER.

Connect the Dots
Signs of Serial Cheating

And the ridiculous part of the entire thing is we are two thousand words (basically) into this article already — and we have to stop talking because inevitably some troll with a smug and abusive attitude and a penchant for abusing the hospitality of other people will write in to inform us our articles are too difficult to read, too long to bother reading, are not credible because we refuse to list our names or our purchased and hard-earned top of the class in all our respective departments for not just one but for MULTIPLE DEGREES.

And chances are they work for Windows 10, Google, Facebook, an expensive Ivy League School, or NASA.

[2050 words — noting average post suggested length is 350 – 500 words for the sake of boosting ad revenue by doing substandard but self-advantageous intentionally vague and shoddy work.]

While the Ai and baby computers are LISTENING as well as conferring. Those who have not taken the time to educate themselves about Cluster B personality disorders are likely to find themselves targeted by people who behave like they have Obsessed Ex Syndrome and will be socially destroyed and humiliated like every person who is the victim of someone engaging in High Conflict Divorce with the help of the victims estranged in-laws, the new love interests, and anyone else that their Abuser can RECRUIT.

Might want to consider bookmarking this website and following along daily with our social media feeds related to various aspects of Narcissistic Abuse dynamics. We can only offer hospitality.

Rejecting to listen to credible information with an intent to understand and to actively engage in Socratic dialog affects all of us, collectively — not “personally”.

Ain’t nobody got time for Hemlock, to live in exile suffering, or to spend time caring about people who simply refuse to pro-socially behave.

Martyrs who subject themselves to abuse are self-promoting masochists. They strive to subject their own children and community others to abuse so they can win favor with the stronger, more socially and politically savvy “BIG BIG” of predators.

When Jesus was crucified, consider the possibility that Cluster B people took his words, figured out how to twist them, and to write them into a book designed to self-promote men.

Consider the very real possibility that when (or as some are likely to say “if”) he cried his prayers aloud to the heavens saying, “Forgive them, LORD, for they know not what they do!” that he was actually talking about ENABLERS.

Not about Cluster B people or those who are prone to behaving like Sadistic Voyeurs.

Dark Triads tend to have a taste for things like power, control, money, and or sex. They also strive to manufacture chaos in the lives of themselves and others in order to alleviate their own pervasive sense of existential boredom and pervasive, utterly neurotic, burgeoning angst.

Talk about a GLOBAL game changer if Papa Francisco happens to come across this article and realizes that the material is not only credible, it’s viable. Restore dominion by clicking like and sharing this article in as many places and forums as is needed to affect pro-social change.

Bottom line, it’s time for Empaths and all neurotypical or HSP people to collectively find common ground. Narcissistic Abuse recovery is POSSIBLE, but not if we as a species elect to allow the broken among us to socially disenfranchise and personally to abjectly terrorize the otherwise neurologically and biologically healthiest of our species so they and a handful of their offspring who survive being raised by them can fiscally and biologically prosper at the direct and personal expense of the rest.

Plato's Stunt Double

DISCLOSURE: The author of this post is in no way offering professional advice or psychiatric counseling services. Please contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY if you feel you are in danger. If you suspect your partner, a loved one, co-worker, or family member has a Cluster B personality disorder, contact your local victim's advocate or domestic violence shelter for more information about how to protect your rights legally and to discuss the potential benefits or dangers of electing to go "no contact" with your abuser(s). Due to the nature of this website's content, we prefer to keep our writer's names ANONYMOUS. Please contact flyingmonkeysdenied@gmail.com directly to discuss content posted on this website, make special requests, or share your confidential story about Narcissistic Abuse with our staff writers. All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

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