Beware — PSYCHOPATHS ARE REAL. They are few and far between, but 1% of the population of the planet meet the technical description for the medical term “SCARY ASS CLOWNS”.

They are the world’s most tragic figures — hating people but fearing being socially shunned by them. Compulsive attention-seeking, chaos manufacturers, one and all.

Most OBVIOUS poker tell?

Terrorizing others, then claiming to themselves be the VICTIM of abuse when and if one or more of their targets takes the bait or reacts to something they’ve said, done, or failed to do (in a purposefully manipulative, passive-aggressive manner).

Baby Snaker Ethics — no clowning around.

Going NO CONTACT and enforcing terms of protection legally with the more aggressive of the types is the ONLY way to stop these jokers from leaving their victims feeling upset, confused, frightened, USED, lied to, manipulated, like they have had their own free will violated, and like they have been bum-rushed by a MIME who makes the most annoying possibly level of SOUND.

They are NOT like Sociopaths. Seriously.

Psychopaths PREFER to be in the middle of drama or to be sitting on the sidelines of drama, injecting unhelpful commentary or pretending to be nice while giving undermining, deliberately inflammatory, or chaos manufacturing advice.

Posing as Authority figures but creating a simultaneous sob story that HOOKS empathic people into trying to help them, they dupe people into showing them respect and attention.

Keeping your distance entirely to avoid being PHYSICALLY aggressed is essential; so is protecting your family, pets, personal property, etcetera if you accidentally end up involved with one.

ASPD is caused by neural limitation, structurally speaking. Whether diminished capacity for pro-social behavior comes as a result of exposure to neglect or trauma matters not.

Once you learn to spot the warning signs, end enmeshment as fast as humanly possible if you have any interest in saving yourself, friends, and family from having to deal with the inevitable chaos manufacture that is likely to abound.

Keep in mind, as the ultimate form of energy-draining EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES,  Psychopaths are MACHIAVELLIAN, prone to using threats of violence, blackmail, or some other creative and emotionally abusive form of coercive leverage to exert their will over the rights of their preferred scapegoats and targeted humans.

It makes NO difference (family, roommate, romance, co-worker, interaction with corrupt civil authority) who they are… if they are ASPD and show VIOLENT tendencies, irrational behavior, and aggressive posturing, they are ASPD-Psychopath (a variation of the ASPD calmer and far more logical minded Sociopath).

ASPD is caused by neural limitation, structurally speaking.

Whether diminished capacity for pro-social behavior comes as a result of exposure to neglect or trauma matters not.

Constantly bored and seeking chemical stimulation, many are constantly in hot pursuit of mind-altering substances in order to provide the physical relief from the constant state of hostile boredom that truly seems to dominate the emotional psychology of all of them.

In most cases, a restraining order or evictions notice followed by due process and assistance from public officials to help get them out of your life and away from being able to have access to friends, children, property, and family is required to be rid of them.

NEVER risk being alone with one, as situational abuse will happen every chance they get to throw shade or to abuse. Then, they delight in retraumatizing a victim by hoovering after to talk down to them, to put the victim in what they believe is their place, to induce fear in the victim, and to provoke toxic shame.

Using mind control techniques alternating abuse with offering crumbs of hope or social kindness, they keep targets pervasively off-balance, wanting to help, resenting how they are being treated, and constantly emotionally, physically, and psychologically off balance.

It takes approximately as long as you were exposed to their maniacal behavior to recover. If you only were involved with them for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, count your lucky STARS.

The damage their mental abuse tactics do (gaslighting, triangulating, undermining, ridiculing, shaming) takes far longer to heal from than any physical act of violence they do to you.

Even if they do bodily harm that caused PTSD, C-PTSD tends to develop rapidly for every person who truly risks remaining in close personal touch with one.

It might seem fun to party with a lunatic when you are a wayward teen, not understanding what the red flags of a personality disorder this extreme actually are, but by the time you pass the age of 28?


Not much fun to enable one of these socially deviant con artists to have access to you personally or professionally. No matter how nice they can be intermittently, every act of kindness or helpful behavior they engage in is for the sole purpose of setting up a social dynamic where they can claim to be the hero while totally putting their abuse targets down.

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