The best way to show support for a stalking victim
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How to show support for a stalking victim

What is the best way to show support for a stalking victim? By believing them and showing empathic compassion. It is incredibly difficult, totally unfair, and terribly harmful for a stalking victim to have to alter their lifestyle patterns to avoid a stalker. No one wants to have to deal with a stalker.

Likewise, only a lunatic would find the unwanted attention flattering and seek in any way, shape, or form to perpetuate, antagonize, or otherwise escalate a stalker’s propensity to abuse while they are in a fit or a rage or covertly acting self-entitled.

Understand that every time one has to be mindful to carry pepper spray, a handgun, mace, a taser, or some other weapon every time they set foot in the house to walk a pet or to have to fear being accosted in a grocery store or parking lot in and of itself can be particularly emotionally traumatizing.

No parent would wish such a fate or a lifestyle on a child, yet victims of pervasive stalking or violent crimes spend years being ridiculed and made fun of while invalidating Flying Monkeys try desperately (for their own best psychological interest alone) to compulsively minimize.

Stalkers acting with a misguided sense of entitlement compulsively indulge themselves in the act of attention-seeking by terrorizing. If someone YOU know is stalking, smear campaigning, or otherwise pervasively targeting another person for control or social dominance purposes, break the silence. Validating a victim is key to literally saving their emotional, psychological, and biological lives.

Noting that the stress on the physical system of stalking victims alone is equivalent or more terrorizing than what soldiers in the military experience while heading out in the field. Imagine if their fellow soldiers were hunting them not only to help the enemies in the field win but also when the soldier comes home to rest in the barracks at night.

Adrenal Fatigue, C-PTSD, and the Effects of Persistent Trauma

on those scapegoats and favorite targets of obsessed stalkers

on victim’s health, financial, and personal lives

Openly exposing a covert predator and making sure every single person they know knows to watch them for caustic predatory behavior is in the Stalker’s best interest — even if that person chooses to excommunicate you from their circle of Narcissistic Abuse trust.

The only way to stop stalking is for parents of a stalker, siblings, friends, family, and co-workers literally to intelligently gang up. Staging a non-emotionally charged intervention and reporting honest details to authority figures (rather than helping the stalker cover-up, hide, or minimize abuse) is the right way to handle things.

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If people de-escalate their emotions related to the negative impact the stalker has had on their own lives as well as the lives of others, there is a chance that a person who stalks or pervasively victimizes their preferred target can or will be willing to get help.

Shaming covert abuse is appropriate. Refusing to offer therapy and counseling to help the covert abuser while withdrawing intelligent social and emotional support is the narcissistic flip of abuse.

A Narcissist called out ineffectively for abusing others by a group who simply gang up to engage in the act of mobbing, shaming, or ridiculing can actually put targets more in harm’s way than if the Stalker was left alone to do the lame $hit they do. As such, if protecting the victims or disenfranchised is the truly compassionate goal of an abusive person’s family matters, making sure the Abuser is calmly called out for abusive behavior backed up with a socially supportive example for them to re-pattern their life after is appropriate to do.

In this way, copycat stalkers or stalkers who have weak identities are most easy to influence socially and emotionally. Telling them they are abusive stalkers in such a way that gets them tons of negative intention only will fuel their desire to continue. Flood them with flatline, negative attention that takes away the social perks of acting abusively to others, and all of a sudden the abuser has a motivation to find a better way to seek attention.

Granted, if they are truly mentally ill — abusing while out of control and unable to be treated, as in the case of Malignant Narcissism — there is very little to no hope such an approach will work. However, if a person acts abusively by habit but has the intellectual and emotional capacity to make different choices, there’s a chance you can break their inculcated personality curse.

For that reason, it’s a win-win situation to even try to expose and go gray rock on a Narcissist. If you approach them with objective facts, logical analysis of the abuse, and present them with an opportunity to make a better life decision by learning to treat and show others respect, you will know that person has the ability to change.

A Narcissistic person by nature (rather than nurture) has a biological disability of character. Unable to change because they functionally speaking have a diminished biological capacity to feel a full range of human emotions, those who respond poorly can be readily identified as untreatable.

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If such a person insists on continuing to copycat or serial stalk their prey after having been publicly as well as privately being confronted by their friends, family, co-workers, and peers about their obsession, chances are they are Malignant Narcissists at best — or Dark Triad anti-social predators at worst.

At that point, working to show social support for the victims of the predator is key — as the victim is likely to have been brutally traumatized by a malicious stalker for several months or several years before breaking the silence actually occurs. People who continue to support the deranged and delusional, competitive and controlling predator not only help ensure the victim continues to be abused but denies the predator the opportunity to get the psychological help they need to ensure that in a fit of road rage or narcissistic fury they don’t lash out and kill their target, victim or harm innocent bystanders.

Smart people refuse to enable because they understand that whether they like an Abusive person’s target or not, that the life they actually end up saving might not be theirs. The life they save may very well be that of themselves, their own spouse, their children, or grandchildren.

To ignore or minimize the effects of abuse on a victim is not only to further abuse a victim. It’s pound foolish.

With an unrepentant Narcissist, Sociopath, or Psychopaths skulking around gaining emotional and financial power, someone — everyone — around them is likely to get hurt or be targeted.

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