Serial Stalker personality profile
Stalking, This Just In

Personality profile of Serial Stalkers

Personality profile of SERIAL STALKERS.

“What the heck is wrong with them?” you may have asked yourself, your counselor, and a wide variety of strangers who end up becoming your friends after being targeted by an Obsessed Ex, Erotomaniac, Vendetta Stalker, or peer group who seeks to shame and silence potential situational abuse whistleblowers.

Stalking is a crime of both power and control. Stalkers tend to obsess about their victim.

They may make many plans for the future that involve their victim [without the victim’s knowledge or consent].

But what are they like, as people? And more importantly, what the heck is REALLY wrong with them that makes them functionally capable of terrorizing their preferred abuse targets and obsession victims?

Here’s a brief list of personality traits most serial stalkers possess along with information about what they may or may not believe is factual or right, knowing reality most often is perceived in a very different way than it is by a healthy person as shared by Prevention Against Stalking, a victim’s educational tool, and social support resource:

• Stalkers tend to have very weak social skills, and see nothing wrong with their behavior.

• Few stalkers see how their actions are hurting others, and they do not believe society’s rules apply to them.

• They don’t believe they are threatening, intimidating, or even stalking someone.

• Most stalkers see their actions simply as attempts to get closer to their target, help them, or to gain their love

• Stalkers often ‘research’ their victims via public records for information or manipulating the victims’ family and friends.

• Stalkers often obtain information from the victims friends, their work-place and from the victim’s family.

• Romantically obsessed stalkers refuse to believe the victim does not want a relationship with them.

• Stalking can be a form of retaliation because of some perceived slight. Indeed, many sexual harassment victims report being stalked in retaliation for reporting their harassers.

• A stalker may be so subtle that the victim may not even aware that it is happening.

• It is not always just the initial victim who is stalked. A stalker may also harass family, friends and fellow workers.

Bottom line, serial stalkers are psychologically dysfunctional, dangerous people. Document any history of unwanted contact or suspicious activity, keep a log, and work closely with your local police and victims advocacy organizations.

Excerpt from Protection Against Stalking

If you know or suspect you are being stalked, take the crime seriously. Document all contact attempts made by the stalker and any suspicious activity.

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Keep an ongoing record over the decades of any suspicious threats or unusual evidence of copycat stalker activity and be sure to introduce yourself to the local authorities.

That way, when and if the time comes that you need to ask for their assistance, the legal system will already have a record that you have been experiencing a problem without needing to overtax the public works taxpayers fund by feeling the need to report every harassment incident.

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