Revenge Obsession

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According to a definition put forth by, “In revenge cases, the Obsessive Ex wants the leaving partner to be punished or tormented.  The Obsessor believes that the leaving partner deserves to be punished or harmed for perceived ‘wrongs’.  They don’t love the ex-partner anymore; the obsession has only to do with trying to wreak continuing damage to the ex-partner’s life.  They will even pursue avenues of revenge that harm their own children.”

Such is the definition of Obsessed Ex Syndrome motivation, noting the abusive and compulsive person with a Cluster B personality disorder holds an irrational, delusional concept they are so grandiose in their entitlement thinking they actually behave in ways that indicate to anyone paying attention that the Abuser is more like God than man — essentially behaving in such ways that showcase their distorted belief they are somehow above the need to comply with civil, ethical, or common moral decency practices codified in most countries and states into actual secular law.

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Plato's Stunt Double

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