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Boundaries — those pesky things Narcissistic and Anti-Social humans like to violate that other people have — are the metaphoric cell walls that differentiate healthy organisms from those who are parasitic or incoming outside influencers.

Boundaries are a code of conduct or an unwritten set of rules which we consider to be reasonable behavior from those around us and our response when someone steps over the line according to Narcissistic and Emotional in the UK.

They see boundaries as ethical agreements; we see ethics by practical logic as well as by physical extension.

Boundaries help humans protect their life, their mind, their community, their body, and they are overall physically and socially healthy.

If you set and enforce healthy boundaries in life that conserve your energy, resources, and spirit in such a way that your needs are met but you are still able to function in society in an involved manner, congratulations. You are a lifepath success.

However, if you have problems saying NO…

If you have problems setting limits…

Or if you have a hard time enforcing a boundary because you are a transactional thinker who has no limit to the abuse you will trade for a prize that appeases your ego…

Understand your issue with boundaries is likely to create a lifetime personal as well as professional issue.

A boundary is meant to be a respectful limit.

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