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What is accountability in legal as well as personal and social settings? The Department of Defense in the United States says it is, “The obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping an accurate record of property, documents, or funds.” That’s a great place to start understanding the term both as a generic term used in common vernacular to discuss owning behavior and as a legal and military term with a proper application in a social compact driven society.

For the purpose of general discussion on (FMD) the key term accountability is typically used to discuss a fact or condition of a person — regardless of their position in any social triangle or drama — being held in public and private light as socially, morally, and spiritually accountable for their choices of word use and their behavior.

Responsibility for self involves behavior management, interest in self-reflection, emotional and social intelligence, and a willingness to avoid gaslighting or allowing the truth in any situation to be obscured in any way that leaves one or more people with a distinct social or legal unjust advantage over other people. Being responsible for words, deeds, and actions empowers victims to own their life as is without feeling compelled to strive to change anything other than their personal behavior for pro-social reasons as time marches on.

People with Cluster B mindsets tend to do or say whatever it takes to actively engage in a self-sabotaging move called blame-shifting. Projecting their failures or stresses in life onto other people, the social predator seeks to avoid taking personal responsibility for their own NLP and interactions with self as well as with society.

Be wary of anyone who uses words to harm or to obfuscate reality. It’s one thing to have a unique subjective perspective in life or about a social scenario; it’s something entirely different to seek to deny or to modify knowledge of or about reality in order to avoid taking personal or professional responsibility for caustic, harmful, or destructive behavior in order to shift blame to a blameless or otherwise non-primary person or peer group so an Abuser can profit socially by gaslighting and seeking to hide or to otherwise manipulate other people’s conception of reality.

Refusal to accept accountability for self or behavior and word choice is considered low to no emotional intelligence behavior. Cluster B people who are covert hospitality abusers get caught by people who know them the best when they are manipulating social scenarios using this tactic; when good people hear a predator change a story or they hear someone spin an angle that might make sense logically but it doesn’t match reality, they [we] tend to speak up for the pro-social sake of the community.

People who are healthy psychologically and socially own their own behavior. Kind people who love truth, justice, and finding a win-win situation way for everyone to thrive in society tend to accept personal and professional responsibility at all times for their individual behavior.

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