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Closure is a gift a person can only give to themselves.

It is not something external to seek from an Abuser or from anyone who abused, mistreated, or socially neglected your hospitality.

Think about it. To give someone else closure they must be willing to receive the gift or information that leads to closure and to healing in their body — not yours.

Closure is not your gift to give. What you can do is offer accurate information on request to a person who has been victimized if and when they seek it out or time is of the essence to bring sunshine into a social place lacking insight and shrouded in dark.

Victims of abuse or social neglect who figure that out — that only they can heal wounds others create — tend to lead a life of success from whatever point in life forward the epiphany settles into the flesh.

Those who don’t grok the gist of the concept are doomed to spend their lives waiting for valid apologies from other humans outside themselves that are unlikely to come.

If you have closure, you have had time to process loss, to grieve, and to find a place of intellectual, spiritual, and or emotional peace with a socially traumatizing issue or the person who left the subject in question feeling vexed.

The subject in question who you are observing while seeking closure is you — not the person who harmed or neglected or in any way accidentally or intentionally mistreated you.

Closure comes with the ah-ha moment. Education about Narcissistic Abuse, Cluster B personality types’ poker tells and methods of taking social advantage of other people, and about the process of healing after being socially or physically exposed to trauma helps medically to speed up the process.

A mind expanded cannot return to its original form. That happens when we are exposed to and survive social duress.

By celebrating all the lessons you learned and noticing that sometimes the biggest blessings in our lives is when God or a Higher Power tells us NO we open our minds and hearts to closure of feeling compelled to seek validation or social care from people who engage in trauma bonding rituals in order to keep people hooked on seeking their praise and their interaction.

A valid apology is unlikely to come from anyone Cluster B.

Closure comes when you realize valuing the opinion of a gaslighter who is prone to abusing or neglecting or mistreating other human beings is spiritual, social, and intellectual medical lunacy.

As for forgiveness — that’s another subject. And arguably one that only has closure when judgment about what is or is not a forgivable sin is between the person seeking forgiveness actively and their Creator or higher power maker.

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