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Education is the propagation of a set of beliefs, or “Propaganda.” It is the nurture part of human socialization, meaning the collected body of knowledge a person gleans over the course of a lifetime — not simply related to academics specifically.

Individuals who cling doggedly to belief systems they were taught at home by family, by religious structures, in public or private school settings, and throughout academic and corporate or work culture cling to patterns. Such lifestyle patterns and habits that repeat in deep thinking processes are commonly referred to as adhering to Dogma or being dogmatic as a willful choice, noting that the more narcissistic or anti-social by nature a person is, the more inflexible they are with regard to thinking.

If you are striving to re-educate yourself in order to make better choices in life and to heal from narcissistic abuse, understand that on a mechanical level, brains have a certain amount of plasticity or pliability if a person is functionally normal.

In the case of people with Cluster B, their brains are likely to function on a purely biological level in a different way than normal people. As such, they tend to be short-sighted, egocentric, and will teach young people the same convoluted social and emotional processing habits by standard.

Learning how to re-parent your inner child yourself without seeking outside validation from toxic friends or family members is the right way to re-educate your mind and emotional body to process life experiences in a more rich, rewarding, and fuller way when and if a person decides to self-educate.

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