How to Identify Social Terror Mongers
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How to neutralize the rise of global terrorism in the 21st Century

The following article is an essay on the rise of global terrorism, both in American homes and abroad.

The key to eliminating terrorism worldwide by or before the start of the 22nd century is to learn all the red flags and warning signs a person or peer group displays Cluster B thinking.

Never let a narcissistic person, peer group, society, or religious culture hold you down. Anonymity is key to saving humans. We like to call our little method of exposing predatory personalities #DUCKHUNTING.

By respectfully (or even disrespectfully at times) refusing to bow down to their demands, overlook narcissistic abuse, or enable their egocentric thinking, humans who have empathy have the ability to literally and figuratively save the cultural soul of all humanity.

People calling themselves “Good Christians” have been busy celebrating their own vanity in recent years while actively promoting their own special interests. Concurrently, they have been giving their wholehearted public endorsement to genocidal and “internment camp” thinking.

No wonder the Pope himself is having a crisis of faith in the goodwill nature of all humanity.

How do they show their endorsement?

Either by stumping overtly for the disenfranchisement of all Muslim peoples or remaining silent while friends rant the same way Germans, most Europeans, and the preponderance of KKK-fearing Americans did while Hitler and his cronies were preparing to exterminate Jewish people of all levels of faith and political persuasion from the face of our collective planet.

If you can’t find a nice person this holiday season, be one — but resist the urge to get sidetracked. Bleeding heart Liberals are just as narcy (and dangerous) as those who would promote gross levels of Conservative entitlement-based thinking. Know thy history, understand the psycho-sociological perspective of thine enemy.

The history lessons concerned celebs and media officials have started sharing are letting truly kind people have an opportunity to re-think their own cultural bias. That’s a good thing, promoting historical awareness and teaching empathy.

But the hardest core right-wing extremists are angrier, more fearful, and starting to promote hate speech openly (again while claiming to be promoting the best interests of their own nation over moral activity).

Why don’t people realize what they are actually passive-aggressively endorsing by refusing to look for solutions that create win-win situations for all of humanity?

Connect the Dots
What is Cognitive Distortion and how does it relate to Narcissistic Abuse?

Why is no one discussing the very real fact humans have been in outer space every day for the past 15 years as successful international endeavors, the world wide web can be accessed from around the globe by everyone, and children born in the last 15 years are going to be growing up in an intellectual world that keeps nationalistic pride low and requires collective effort to succeed?

Children of the 21st century are being tasked with creating a new world order based on peace, science, respect for others, and assured mutual SUCCESS based on space-age technologies.

Why are people raised in the Baby Boomer generation not waking up to the WWII Generation propaganda and bias, understanding that their parents and grandparent’s values might have kept those generations fat, dumb and happy but they are promoting values sure to ensure their OWN CHILDREN FAIL TO THRIVE in the coming years of the 21st century?

Stop pandering to fear and thinking any of us are all that and a bowl of cherries.

Let a person’s individual character be lauded or reprobated. Resist the urge to stereotype Cluster B by inaccurately lumping people with clearly organized and pervasive symptoms of personality disorders from claiming rights to be speaking for a large-scale religious group like Islam or — as in the case of Donald Trump — for the American people and ALL of his enablers who placate his grandstanding, regardless of their political affinity or party.

Plato's Stunt Double

DISCLOSURE: The author of this post is in no way offering professional advice or psychiatric counseling services. Please contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY if you feel you are in danger. If you suspect your partner, a loved one, co-worker, or family member has a Cluster B personality disorder, contact your local victim's advocate or domestic violence shelter for more information about how to protect your rights legally and to discuss the potential benefits or dangers of electing to go "no contact" with your abuser(s). Due to the nature of this website's content, we prefer to keep our writer's names ANONYMOUS. Please contact directly to discuss content posted on this website, make special requests, or share your confidential story about Narcissistic Abuse with our staff writers. All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

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