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Why narcissistic people come unglued during the holiday season

Why do narcissistic people come unglued during the holiday season?

It is called #CrazyMaking and #ManufacturingChaos.

It is attention-seeking behavior.


It has no deeper meaning, value, or significance.

They are flat emotionally and get bored.

Because it is easy for them to fixate on being annoyed by happy people during the holiday season, they are exceptionally toxic.

All of them do this.

Resist the urge to internalize but do take it personally enough that you are functionally able to protect yourself rather than reacting to his need to emotionally and psychologically control.

That is all we have to say about that (with good reason).


Because Narcissists and narcissistic people are compulsively attention-seeking.

The more time victims spend worrying about what they did wrong to incite narcissistic rage, undermining, abandonment, stonewalling, gaslighting, smear campaigning, or invalidation, the more real they make the Narcissist’s projections of evil character onto their own subconscious.

For that reason alone… if you are reading this article while under a high level of stress or duress, please know and understand one thing.

The more upset, disconcerted, concerned about them, or worthless you are made to feel, the more effective their gaslighting, brainwashing, baiting, and provoking mind control tactics have been.

Know that you know you are not alone or the only one, you have a choice.

Keep the faith and educate.

Share some good news about narcissism — like the very real fact that through the identification of the red flags and warning signs someone you may know or love has a personality disorder that is not rooted in any disease.

It’s not curable or treatable because they do not have a disease or true mental health disorder.

What they do have is a CONDITION known as “having a personality”.

We all have one unless we are brain dead or essentially a vegetable.

What they DO have is a personality type that makes them a highly effective social and emotional predator.

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