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All Somatic Narcissists care about is appearance (never character)

Wondering how to spot a Somatic Narcissist? Look for whatever person in the room is the best dressed, brags about themselves the most, and is willing to do or say whatever it takes to make other people think they should be impressed by them for what they own or look like rather than character.

Somatic Narcissists are some of the most mind-numbing people to have to deal with on the planet. All they seem to truly care about is themselves: how they look, where they shop, how much they paid for things, and what they plan to buy.

It is like that empty, gnawing pain of hunger they feel in the pit of their soul cannot be filled with anything other than sycophantic self-praise and gluttony.

The people who wrote the bible named things like gluttony and worshiping false idols a sin for a reason. They also wisely chose to karmically thump people who lie, cheat, smear campaign, or act covetously with regard to lusting after other people’s property or romantic relations.

According to the website Decision Making With Confidence, when meeting any new person or evaluating whether or not people in your life should stay or go, it’s important to note the warning signs a person who has Somatic tendencies is a person one should feel concern over. They share the following disclosure note that Somatic people tend to do better when life seems to be going their way, but fall apart and situationally abuse everyone around them during periods of their life when stressful life changes happen or they are triggered.

Regarding the symptoms of Somatic Narcissism that can be rightly stereotyped, the website notes:

A somatic narcissist is a narcissist who is mainly obsessed with the soma, or body. The word soma comes from ancient Greek, meaning body.

Narcissists are sometimes divided into somatic and cerebral narcissists. Obviously cerebral narcissists use their supposed brainpower and superior intellect to impress those around them in order to elicit praise and adoration. They use their knowledge (real or feigned) and will boast of their academic or career achievements to present themselves in a good light.

Usually one or other aspect dominates in any narcissist, but apparently they may change, especially after major stressful events in their lives.

Because the Somatic Narcissist constantly morphs or shifts their public persona to impress whoever is willing to engage with them socially, they are a highly predictable lot on any given day. But once they are triggered, the more malignant the person the more likely they are to pull a 180 on whoever they are speaking with at the drop of the hat.

One moment they might be pretending to be the most loving, kind, decent, god-fearing Christian person and the next — honestly — it’s pea soup projecting from the mouth while their head is spinning. One cause in the crossfire of one of their abusive temper tantrums quickly realizes that people with extreme NPD [or “Narcissistic Personality Disorder“] and a streak of Somatic Narcissism need an exorcism more than little Reagan did at any time.

Somatic Narcissists are the great pretenders of the human world, fostering feelings of inadequacy or lack in any scapegoat or group of targets who they decide they want to make feel small at any given time. Just as Decision Making Confidence says, “For the somatic narcissist it’s all about the body, how good it looks, what it can do, and how good at sex he or she is. They may be frequently flaunting their body, flexing their muscles, talking about their aesthetics, bragging about any sporting successes they have had or generally talking about how good they are at outdoor activities…”, noting their personality type leaves them thinking in such ways that are socially competitive rather than respectful of others at any time.

The sicker the Narcissist is in their mind with regard to body image issues, the more likely they are to spend all their time at the gym, dieting for vanity (rather than health reasons), or in the plastic surgeon’s office trying to fool people into thinking Mother Nature blessed them with good DNA at any given time. The more time they spend primping in front of a mirror and critically analyzing their own duck-lipped selfies, the more likely they are to not truly be biologically capable of deeper or more reflective thought by natural design.

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When it comes to being a Somatic Narcissist, for them everything they do is based on a desire to look better than other people, to have more than other people, to be better than other people. But they never can achieve the final goal of being better because, quite simply, they have no intellectual or emotional appeal.

A Somatic Narcissist as a friend, parent, or life partner, is seldom worth the cost of their label. The more they strive to be the big man on campus or to present themselves as a “trophy wife”, the less likely they are to be desired by any person or peer group except those exactly like them as people.

If you are seeking to observe a Somatic Narcissist in their natural habitat, look no further than the following places:

  • luxury car dealerships
  • status-oriented sororities and frat houses’ parties  (rather than in academic social circles)
  • running lavish charity benefits where on the elite and prestigious are invited or fiscally able to attend
  • raising money for corrupt political figures
  • church boards and at religious organization meetings or services that promote entitlement values over humanism
  • spending all their own or targeted mark partner’s money at expensive boutiques or their local area’s ritziest area of the shopping mall
  • the beauty salon or an expensive gentlemen’s barber salon
  • the spa
  • the country club playing tennis or golf
  • living in McMansion homes far beyond a single person or couple’s comfortable fiscal means
  • working as hard and as fast and as constantly as they can in order to pay for all the luxury goods and lavish lifestyle perks they themselves claim to personally want or need
  • divorce court filing frivolous lawsuits in order to financially damage or destroy a former partner who rejected them as a spouse
  • at parent functions at their mini-me conformist children’s local private school or college
  • harassing waitstaff everywhere from fancy restaurants to fast-food restaurants, demanding to be treated like royalty while insulting both food prep and service
  • yachting — not sailing or boating
  • making everyone in line at a grocery store wait while they conspicuously sort through 850 credit cards (striving to show off their wealth and prestige while inconveniencing others waiting on them to pull out their ATM card)
  • at the gym dressed to the nines (if female) or flexing in front of the mirror there to impress their friends (if men)
  • on social media — posing for duck lipped or Zoolander selfie pictures to hide the appearance of age in their face while simultaneously striving to make themselves appear to be sexually available
  • trolling for new narcissistic supply sources at bars, nightclubs, using online dating and “hook-up” websites
  • at the beach striving to look glamorous rather than simply enjoying the sand, sea, and natural environment
  • doing anything expensive and trendy (hanging out at local hot spots for rich people, visiting different cities and attractions at peak travel times so they can mix with the who’s who, up front and center at their local symphony or opera house if something like that impresses their friends or paying mad money for tickets to every concert or Broadway show on the planet in order to impress friends by being able to say they were there)
  • attending hoity-toity universities or pushing their own children to seek status elevating degrees
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Regarding the recruitment of new narcissistic supply sources, DMC says, “It is not unusual for a [male] somatic type to be married and have many extra-marital relationships, including with prostitutes. These relationships with many women are often a way for the narcissist to get narcissistic supply from many sources at once.” The pattern extends to primarily housebound female Somatic Narcissists and “career girls” as well, noting that for them, using basic photography tricks and dressing in expensive skimpy attire or sexually suggestive clothing tends to net gain them attention when shared on social media posts tend to inflate they already grandiose egos the most.

Bottom line, the more time one spends with a Somatic Narcissist, the more likely they are to walk away from each social experience feeling confused, unimpressed, sad for them, and themselves dangerously low. Because they are prone to playing wicked mind games with every person they talk to or communicate with online, if you study their speech patterns carefully, it becomes clear why.

The more status-seeking a Narcissist is, the more likely they are to strive to foster competition and manufacture triangulations between others while promoting themselves at all time. The ‘Yard People’ — you know… those BROWN people. That WOMAN — you know… the SLUT. That unworthy, lowly, scum of the earth piece of shit guy — you know the one who is also posting and sharing all those hippie-dippie tree-hugging memes promoting saving the environment and being kind to people all the time?

The person or people a Somatic Narcissist chooses to target for social abuse and who they appear to regard as role models truly both reveals and defines their character. You’ll never meet a Somatic Narcissist who would dare to say that a person like Angelina Jolie is more attractive than a Jennifer Aniston for a reason.

The more malignant the Somatic personality type, the more likely they are to totally talk down to or about any person or group they perceive as a rival. Narcissistic Rivalry is a psychological term for the habit pattern many Cluster B people have of deciding that another person either A) should be socially destroyed because other people like them — thereby depriving the Narcissist of attention of potential supply sources or B) because they feel that the target somehow socially failed to be impressed by them.

Once a Somatic Narcissist establishes a rivalry exists, the person they are hostile towards need do nothing except live, breathe, or exist to fuel their rage in it. Many will actively strive to teach their youngsters to hate those not like themselves, to pit friends and family against their scapegoat target as Abusers by Proxy, or will actually (if they suffer from comorbid personality disorders like Psychopathy) develop something known as Revenge Obsessions.

Fostering their own character development or emotional maturity never occurs to them naturally, nor can the desire to do so be taught or explained to them. Forever trapped in an infantile state of shallow intellectual ability to conceive of or process complex emotions, they are forever doomed to reenact lifestyle scenes from either “Jersey Shore” or “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Age seldom if ever favors the Somatic Narcissist. Of all the Cluster B personality types, Somatic Narcissists tend to have the most shallow nature, so once they chronologically mature and stop being able to impress people with their physical form or self-reported sexual prowess, they all tend to spend most of their time in their 30s, 40, and 50s striving to do nothing to improve their nature. Their only true pleasure in life comes from their desire to buy, buy, buy or lie, lie, lie about themselves and their personality type more.

Their ultimate goal in life is to con unsuspecting strangers and old narcissistic supply sources who fail to break their “spell” over victims into believing they are socially desirable. Ultimately, their greatest fear in life is being disregarded completely by other people, their personal demands for attention, submission to by other people, or opinions rendered unimportant.

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But don’t presume every attractive or wealthy person that you meet is a Somatic Narcissist. The same courtesy of reserving judgment about celebrities can and should be extended.

Before electing to turn away from a person likely to be a candidate for being a Narcissist, understand that scoring high for having bought into a status and aesthetic appeal culture could be inspired by a variety of things other than NPD.

Take Rihanna, for instance. She’s naturally gorgeous. She keeps herself fit. She is seriously into fashion. She attends all the best parties and celebrity charity benefits. Wait… no, what?

Rihanna — the island beauty and international singing star spends her time dating people like Chris Brown. She’s been spotted cozying up with Leonardo DiCaprio, noted Environmental Activist. She’s rumored to have been involved in a wide variety of clandestine love affairs with a variety of men. When she speaks about things like social issues or politics… wait. She doesn’t

Chances are she’s likely to be a Somatic Narcissist. Why? Because she has overtly failed to use her star power wisely.

Take a peek at Jennifer Aniston. She is known for being a “natural beauty” — but wait. She started having plastic surgery procedures on her face long before she got famous.

Her ex, Brad Pitt, said if he had to spend one more year of his life sitting around smoking pot and essentially listening to her wine-fueled rants about Cabo and spas he was going to go insane or turn into a donut — he was not quite sure which. The celebrity couple parted after he worked with Angelina Jolie — the anti-trophy wife prototype, totally a rebel prone to forget to eat rather than to diet.

Aniston is more than likely from all reports and accounts of her personality type behind the scenes a seriously Somatic, Covert Narcissist. As the daughter of a Soap Opera star and from a rich family, she was raised to always understand how to play-act to impress strangers with the help of her publicists.

Behind closed doors, she’s rumored to backstab, gossip nastily about friends and other Hollywood celebs, to constantly be in a state of “self-care” and personal development (but not the kind that requires actual thinking). When her publicists could not squelch rumors that Pitt had left her for her bad personality (rather than to start a new relationship with Angelina Jolie in order to move on with his life and have children), she did what any good Covert Somatic Narcissist would do — she posed in a commercial for a cancer treatment hospital with a bald child.

[All her fans and Flying Monkey media suck-ups immediately bought the nice girl act and once again her movie career earnings soared while she herself hung back with her friends and leaked BS press about Angie’s “terrible personality type”.]

Unlike Rihanna (who overtly does not give a shit about most things other than her next wardrobe choice, tattoo, or singing appearance), Aniston spends nearly all her time basking in the sun, doing yoga, drinking for fun and sport, and partying with her friends at private beach resorts. Jolie, in comparison, tends to spend her time doing homeschool theme projects with her children, volunteering as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, working on film projects that matter with regard to social and political issue debates, and doing things like learning how to method act and do her own stunt work — striving to improve her skill set on a purely physically fit performance level.

All three women are star celebs. All three are aesthetically near perfect.

But of the three women, only one is beautiful inside and out. We’ll leave that decision to call which one is which up to the insight of empathic and intelligent readers.

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