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Enough is never enough for a Glutton

Enough is never enough for a Glutton; and Cluster B people in general and by definition are socially, (typically) fiscally, and emotionally gluttonous. Here is what you need to know and understand in order to deal with that type of person or peer group in the 21st century and polite society.

First of all, if you are reading academic themed material and first-person but anonymous source material on this website, comprehending that it is essential to understand not only what a Cluster B person is according to psychological disposition but also to be able to identify the red flags that can help keep your reputation intact and yourself safe and alive.

For the purpose of discussion, realize there are several different types of Cluster B personality disorders and that each expresses itself according to a very distinct pattern if and when only one disorder is present. If more than one issue with a person’s personality exists, it is what is known as having a comorbid condition.

Comorbid conditions (as they relate to the social study of Forensic Psychology and or of any Liberal Arts observation of Social Psychology and Pop Culture as it relates to a person, community, culture, or era) create the unique Venn Diagram style combination of personality aspects overlay. Overlays create special hybrid types of Social Predators.

Predators who have adapted to hide and thrive among their prey with no person or peer group ever able to shake the trauma bonding holds they groom into their preferred scapegoat targets. One in 25 humans present and living statistically — many times publicly respected and lauded but in private brutalizing their captive children and psychologically and emotionally profoundly codependent thinkers — among us.

Predators who desire to shun and isolate or to torment others they hunt for fun and sport socially. Witness tampering is the ultimate legal goal but the destruction of social reputation and health of a victim of Narcissistic abuse is the emotionally irrational person’s sadistic and gluttonous desire.

The “Fickle” person who Machiavelli described in his classic forensic psychology and social history document “The Prince” are the people who are the most harmful to society in general due in great part to their prolific numbers. The person who once one target is destroyed or humiliated and medically impacted socially by stress and the intentional infliction of emotional distress changes their intellectual attention channel to move on to whoever is their NEXT preferred scapegoat target.

People who encourage their Narcissistic Harem do social and emotional and oftentimes physical forms of social and sexual or brute force terrorization of others. People who they turn on and abandon once the other targets are either dead or in permanent No Contact status.

Fickle people are those most readily recruited to act like Flying Monkeys and to sit on the sidelines while watching stronger social predators tear apart or destroy anyone who they feel like harm or humiliating on any given day for fun, sport, or on a physical boredom and social anxiety anti-social and arguably psychopathic whim.

Fickle people are all those folks who after finding out one spouse treated another terrible abandon and shun or terrify the toxic person’s betrayed and or profoundly socially and or romantically abused and likely discard pile love fraud victim. Enablers who once one victim falls turn their hyena attention to whoever their Alpha pack leader tells them they are supposed to harm, dislike, or to fear and to openly mistrust and to mistreat next based solely on their Narcissistic Rivalry whim.

Fickle people are the folks who show unlimited social support for predators who have something they think they themselves want. Fickle people are gluttonous and emotionally short-sighted, tunnel-visioned, utterly faithless in things like God or any form of divine plan no matter how many times they show up at meetings of their local synagogues or churches in their local community to share fellowship or to pretend anything they study about ethics matters.

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Fickle people are narcissistic and engage in the Narcissistic Abuse of other people due to nurturing — not because they lack the ability to make better choices in life. How do you know someone who is prone to behaving like a Narcissistic Sociopath by habit isn’t? Notice how they act when confronted with an authority figure offering them sage counsel about things like why pesky things like facts and actual reality matter as much or more than what someone pathologically prone to gaslighting tells them while striving to win social control of their TIME and attention.

A person who is acting narcissistic but has no history in the past of physical acts of behaving in a violent manner toward self or others is basically Cluster B lite. Like light beer — less filling, no social or intellectual calories that do anything for a body politic other than to take up space without returning anything that is creative or in any way nurturing.

Understand the Fickle person — when presented with fact or an expanded understanding of a “big picture” scenario they had not previously considered — will indeed have the neurological ability to self reflect about the issue and to make a mindfully respectful and pro-social shift in their errant, trauma-inducing, and or willfully neglectful behaviors.

People who are Cluster B have their personality type calcify in the body and mind by or before the time the person turns the age of 28. Whoever they are by that age in life as a person socially and emotionally is likely who they will be by core nature and impulse steadily adhering to problematic behavior but cycling between heightening escalations and steady decline in neurological function caused directly by the subject’s refusal to actively refuse to be psychologically led or motivated by logical fallacies and their own medical Object Permanence Syndrome.

The person who is mentally steeped in illogical and irrational nurtured egocentric NLP base that reflects irrationally nurtured entitlement issues typically groomed most intensely by toxic and or Somatic compliant parents epitomizes the Narcissistic Personality Disorder type.

Cerebral Narcissists — whether expensive education groomed Grammar Nazis with profound Newtonian Syndrome causing errors in their neurological PEMDAS or a Blue Collar Cerebral who eschews academia and wants to pretend things like Climate Change and Forensic BIOLOGY are not real — freeze their own neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the desired state of psychological health to keep folks vital and contributing members of society into old age. Neuroplasticity impacts the body’s ability to process complex emotion and to integrate the gist of it into the use of raw intellect; IQ minus EQ is neurologically as well as intellectually deficient and likely to lead to profoundly devolutionary Cluster B behaviors.

Remember the phrase use it or lose it?

Someone with Anti-Social personality affectation might not have the neurological ability to “brain” though emotional issues at all. Bio ASPD are born with an anatomically repressed neurological function.

People who shame ASPD for not having the same neurological response to community or to other people as they do are the typical reason most ASPD with Sociopath, comorbid Narcopath, or Psychopath tendencies tend to cause those exact already medically challenged folks to develop intense feelings of dehumanization and anger at the neurotypical population.

Those folks — once they get in a relationship with someone who is an Empath or a People Pleaser — tend to be so wildly grandiose and egocentric that they take and take and take and demand 24 hours a day, 365 days per year “all eyes and hands on them” style attention from their romantic captures or else there is emotional and or physical hell to pay for their well-intentioned Stockholm Syndrome groomed Enabler(s).

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Enablers who are Alpha mates rule the home and office or community with an iron fist. They know their Alpha Predator mate who they defer to cannot get enough of watching people who they seek to control or to dominate in the agonizing ritual of being involved with the Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse.

Dark Triads — people who are Narcissistic, Malignant, anti-social, and Machiavellian — are what they are… puppet masters whether abusing other humans’ hospitality from near or using Abuse By Proxy hands from afar.

Remember Jafar in the Disney movie “Aladdin”? Realizing there are one in 25 people in the statistical population of the earth with the potential genetically and socially to behave like him in front of people or while no one but victims know brings the gluttony issue into perspective.

Histrionic people act like Ursula in the Disney Movie “The Little Mermaid” at their most extreme. Think Roger Stones. Think Cash Me Outside girl but a man dressed like Nathan Lane in drag in the movie “The Birdcage”. Their gluttony is of a Collapsed Narcissist extroverted sort. Think Alex Jones when and if a Histrionic person escalates and loses their social and intellectual marbles.

People who are Covert Psychopaths tend to act more like Uncle Scar from the Disney family movie “The Lion King”. He was fully aware he was a bad guy; him liking all the conniving and scheming to do murderous things and to gaslight Simba into running away thinking he was somehow a bad cub is the hallmark of a consciousness prone to harming self and others by a habit of emotionally hedonistic self-indulged impulse.

Overt Psychopaths, oddly enough, tend to be the most readily accepted into society and socially rewarded for having a big personality. Think Joker from Batman of any era.

The reason why Dark Triads with Overt Psychopath affectations are so compelling and terrifying to spend time watching or around is that most are quick thinkers who excel at using words to harm. WOrds to harm include any use of false or misdirecting speech.

A Psychopath who wants to trick you into thinking they are a wonderful person while behind closed doors they do the most harm to themselves and to society long term. The sneaky behavior that gives them an adrenaline rush at age 3 or 30 releases a rush of toxic chemical flood into the mind that actually ends up freezing their own neuroplasticity.

Every time they take a gluttonous hit of pleasure from abusing, humiliating, shunning, shaming, or harming their targets, they do harm neurologically to their own native intelligence. IQ at 12 in a person who has been groomed to embrace the use of logical fallacy arguments to NLP frame impression of social stimuli make a fatal error in neural processing.

Gluttony is what it is whether it relates to someone seeking attention, affection, love, or money. A person who trains their own brain to gush toxic neurochemicals to make themselves feel good by jacking into their Medula Oblongata is like a crocodile with a toothache — the more of the natural high inspiring drug of choice they indulge the more their ability to integrate successfully into a family unit or peer group as anything other than a warehoused body in storage at some kind of facility decreases with each time the subject acts emotionally hedonistic and intellectually deficient by choice.

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As neuroplasticity freezes, pathological gaslighting and “Magical Thinking” take over the mind of the socially and emotionally gluttonous person. They are the post-age forty-five-year-old people who everyone younger in the family involved with warehouse storing and caretaking them constantly finds themselves telling young to avoid and to intellectually disregard as they age.

All that me me me and “gimme gimme” behavior the Cluster B person shows in toddler years never changes if they are nurtured to believe gluttony is even necessary. What people who do things like try to hoard money or people seldom if ever come to realize on their own is that all that greed and feeling of lack they ho chunk out into the Matrix reflects Object Permanence Syndrome is causing their vertical thinking, feeling of lack, and social anxiety causing them to think Hobbes was right and that Rosseau’s Noble Savages were people to mistrust and to persecute socially.

The most humane way to get the Cluster B person blood-lusting or self-indulging in anti-social emotional hedonism — refusing to collaborate while insisting on competing with other human beings socially — is to picture first a Great Ape beating its chest to show its desire to dominate. By depersonalizing the bellowing and bullying taunts and jeers they make before heading in to observe or to retake control of your time, it becomes easier to say, “You know what? I am not comfortable with the way you are behaving. I have asked you to stop, to be polite, to show appreciation for my willingness to even interact with you regardless of whether I have done or said what you demanded, and it’s time for me to reclaim my time unless you make a valid apology and immediate amends.”

A person who respects your time is a person likely to respect your body. A person who respects your body and time is the only type of person who can know or love your mind.

People who withhold respect and affection for other people or who triangulate and or hoard at the expense of others are not the kind of people in life who are likely to do well in a tech-based multi-cultural social or personal relationship environment.

Object Permanence Syndrome caused by multi-generational FAS left humans perceiving the stable GARDEN program where everyone was welcome and had enough… the place where everyone collaborated and enjoyed one another’s differences as well as each other’s company…. can be repaired using technology now like Crispr. What’s more, brain scans have been available since 2015 that can show us medically who is and who is not able to be trusted when taking an oath or testifying in court.

Imagine — imagine in every high conflict divorce situation in the modern world — if every family member as a matter of health had their brain scan done at least annually to detect any problem person who is Cluster B, to show indication of a medical cause for cantankerous or contrary behavior, and could show Autism that might be impacting perception in such a way that education and a desire to understand everyone’s mutual way of processing the world can be integrated and respected.

Watches have precision parts. Refuse to emulate a socially out of sync, problematic, or broken cog that any social predator or fickle person would admire for acting like a tool.

People who are socially and emotionally hedonistic tend to resemble an untrained dog, gobbling food and snarling at the human hands who bring the bowl. Slobbering and hubristic is not a good look for any well-mannered and socially collaborating adult.

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