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‘War on Empathy’ bad for global mental health

Have you been emotionally traumatized by the recent events in places like Paris — the city of love whose people and travelers were brutally assaulted in 2015 at the behest of religious narcissists and sociopathic predators?

Have you been left in a pervasive state of fear and anxiety over watching five minutes of a popular news channel that loves to fear monger and make copious numbers of ad hominem attacks on targets likely to net gain them the most viral traffic on the internet?

Have you been feeling tremendous anxiety as of late — especially after listening to right-wing news promoting hate speech and fear-mongering during elections 2016 xenophobic and hate speech filled, social abuse promoting political speeches?

Do former reality television stars preaching the gospel of Narcopathic ethics to his flock of star-struck Flying Monkeys make your stomach start to churn in tight and twisted knots while your skin absolutely starts to crawl? Are you in fear for your life and that of your family member’s this holiday season, feeling threatened by groups of overt and covert socially aggressive and brutally abusive toxic thinkers?

If your gut-level reaction to either of the previous questions is, “Yes”, you are not alone.

Having some type of generalized fear of those who may seek to harm others is likely to cause a general feeling of physical malaise based on something called “C-PTSD” — and it can negatively affect your well-being.

Not only that, but C-PTSD can also affect common sense reasoning related to emotional sensitivity and compromise mental health in general.

You’re not alone feeling like there is a big black cloud descending over the earth, ushered in by Abusers but held in place by Enablers.

You’re not imagining things that there is a core group of people who hate happy people, helpers, healers, and nurturers.

And yes — that is your intuition trying to tell you that you are under a biological system attack of sorts, coming from the mouths and writing of people who are actively swarming like killer bees. Your body knows that there is a group of people who are socially competitive, without conscience, and who are actively striving to recruit and do physical brain damage to others by hyper-stimulating adrenals and seeking to desensitize them to the pain, fear, and emotional needs or rights of others.

Anxiety stemming from repeated exposure to traumatizing events or hate speech stems from a profound feeling of dismay and helplessness.

While humans in the mid 20th century felt a certain sense of post-modern angst develop that related to the threat of Cold War nuclear holocaust, men and women of all ages living in the 21st century live with a pervasive dread fear that WWIII or some sort of religious zealot with a penchant for causing discord will steal their joy by ending the lives or lifestyles for everyone (including adults and children).

The fear of human extinction is not a joke (in the Social Darwinian sense). With the occurrence of Cluster B attacks on human decency and loving, empathic kindness coming from all sides in all cultures, it’s easy to see why one country, race, age group, or religion’s constituency could fail at openly embracing any person or communal platform that behaves in ways all humans so easily perceive as “other”.

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Promoting a WAR ON EMPATHY in an already tense world is a clear and obvious recipe for disaster. Politically as well as economically speaking, in a 21st-century world with social media transparency, it’s pound foolish to promote anything that encourages dehumanization of other social groups and (from purely a social evolutionary standpoint) unwise to encourage humanity to do as a species.

Not only does hyping fight or flight syndrome in men and women tend to make them more prone to displaying primal character traits like rage and hostility, but it also hurts people biologically. Adrenal fatigue, stress-related illnesses, cancer, and high blood pressure all tend to stem from living in a state of perpetual anxiety stemming from an abstract, socially promoted fear.

If the world does not start waging war on #entitlement thinking, all cultures are likely to remain on course to reach their terminal end. Start with yourself, rooting out cultural bias and xenophobic behaviors. Teach children empathy.

Look for the healers and when you find them in a tragic situation, celebrate and support them. STOP granting narcissistic people who act like emotional terrorists what they seek — namely your energy, angst, fear, concern, rage, upset, and (for the sake of brevity herein) attention.

People with Cluster B personality disorders terrorize. Humans with empathy can learn how to connect and respect other people’s values, human rights, intellectual boundaries, and healthful traditions.

For that reason, Americans who are keeping themselves busy planning and preparing to celebrate festive American and Christian religious holiday traditions like Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas day are encouraged to include a prayer for Paris in their “thanks giving” thoughts.

Consider the possibility of teaching empathy to children using traditional holiday values to bolster emotional IQ advancing thoughts. Have more than enough food for dinner?

Invite an elderly person who is NOT a family member. Celebrate seasons with friends and neighbors. Have your children pick out one toy for themselves and nine others to give away to those needy or less fortunate.

Consider saving holiday cash and trash by buying and gift wrapping people’s favorite snack food items in gift baskets — letting their food basket remind them how much you love and appreciate their needs and special qualities as a unique human.

Spend time handcrafting thoughtful gifts or handicrafts to give to those who might not be getting a present rather than feeding a greedy ego. Remind yourself and others to have as much gratitude (or more so) for the special moments in life as we all seem to have for the big things.

Work at an office with great coffee or donuts on Tuesday? Awesome. Have a house? A car? A child? A pet?

How grand!

Imagine life without a washing machine if you are an American. Imagine roads made out of dirt and having to live in a house where the only roof style available is something thatched.

The more humanity starts to learn to celebrate the opportunity to live in a world where all dreams are possible and there is no glass ceiling to the amount of joy, love, and possibilities for success achievement we can all benefit from, the less narcissistic people will be able to force our collective perspective away from kind acts.

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When emotional terrorists steal joy from things like holiday traditions by doing caustic things like focusing all our attention on a negative thought as Donald Trump has done by waging a war on red Christmas cups, the more we let people with Cluster B personality disorders win.

Now, not only does every person in the United States have a negative thought pass through their head that either encourages them to feel guilty for not being “Christian” enough for that toxic and dysfunctional man, every person who feels forced to buy their morning coffee from Starbucks business competitor Dunkin’ Donuts, he has effectively promoted anger and maliciousness.

There is no “JOY” to be found in buying a cup of coffee now from either establishment because a Malignant Narcissist with a co-morbid Borderline Personality Disorder stole that from us, collectively, as human Americans.

That’s emotional damage. It’s theft. And it is NOT a war on Christmas that Scrooge McDuck set his sights on stirring up.

What he’s actually done by smear campaigning against Starbucks while promoting Dunkin’ Donuts is declare his own personal war on empathy. He’s done it quite effectively, too.

Ultimately, emotional terrorists like the predators who murdered, wounded, traumatized, and shocked the heart of the international world by attacking people overtly in Paris or the covert tactics of a self-aggrandizing, manipulative, and self-promoting person like McDuck are the same.

Both groups — overt Narcopaths and covert manipulators — are attention-seeking creatures by nature. Unlike 70-80% of personalities on the planet, they are functionally unable to shift their psychological perspective to include caring for other people rather than trying to maim, hurt, socially incapacitate, ridicule, shame, or otherwise compete.

To toxic people who show a predisposition to enjoy — rather than eschew — rising to the top by stepping on or over others, their idea of being successful does not match the social ideal of any world religion, national party line to tow, or idealist culture.

Learning how to raft and latch individuals together to survive the proverbial emotional waters that flood the planet with each assault on human consciousness can help save us all if and when we are willing to make a Kierkegaardian “leap of faith” to extend our open hearts to welcome or include others.

Men like Scrooge or Scrooge McDuck represent everything wrong with the world despite all the honest hard efforts he has put in displaying his own short-sighted and egocentric version of patriotism.

Cheers to figuring out the red flags and warning signs of Narcissistic Abuse with a prayer he finds this article and website and considers the possibility that he is most likely by nature a traumatized Empath.

Spending a few hours or days reading about what happens to highly sensitive children who are raised by toxic parents or malignant narcissists could do him a great deal of good. What a joy and pleasure it would be to see him reconfigure his hate speech and shift his remarks to reflect a coming together or minds, personal values, and cultures in such a way that he himself could finally feel a human emotional sensation of inclusion.

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Our guess is that Scroogey characters, as the children of Narcissistic Parents, learned how to become a social and emotional conformer early on.

If he and his children learned about the red flags and warning signs of Narcissistic abuse and started using all that star power for good (rather than spending time slandering, baiting, and provoking rivals), can you imagine how effective they would be in encouraging people around the world to start recognizing personality types capable of physical violence or who (because they are frustrated, angry, or feeling hopeless themselves) are socially and emotionally capable of causing harm?

If you are reading here and feeling lost because you are living life in an emotional war zone either in a hostile workplace environment, global region, stuck between portals and dimensions while time traveling through outer space, or at home, be grateful for at least one thing.

Like it or not, be glad you have the ability to experience a full range of human open-ended thoughts and a full range spectrum of emotions. Be glad you have the power to objectively introspect. Without those things, chances are you might be spending today living through what hell it must be to be trapped in a physical human body with a Cluster B mindset.

Despite all his fame and 9 billion dollars of fortune, be glad you don’t think or act like an emotional terrorist or ever have to experience the wild emotional swings and feeling of needing to be constantly on a defensive tact. Can you imagine from a physical level alone what it must feel like on an everyday basis to be a person with the negative emotional mindset of someone like Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, or Ebenezer Scrooge from the famous holiday tale?

Praise be to Allah, Great Spirit, Jesus Christ, the Buddha, the ancient Greek and Roman deities, the Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian gods, Lao Tzu, Confucius, and all our collective “Lucy” ancestors for that one.

The rise of sourceless anxiety levels in any person or family who actually listens to mainstream media reports of the right-wing agenda to dehumanize their Narcissistic Rivals is a real thing — something totally non-Christian and against the true spirit of any Christian holidays.

That’s the unfortunate power of negative or toxic thinking.

When humans compete rather than collaborate, only one person or peer group can “win” — leaving the rest of the human beings on the planet doing things like self-sacrificing, cowering in fear of social predators, or worse — ENABLING ABUSERS by deliberately choosing to minimize the health and psychological side effects of keeping people constantly hyped into a pervasive state of fight or flight.

Scrooges — or Grinches — trash-talking Christmas is a dirty psychological trick, one he is getting away with playing on his unsuspecting minions.

Ignore him directly — but resist the urge to avoid holding both the Donalds and people who stump for men like Scrooge socially and professionally accountable for preaching false prophet ethics that dehumanize other cultures by stereotype and promote rampant Narcissistic Abuse.

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