Why do toxic people repeat lies and known gaslighting claims over and over?
Gaslighting, Smear Campaigning, This Just In

Repeating lies and gaslighting ad infinitum is a socially competitive brainwashing tactic

Why do toxic people repeat lies, smear campaigning remarks, ad hominem attacks, and false assertions over and over?

Listen up, because we are about to tell you the answer you wish everyone has told you the first time you asked… more than likely when you were only two, three, or four years old and became painfully aware someone in your universe was using words to make other human ears, minds, and bodies physically hurt.

Why do socially competitive people lie and repeat gaslighting (and/or abusive ad hominem claims) over and over, ad infinitum to the point of ad nauseum for anyone who hears them or who happens to be a target of their hateful rhetoric?

For one simple reason — doing so is one of the most effective brainwashing tactics used by Machiavellian people to do harm to society at large while Social Predators specifically target and con literally anyone who listens to them and actually chooses to believe them.

Brainwashing is a funny thing.

A person or peer group hell-bent on tricking people into believing false portraits of reality is most commonly rooted in Machiavellian social predators seeking to dominate other humans while placing themselves in control. It’s never because the person lying is stupid or actually believes what they are saying.

The mechanism that seems to keep a pathological liar blurting is the desire to control the mind and bodies of their targeted listeners in such a way that the person telling the lies enchants the listener. Think “True Blood” glamouring of vampires victims.

The calmer and more nonchalant that Abusers seam gaslighting into streams of consciousness of other people is by literally theming whatever toxic or caustic spin they choose to hurl through the airwaves emanating from their disingenuous blowholes or GIGO generating Cluster B piloted keyboards.

They use a mix of blatant statements of Word Salad or falsehoods with tone alteration to get their message across. One minute they are lulling you to passivity with a soothing voice promising to be your protector. In the next breath, they are screaming red-faced, nonsensical, blurted assertions you are supposed to believe because if they yell them really loud that it will somehow make lies, inaccurate data, or overtly twisted and psychologically manipulated logical falsehoods and fallacies true.

Brainwashing might involve an older sibling or parents tricking a child into believing they are not smart… or convincing them that they are something like unlovable or ugly. Or too thin or too fat when people are neither.

It might be someone telling you that no one but them will ever love them. Or that someone is really lucky to have them — the predator — as their love interest or friend.

Or it could be a Mommy Dearest figure with a Somatic Narcissist obsession telling her daughter something like that to be pretty she needs to wear make up and be dressed as if she’s heading on stage to perform for an audience, in her own mind, all the time.

It could be a father picking on a son, ridiculing him for not being athletic. Brains might net gain that child a wonderful life — brains that may otherwise have been damaged playing football like an IDIOT and subjecting male children to bodily injury and TBI.

Connect the Dots
Alcoholics encourage other people to drink; refuse to Enable their dysfunction

Brainwashing might involve telling a cancer patient that because a known treatment for their cancer that is incredibly low cost in comparison to expensive and body damaging medical procedures they are offering is not approved by law that it has no medicinal properties. Or that they are morally deficient for using an alternative health treatment to improve their life or their health instead of paying big money to go to only the most expensive and most prestigious of all nurtured Cerebral Somatic Doctors.

Or telling people that every person’s DNA requires the same dietary needs. Or the same amount of sleep every day. Or that everyone works 9 to 5… and that anyone who does not is not a respectable or moral person.

Or pretending people with chronic health issues are as fiscally competitive as folks who have the ability to work an 80 hour a week office, manual labor, or an intense, on your feet sales job. Or that because someone is not the victor at a sporting event that the process of playing and participating in the community in a collaborative training event means nothing without the spoils of war trophy.

It could involve someone yelling “slutttt” or who-OR every time the prettiest, nicest, and least likely to personally defend herself child walks by in school. Then telling everyone who will listen that she is some kind of social pariah or “prostitot” so that no one will want to date or be friends with her from whatever her earliest years of elementary school are, forward.

[Eliminating the competition by shaming other boys into avoiding her leaving the guy the mean girl wanted all for herself single to pursue or the guy being able to put the moves on the girl he targeted to destroy her reputation so he could keep her all to himself without any competition.]

Or worse — name calling someone or profoundly taunting, bullying, and shaming then claiming the target of abuse has no sense of humor or trying to pretend that abuse was misinterpreted.

It could be someone acting like because they do really well taking a multiple-choice test that they are socially better than other people who can do things like actually write an essay or succeed in doing professional quality manual labor.

Or pretending that HOMESCHOOLING and studying classical literature, life skills, and business is some kind of “new concept” that harms children who have only been court-ordered to attend public school since child labor laws passed and parents had no one to watch their children when they were still at the factories working. Then telling children who do not excel in those types of environments that they are somehow a problem, low IQ, or medically socially deficient.

[Misleading kids into thinking that their learning styles, life, medical history, social history, forensic psychology, and genetic biology don’t matter or make any kind of a difference with regard to whether or not a child held socially hostage in a classroom with a Sociopath teacher obsessed with rules and control is going to be able to succeed in teaching them at all.]

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Gaslighting is Covert Narcissistic Abuse at its finest

Or teachers discouraging girls from sciences and math because “boys are better at that sort of stuff” or some equally ridiculous claim.

Or STEM professionals with massive Cluster B personality issues, massive Object Permanence Syndrome caused by multigenerational likely undiagnosed FAS, and problems like olfactory depressions, an inability to see cobalt, and colorblind issues… who smoke, drink, take Tylenol infused products, and who are groomed to be socially competitive… telling people who CAN pass an EMPATHY TEST on a brain scan how the reality they perceive is false because their own neurology is chemically as well as anatomically suppressed.

There are billions of examples of gaslighting strategies to do harm to a mark while inflating the grandiosity and emotional pleasure of Sadistic Voyeurs and social agitators. Gaslighting, overlooked or enabled, causes massive chaos in the social as well as the physical universe.

Research the Myth of the Black Beast to understand how Xenophobic grooming people to believe gaslighting destroys their own neurobiology while costing other individuals the opportunity to lead lives feeling safe and welcome in their own communities. Fear-mongering is pretending hordes of dehumanized Zombies are coming for our children… while we are still not over our childhood fears of the Gypsies coming to steal us away in the night if we don’t behave and treat our caretakers like Gods.

The take away from each and every example — no matter how microcosmic or macrocosmic the examples — boils down to one thing: hospitality abuse with an intent to commit fraud (regardless of whether or not the lies or the gaslighting are believed by a target).

Repeating lies, ad hominem attacks, and manipulative gaslighting is only done willfully by Cluster B people.

Cluster B people are the ONLY type of human beings who show a forensic psychology predisposition to things like willfully engage in acts of:

  • rampant egocentrism
  • pervasive “Me Me Me” ethics
  • emotional hedonism
  • social gluttony

They are also the ONLY type of people to mindfully lie by habit to alleviate their own physical sense of anxiety caused by emotional and social boredom or to self-promote.

Telling someone they are ugly or stupid or worthless or a who-OR one time is hurtful. Twice is deplorable. More than that is not only a pattern, it’s profoundly deliberately non-productive in society to the point of the ranting of a Verbal Abuser being seen as anti-social.

Telling someone that the sky is green when it’s actually blue then bullying others into pretending to agree that it’s green in order to appease a Nekkid Emperor is just that. Treating the person making the irrational and non-sensical demands like a means to an end, allowing them to freeze their own neuropsychology slowly with each lie and abusive act.

Once a bully gets their Narcissistic Harem to say the sky is green when it’s blue…

Not blue-green. Not green blue, Not a greenish-blue hue.

Connect the Dots
What makes a first person source or someone who claims to be an expert credible?

Actually GREEN — a color the sky is seldom inclined to flash or to turn even in part in most areas… when anyone who is not profoundly neurological confused about hue looks and will tell you the sky might be full of various shades of clouds at times but that by and large on any given day the actual color of the sky tends to be blue…

As in BLUE like we all learned was blue back in pre-school and kindergarten when we were learning out colors with the help of Crayola. As in Sky Blue, blue.

As in blue — occasionally named after hues in the sea or the sky as light plays in the color spectrum.

The color the person who wants to force other people not only to agree to say the sky is green when they know that it’s blue but wants them to actually eventually say it like a zombie.

You see, the goal of forcing someone to submit to their will is not simply about wanting someone to essentially say, “UNCLE!”

Children tormented by bullies in the United States are used to the idea of someone getting you in a headlock and holding you down or harming you until you cry Uncle — meaning you submit to their will and you finally give up.

Saying, “Yes dear — whatever you say… the sky is green…” when you don’t actually believe that it is. That’s playing UNCLE with words to get a socially predatory person with a tendency to drone on and on repeating word salad arguments like the sky is green and making nonsensical claims to provoke interaction by positing a bait infused argument.

It’s also treating the person a conversational victim submits to like and end — not really liking or caring about them as a person. Instead, keeping them around in life like what spies and con artists call “Useful Idiots”.

Saying yes dear is not at all what the socially intelligent and arguably Sadistic Voyeur of a predator wants when they use the bully pulpit to broadcast their personal assertions about what they want you to think. No, that’s nowhere near enough for them…

If they assert something false or abusive and meant to do people harm, they want you to say it… and to think it… and ultimately to believe it.

Understanding the brainwashing tactic as well as the caustic speaker’s motive is essential to protect yourself from their socially violent and repetitive blurting.

Each time you hear someone assert an abusive or false claim, realizing you are hearing them blurt SYMPTOMS of their own neuropsychology malfunctioning.

It is the first step in reclaiming any lost time spent believing and acting as if something a hospitality abuser has said to intentionally mislead listeners as targeted marks was actually the truth when it ultimately was nothing more than the social predator’s assertion of what they want you to believe to make their world — no one else’s — a better place for them at literally the physical and social expense of everyone unlike themselves.

Plato's Stunt Double

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