Definition of Jealousy not the same exactly as Envy
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The difference between Pathological Envy and Jealousy

Jealousy is a verb. Envy is a Collapsed Narcissist personality state. 

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  • Children who bully grow up to groom bullies.
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  • Adults who bully tend to envy other people.
    • “envy” defined as a verb, as in the short form of “tend to be jealous of other people”
    • Be mindful m
  • Remember, jealousy is an emotion. Fleeting, transient — a thing in motion and a motion.
  • Envy is a state of being.
  • Envy springs from a well of genetic social survival memories that influence subconscious behavior and emotion.
  • Envy is a state of core nature and nurtured socially Collapsed Narcissist behavior.
  • Jealousy is the act of unleashing Envy upon the world.
  • ENVY is a perversion of a Hyena and Jackal pack predatory behavior related to social behavior and rudimentary feeding rituals within and among the pack.
  • Envy is Jealousy hyperlooping while running endless repetitive looping 5-minute fractals.
    Five? Not 6? #OhIC…
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