Copycat Stalking and Bullying
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Social Identity Theft and Bullying the goal of many Copycat Stalkers

Is someone who is nuttier than a bag of squirrels copycat stalking while simultaneously striving to smear campaign against you? Here’s why it’s seriously bothersome and such an upsetting thing for a victim of an obsessed, vendetta-fueled, rage-a-holic to have to endure.

Social Identity theft of another person’s persona and reputation is a form of Aggravated Stalking. When and if a person is targeted by an Abuser for Copycat Stalking, the Abuser typically (in modern-day) is likely to rely heavily on personal information gleaned about their mark by the target’s friends, family, former lover(s), and social media.

If you are being stalked by a person with an EROTOMANIA fixation on you — or by a person who has outright confessed having pathological envy — understand you are dealing with a very psychologically and emotionally unstable person. The more extreme their personality type, the more likely they are to develop either a paranoid and delusional fixation on you (leaving the impression they have a Vendetta agenda) or they are likely to do everything in their human power to out-do or to essentially out BE you.

People with narcissistic personality traits and a fragile self-image are the type most likely to develop copycat fixations on a person they envy. If they have Malignant Narcissist or Psychopathic personality traits and are Machiavellian (meaning willing to do or say anything at any time in order to promote their own self-interests while harming, socially shaming, or striving to isolate and humiliate their target), they are likely to have a DARK TRIAD personality type.

This is not a joke, when and if you are targeted by a stalker.

People who copycat and try and “replace” another person in the minds of others are like the drag queens who impersonate someone they admire — except in the case of someone having an Erotomania fixation on a target they loathe, every time they engage in something like copycat posting, smear campaigning, attempting to break their victim’s healthy demand for No Contact, or doing anything baiting or provoking in order to gain the attention of their obsession, they reveal everything about their own nature and nothing about the person they’ve targeted.

Copycat Stalking gets under the skin of most victims because any intelligent and healthy person knows NOT TO DO IT.

But that’s where extreme frustration in most victims starts to set in…

If a victim complains to friends and family that they are creeped out by a person who is obsessed with striving to virtually BECOME them, most are told by people who were raised to have ENABLER mentalities that they should feel FLATTERED by the toxic person’s fixation on them.

Here’s the problem with that notion…

Not only does it socially leave the ABUSER in a position of great power — sitting in the hot seat of being socially supported terrorizing and committing extremely sinister and covert acts of harassing and cyberbullying… the victim is left feeling ashamed for NOT feeling flattered.

When an Abuse Enabler tells a Copycat Stalking victim anything other than that their stalkers actions must indeed be unnerving and that those types of actions (trying to steal the social identity and reputation of another while competing with them to be considered their “upgrade replacement”) are anything but deplorable, they are actually causing compounded insult to injury to the victim.

As such, anyone willing to overlook or ignore a CopyCat Stalker’s antics and to advise a victim to not only do the same but to ignore safety concerns and take the abuse as a COMPLIMENT, they are 100% guilty of committing Narcissistic Abuse of a victim while acting by free-will choice as an abuser by proxy.

Copycat Stalking is not some kind of innocent thing. It is a major red flag that the person who engages in the act is likely to be high functioning, yet extremely psychologically unstable. Most people who engage in extreme acts of obsession are prone to violence, both within their own households and against their intended targets and victims.

Targeting not only their preferred abuse target but also that person’s friends, family members, schoolmates going as far back in a hometown as the Perpetrator can find, professional connections, businesses or restaurants where a mark frequents, a person’s pets, and more, the Copycat Stalker is the ultimate situational abuser. Every social media electronic “life” trail of the victim is likely to be hawked, contacted, publically flamed, used to ridicule a target, and becomes a source of contention for the predator.

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Statistics show routine stalking is a serious but common form of Narcissistic Abuse

If their obsession posts a happy picture, it enrages them.

If their obsession posts a sad or emotional comment about something… anything… it’s a problem.

Memes shared by a mark will either be copied or the theme openly ridiculed (depending on the mood of the Copycat Stalker).

Pictures will be made fun of, with the predator making the nastiest comments about the subject then following up with some bizarre set of copycat themed “I’m better than you” photographs.

When the person being objectified and copied is a celebrity, a person who seeks to be more like their idol may share frequent posts glorifying that person’s look or personality type. But when the person being copied is someone that the Copycat Stalker has some sort of self-perceived personal connection with, then all bets are off.

The more psychologically dangerous and dysfunctional the stalker who obsessed about socially replacing and destroying all evidence that their obsession existed is simply not posting copycat images or running behind a person they hate or envy. They will persistently do weirdo stuff like showing up constantly at the places where their target is known to frequent or trying to style themselves in such a way that the mark has virtually every personal detail of their life and look dissected.

A person who targets another living, breathing, human being for complete social, emotional, and (oftentimes) physical and/or financial destruction is not doing anything to a victim that’s even remotely above board or flattering. They are violating that person’s privacy rights in such a way that it’s extremely public.

It should unnerve a victim. Crazy cat ladies, new mates of an obsessed ex… if they have a controlling, hyper-dominating, grandiose personality disorder that makes them prone to obsession and vendetta stalking, they are PHYSICALLY DANGEROUS.

Not only are they likely to accost a victim when and if they find that person alone and the stalker has a chance to situationally abuse, but the C-PTSD caused in most victims from having to live in extreme fear and be placed under a constant state of duress also tends to ruin a person’s day frequently, and can cause feelings of agoraphobia. The additional feeling like a victim lives under a constant social microscope and that they are being hunted for no good end is also likely to cause stress illnesses in the unvalidated victim over time.

Truly, the Stalker is not the only person a targeted victim ends up being terrified of socially; it’s all the Abuser’s Enablers and those who are so stupid emotionally and personally that they overlook or ignore the impact a Cyberbully or pervasive stalker has on a victim’s life.

Literally, a Copycat Stalking abuse victim has two choices — either go into witness protection style hiding or feel the fear and do it anyway. This means if they want to have a personal life, friendships, a family, or a career they have to simply keep doing their own thing while learning to expect the grossest forms of public abuse that their obsessed stalker tries putting out to deceive their own friends, social connections, and family members.

Since most Malignant Narcissists tend to have no real personal sense of an identity other than believing they are better than other people, entitled to bully and do harm daily to others, and that they have the reputation of always getting their way in life after applying brute force to any and all social interactions they engage in, they are likely to fixate from a young age on a handful of people they socially support and strive to emulate. At the same time, however, if they have a psychopathic streak, they will also tend to develop a laundry list of people they DON’T like… and will spend literally decades trying to cause those targeted marks extreme duress and social harm.

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Dark Triad victims end up feeling like Sid's Mutant Toys

But here’s the deal.

When a person is stalking you routinely strives to harass and make threats against your person or threatens you with extortion, it’s fairly simple for an abuse victim to understand in their own mind both that the other person has a serious personality problem. But when they alternate doing those things, then copycatting your every look, photo setting, camera angle, clothing choice, makeup option, dinner option, your personal preferences (as a rudimentary form of identity branding). etcetera, it stops being about a person who is violent.

The real thing it starts to become is being stalked by an intellectually and emotionally dangerous, unstable predator. One who is, for lack of a better set of phrases, likely to have at low-end IQ but a grandiose sense of entitlement that can only be described in clinical settings as they are delusional and morally insane.

That means the victim has to fear physical harm while being slowly tortured day after day, month after month, year after year, and in the case of those being hunted by the sickest of all cyberbullies and Aggravated Stalkers, sometimes decades before their Swim Fan’s obsession with them starts to fade.

Copycats are people who lack a clear sense of propriety. They see nothing wrong with things like identity theft, doing things they know are likely to cause other people duress, or bullying.

Since they are desperately seeking to define their own sense of self by compulsively and habitually comparing themselves to other people, as human beings they all tend to be resounding failures. They cannot find themselves because when they look in the mirror they see nothing but other people’s reflections.

In a person’s mind that has replaced and outdone another human being in their own mind’s eye, nothing short of the death and total social and financial ruin of their targeted mark will sate their need to speak abusively about or to their fixation. They not only want to personally know that they deliberately seek to replace and harm their target, but they also become virtually orgasmic when and if they have the opportunity to publicly shame or privately emotionally distress their target.

It’s not just clandestine stalking the Copycat Erotomania stalker pulls on their victim(s). It’s the objectification and social dismantling of their person.

That’s why it’s so unnerving to victims…

Feeling powerless to stop a stalker with a vendetta agenda is bad enough. Living in fear of a deranged person is bad enough. But to see all the best parts of your life and the things that truly make you YOU be stolen, copied, and made a mockery of by another person? Presumably, a person who has set their sights on pulling an elaborate con job on not only your personal friends, family, and any past loves or professional interests but who is so low and shallow by nature that they lie to and deceive their own friends and family members (as well as the authorities) about what they are doing?


It’s some scary and comprehensively life-altering, spiritually and emotionally vexing crap for any target or victim to have to endure.

If you know a person who is being stalked or who suspects they are being cyber hunted for social media copycatting, believe them and resist the urge to give advice to them about how they can or should behave in order to change their situation. It’s only going to make things worse for them not to have a person they can confide in about their fears.

Understand that when a victim asks, “Why me?” with regard to why they are being stalked and copied by a person who either claims to hate them or is so deranged that they force the victim into having to pay social or emotional attention to them as a virtual stranger seeking intimacy in communication, they really are asking for EMPATHY from a listener — not advice, talking down to, or some dismissive style of “for their own good” education.

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Stop wasting time arguing with narcissistic people

The best way for a victim’s support network to deal with a target’s frustration and justifiable fear is to validate their concerns without striving to change the behavior of the predator. To claim anything an abuse victim does or does not do to a stalker in any way, shape, or form is going to put the victim in a position to be responsible for the actions of a possibly violent, intellectually unbalanced, and morally deranged person is nothing more than abusive lunacy.

When a person feels like they are being erased from their own romantic past, family, profession, or friendship circle by a smear campaigning copycat, they are likely to feel extremely conflicted.

Not only will questions arise constantly in the victim about what they could have done or not do to avoid having caused Narcissistic Injury to their Abuser, but they will also simultaneously question why they drew the aggressive hawk to their tail. Run, rabbit, run is likely to become the abuse victim’s lifestyle — striving to disengage from an entanglement with a person the victim themselves has no personal desire or agenda to strive to enmesh with under ANY circumstances.

That’s why trying to shift the blame for abuse on to the victim or gaslighting the victim into believing any action they take can even remotely give them power or control over their Abuser’s mind, intellect, emotional body, or behavior. Because doing so further disempowers and traumatizes the victim without making them any SAFER.

It’s BULLYING to stalk, denigrate, and commit copycat “lifestyle preference” or “personal image” stealing forms of identity theft. It’s Aggravated Stalking, Harassment, and a MAJOR (not minor) red flag that a person is not simply narcissistic by nature, they are likely to engage in systematic pattern abuse of others with an almost histrionic sense of entitlement.

Who wants to BE someone else? Who wants to look like someone else? Who wants to be known in public for being something that in their heart and at their core they are not? Who lies compulsively and pathologically to promote their own agenda — including recruiting others by lying to them and turning them into abusers by proxy in order to “get even” with a person they envy or perceive to have snubbed them in some unforgivable way or they claim (without any factual evidence whatsoever) has done them… THEM… social or emotional harm)?

A nut job, that’s who.

A seriously squirrelly nut job if they have a COPYCAT theme “Replace and conquer” personality type coupled with a vendetta agenda. Bottom line, the thing that most frequently prompts deranged people with narcissistic temperaments to develop fixations on another person is if and when they believe the person they hate is better liked, personally accomplished, or more attractive to other people than them.

Notice we did not say MORE ATTRACTIVE than the loonie.

Since comparing one person’s looks, personality, or professional acumen is inherently comparative and narcissistic, it’s simply not a smart intellectual or emotional process for normal humans to engage in. Vertical thinking patterns are the root cause of the predator’s dysfunction, so catering to it and accepting it as a valid reason for them to treat other people abusively is actually enabling them.

Whether you are prettier or more handsome than another person…

Whether you are smarter or have a more prestigious degree than another…

Whether you have or make more MONEY than another…

Really isn’t the POINT of being human.

People who copycat to destroy are the lowest form of bottom-feeding, scum-sucking social predators and Machiavellian deceivers.

Not only should they be avoided by any healthy, sane, and rational person, authorities need to be made aware of the person’s pattern of socially provocative bemusing.

Copycat Stalkers try to manufacture competition with another person’s looks, personality type, success, and fashion.

A squirrelly bunch, they are to be called out openly in a public forum in a non-interactive, indirect sort of way.

Other than that, speaking up in a public venue or with the authorities for your own protection. the deranged, malicious, egomaniacs are best left completely socially dismissed and avoided.

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