The Effect of Stalking on Victims
Stalking, This Just In

The Effect of Stalking on its Victims

What are the effects of stalking on victims? The overwhelming need for rehabilitation, report most survivors, noting many of them refuse to embrace the label “victim” out of respect for so many of the dead that sadistic and entitlement-thinking based predators have fatally injured.

According to the Psychology Department at the University of Texas, “The Effect of Stalking on its Victims…” is enormous. “93% of stalking victims indicate that being stalked had a significant negative impact on their personal relationships…” noted the reputable academic source.

Think about what life must be like from the perspective of a person like fictional character Sarah Conner from the movie Terminator. Where would she be without Kyle Reese to protect her? The folks at UT wisely point out a common problem for stalking victims, saying, “Of those victims currently in romantic relationships, 71% indicate that being stalked created conflict in their romantic relationships, most often reporting that their current romantic partner was jealous of or intimidated by the stalker.”

Stalking violence has been on the rise since humans have become more mobile. Historically, a stalker used to fixate on someone from his or her local area. Thanks to planes, trains, and automobiles, the world itself has become more vulnerable. Adding the advent of the internet has given rise to cyber-bullying and mass electronic terrorization of stalker targets — the most socially unsupported of all trauma victims.

UT reports, “63% of stalking victims reported conflict in their friendships as a result of being stalked. The conflict was most often created by victims’ unwillingness to attend social events where their stalker might be present and friend’s frustration because they believed the victim was not doing enough to deter their stalker. Nearly 38% of stalking victims reported losing time from school or work as a result of being stalked. Some indicated that they had changed jobs or transferred to another school to escape the always-present terror they experienced.”

Their psychologists went on to say, “Most stalking victims reported that they were at a loss about what they could do to end their victimization. Most of the tactics they tried seemed to make matters worse.” The fact many stalking victims are legally frustrated and psychologically vexed is common knowledge among survivors but sadly, not common knowledge among people who themselves have never suffered such gross human rights violations.

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“Many of the victims [both male and female alike] reported living in perpetual fear that something might push their stalker over the edge and lead him to physically assault, sexually assault, or even murder them…” shared the source, alluding to the profoundly debilitating anxiety all victims are forced to live through and endure on a daily basis. While many medical professional label C-PTSD errantly (claiming people are anxious or depressed due to sourceless anxiety), those who have been pervasively stalked understand the source of their discomfort and pain. It’s because typically only they and their abuser or stalker know full well the depth of psychological dysfunction in their hunter’s character.

If you are being stalked yourself or know someone who is, read all you can about the physical effects of living in a pervasive state of having your adrenal glands engaged. Adrenal fatigue is common in domestic abuse or stalking victims — as well as for soldiers or people who work in hostile workplace environments. Learn how to spot the warning signs of C-PTSD — a conditioned form of PTSD that affects soldiers, people who have been held hostage, those subjected to torture, and individuals who have been repeatedly traumatized or victimized by narcissistic abusers.

No human being should be forced to live in fight or flight mode on a daily basis. Stalking victims live with ever-present danger. Stalkers are incredibly deviant, dangerous predators.  Show support for stalking victims by clicking LIKE on this page or post and sharing helpful information about stalking among family members, co-workers, medical providers, legal workers, your local and state-level politicians, and vote accordingly.

Bullies in power have ensured victim silence. Refuse to elect any public official or to appoint a person or a position of power who displays a tendency to act with entitlement values or who overlooks the narcissistic abuse of others. Having empathic people in office and leading the world in positions of power is the best chance victims and survivors have of getting legislation changed that protects abusive people while rendering law-abiding citizens who are being stalked powerless.

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