Minimization is Narcissistic Abuse
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, This Just In

Why minimizing Narcissistic Abuse is always wrong

Minimizing Cluster B personality disorder tendencies in order to enable or avoid being targeted has profoundly detrimental effects on ALL members of HUMAN SOCIETY. Learn to spot the red flags and warning signs of a person who has ‪ ASPD, is a Malignant Narcissist, or who is a Narcopath. The ultimate situational abusers, they truly derive physical sensations of pleasure that correspond in intensity with the levels of the psychological, physical, or emotional pain they inflict. Beware of the trophy keeper who celebrates sadistic “wins” by commemorating toxic abuse events.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder relationships might be enthralling at the onset (when a person with a Cluster B personality disorder has targeted their prey for social and emotional devastation but courts them using mirroring tactics, pathological lying, and psychological manipulations to brainwash their new narcissistic supply source into thinking they are the love of their life, a devoted “soul mate”, and they try their hardest to form (for their victim) Stockholm Syndrome types of trauma bonds, but by the time they reach the devaluation and discard cycle, they are simply emotionally exhausting. Love bombing typically occurs only during the first few months. After that, all bets are off as the compulsive predator starts feeling the need to manufacture chaos and see how far they can push the limits of their target’s loyalty.

For people with healthy self-esteem who have a strong social support network and good parents for role models, it can be devastating psychologically and emotionally to find out you have been set up for use and abuse during a long-range and well thought out con.

Men and women who have otherwise had positive experiences with relationships might come across such a joker or con artist a handful of times during their lifetime. They surface in the dating pool but also come after prey they meet in other social settings, too. A relationship does not have to be sexual in nature for a victim of Narcissistic Abuse to feel duped or traumatized.

Those who come from toxic family environments who were taught to enable, tolerate, strive to errantly justify, internalize, minimize, invalidate, or ignore domestic violence, bullying, and mobbing have a much harder time leaving abusive and/or disproportionate effort balanced relationships. While one partner might have all the financial power, the disenfranchised partner may find themselves forced to endure begging for the tiniest crumbs of fiscal or emotional support.

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Self care is healthy to practice (not selfish, narcissistic, or vain)

They may truly believe abuse is deserved because they tried pleasing a Narcissist — an unpleasant person by nature and nurture equally that is virtually impossible to please — and think that if they just keep trying harder and harder that someday their efforts will be appreciated and validation of their acts of selfless devotion will be noted.

That never happens.

We know that’s blunt (sorry). Understand that for a victim of gaslighting, believing that if they did something a little more, a little less, different, something… ANYTHING… that if they just keep trying that maybe, just MAYBE someday the person or people they devotedly try their hardest to please will somehow stop targeting or scapegoating them and realize there is a different way to be. Hence, the need to go gray rock emotionally and wish them a nice day elsewhere when and if they behave obnoxiously, violently, dangerously (in a social or self-harm sense), limit involvement, and ultimately strive to go NO CONTACT.

Understand that after all acting out or attention-seeking, mayhem creating incidents where the narcissistic predator has manufactured chaos in order to control the psychology and emotions of victims while simultaneously striving to self-stimulate by “getting off” sadistically in what’s most likely no more than an effort to alleviate their own flat-lined soul-crushing emotions, that they feel calm and sated. They walk away from intensely traumatizing events with a sense of pleasurable physical satisfaction while their victims, targets, scapegoats, and collateral damage victims are left totally confused, missing huge amounts of time (wasted), and are truly damaged. Unable to participate in life fully with friends and family, many develop PTSD or C-PTSD triggers surrounding social abuse or physical abuse that occurs during the Narcissist’s escalation phases.

During the “Honeymoon Period”, the Abuser may apologize and engage in acts of hoovering, but that is personality dependent. The more sociopathic they are in nature, the more likely they are to engage in using tactics like stonewalling, pulling disappearing acts, or ghosting.

The more malignant or “Dark Triad” a narcy person is, the more likely they are to engage in overt and covert gaslighting, blameshifting, blaming the victim, denying responsibility for their actions,  striving to undermine the victim(s) in an attempt to assail their credibility, and to strive to re-traumatize a victim for no reason other than sport. The less empathy they are able to functionally comprehend, and more entitled they were raised to think they are to engage in socially and morally abusive predatory and caustic behavior,  the more abusive they tend to be by NATURE.

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Collapsed Narcissism and the Toxic Adult Child Mentality

Even Sociopaths with full-blown ASPD can intellectually cogitate enough to understand the concept of empathy the same way most humans might come to understand science or math… but an extreme Narcissist or a malignant narcissist who has a lower IQ or biological damage to the area of the brain that average humans use to “feel” emotions like empathy has little to no mechanical ability to comprehend the effect of the harm they are doing — even to their own friends and family while they are busy targeting outside sources for abusive ridicule (such as ethnic shaming).

Such predators are considered UNTREATABLE by psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals for a reason. If even they avoid working with such people (because as human therapists they end up being tricked, lied to in therapy, and openly manipulated), it’s NOT LIKELY a family or group of narcissistic peers ever help the person get the help they need from behavioral experts to moderate and monitor social behavior.

For that reason alone, minimizing signs, symptoms, and patterns of narcissistic thinking in such individuals tends to become evident over time. As the Narcissist, narcissistic person, Megalomaniac, or Malignant Narcissist chronologically (rather than emotionally) matures without their sphere of influence limited and under community control, they become more and more dangerous to the community at large.

Not only does enabling an Abuser increase risk animals, other adult family members, and children are likely to be harmed physically, psychologically, or emotionally due to being subjected to the Narcissist’s rage or nasty covert and overt behaviors, it dramatically increases the chance that a narcy person left up to their own devices without constraint is likely to end up hurting strangers or their preferred abuse target in some major way or ways someday.

Break the silence. Abusive people will do or say anything they can to re-traumatize a victim and socially isolate them. Their goal is to make sure that a person they have targeted for social and emotional isolation is not left with a single friend or family member who is there to support them heal from abuse or recover from grief in a healthy, normal, non-interrupted way. Their goal is crazy-making — always at the expense of others while they con their way to the top of the social and financial ladder.

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Whistleblowers ostracized, exiled, or punished for revealing abuse

We see the effects of emotional terror on human culture in the news every day. The Bible is full of stories about people with Cluster B personality disorders. Jesus said (regarding people with Cluster B personality disorders), “Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.”

Unless you are Christ himself, forgive yourself for being duped. Get on with your life and learn how to spot the warning signs people have personality disorders. But most importantly, learn how to set healthy boundaries without needing to martyr yourself. Trying to please a person who cannot by nature feel traditional appreciation, respect for others, admiration (rather than jealousy), true joy or happy pleasure is not a virtue.

Technically it’s committing passive suicide. We’re just here sharing a novel and somewhat revolutionary idea — suggesting to readers, Facebook page fans, and followers that NARCISSISTIC ABUSE RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.

If you are feeling hopeless, lost, exhausted, and emotionally confused… check out our fan page over on Facebook. You are not alone, the patterns of brainwashing, trauma bonding, and mind control are real, and people who enable — even if they say they are telling you something for “your own good” truly are thinking only of themselves. If they are giving you bad advice to stay or tolerate toxic behavior, they certainly are not thinking about the best interest of any targets or victims. It’s people like that who keep the Narcissistic Abuse cycle perpetuating. It’s dumb and utterly foolish to do.

All it leads to is things like mass shootings in public places, murders, and even more damaging psychological and emotional victimization of humans — something that in the 21st century is seriously passe and non-PC to actively do.

Thanks for reading. We feel you.

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