Narcissists are seldom ethical
Narcissistic Personality Disorder, This Just In

Narcissists’ morals and ethics are adaptive to their immediate needs

Narcissists’ morals and ethics are adaptive to their immediate needs. Make no mistake about it — it is NOT the same thing, exactly, as simple hypocrisy. It is pervasive gaslighting with the intent to commit profound and comprehensive social fraud.

Pretending to have morals in line with the rest of society in public then behaving entirely differently in private is hypocritical. But re-writing ethical standards on the fly impulsively to claim an Abuser is above the law is another thing socially, legally, neurologically, and by philosophical and moral gist entirely.

Watch for Cluster B people to manufacture what’s known as a High Conflict Divorce situation. They love to pull this type of scam on family first, then on friends, followed by simply pretending who they are on a daily basis to people like authority figures such as Guardian Ad Litems, Police, Social Service Workers, and Judges… the doing one thing, claiming if someone else does it it’s wrong but if they do it, they are to be fully enabled and treated like gods.

People who are Cluster B — the classification of individuals who are socially competitive, typically vertical thinkers, prone to committing random acts of physical as well as social violence — are more socially harmful than the fickle type of person Machiavelli described in his classic forensic psychology history guide “The Prince”.

Sidenote: If you have not read it, thinking through the personality types described in the DSM5 and you are a scholar or STEM professional capable of understanding and using complex emotional analysis to process the manual by gist, you are really missing the entire point of global, pro-social forum discussions between people of the past and current generations. 

A simple review of his work quickly reveals that the person who rules a country or some kind of body populous who is destined to last is someone who is feared and loved. Moreover, that person must be flexible in their Utilitarian aims, with Kuhn (in “A Structure of Scientific Revolutions” noting people who draw ludicrous lines in the sand and refuse to self-educate or to change their beliefs when presented with new information that is valid and credible are destined to become Dinosaurs — trapped, essentially in what brain scans since 2015 have proven is frozen neuroplasticity in their own conscience.

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Changing ethical standards on the fly is common in Nurtured Narcissist types whose primary caregivers, educators, peers, love interests are passive-aggressive or Love Fraud predators, and main media intake taught them things like truth and reality don’t matter. Some are gaslit to believe not only do moral laws and reality intersect at the place where pragmatism meets functional utility, but they also don’t even exist… typically followed by a slightly wide eyes social predator telling the mark to do something like “prove it” or the fact we exist and how we behave does not hold up in a court of law as something that they, as hospitality abuser, can be judged.

Shifting Sands is the tactic that described the Narcissist or social Psychopath Dark Triad uses to keep everyone in their world unnerved and out of focus like a projector beam improperly aligned. By saying one thing is a rule one day for everyone else — then not allowing the same criteria to apply to themselves followed by moving the goalposts to justify the hypocritical predator’s social contract violating behavior — the Malignant Narcissist acting Machiavellian makes a fool of themselves in the eyes of anyone with common sense and or any form of emotional intelligence.

Narcissistic people suffer from a deficit of conscience.  The more Malignant the Narcissist, BPD person, HPD individual, Sociopath, or Psychopath (covert or overt), the more likely they are to do things like make laws they themselves willfully and without legal or moral right then will violate.

This type of ethics — meaning the guiding principles upon which humans in social environments make decisions by impulse as well as by mindful social, intellectual, and emotional calculation — is morally malfeasant but socially rewarding to the short-sighted or only direct contact impact observers.

To someone who watches the ripples in the pond — not where the pebble one skipped across the water sunk — ethics that are socially agreed upon as promoting social success for all are the only type of social structures that all win-win situations and improved quality of life, as well as health and lifestyle, are based upon.

If one person with a brain scan revealing Cluster B personality disorder is allowed the ability to use words to harm, they will, by impulse — knowingly and with the full ability to avoid blurting anything rooted in gaslighting, manipulative, or likely to be to other human ears harmful.

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The type of people who do something like pretend to be morally outraged by their rival wearing a dress with no sleeves. That’s all we’re saying.

The question is never whether or not someone with a Cluster B personality type will do social and emotional or psychological and physical harm to someone they target or who is exposed to something the predator says or does to harm. The question is when — how many times thus far — through who — how many ripples or damage to gossamer threads of the fabric of our ancestor’s progress and our societies have come the person’s mouth or their actions and passive-aggressive willful inactions have overall of historical time been done.

By figuring out things like…

Who is the first person you can remember telling you or role modeling that kind of thinking or some particularly damaging or shame-inducing statement is…

Followed by figuring out who told you or taught you that bad behavior was appropriate ever…

We, as collectively groomed narcissistic humans, can take hold of the reigns of our own NLP in order to hold ourselves personally and professionally accountable for improving the behavior of the species as a BRAND.

If something is not prudent or working any longer, thank our ancestors, explain why change is necessary, and celebrate the progress — not the achievement! By only focusing on endpoints and milestones and not the collaborative portion of social progress to celebrate, people are being groomed to believe the world is Hobbesian — not Rousseau’s Noble Savages.

Ask yourself who benefits from that kind of functionally retarded (meaning backward) thinking in society?

Egocentric, grandiose, tunnel-visioned, socially competitive people with freezing neuroplasticity.

Be the change.

Allow situational ethics to be based always on the highest and greatest good of all concerned — ourselves this time actually included and prioritized over Cluster B adults and their complicit or groomed mini-me children.

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