What is a Malignant Narcissist
Narcissistic Personality Disorder, This Just In

Malignant Narcissism: Extreme NPD meets ASPD

What is ‪Malignant Narcissism‬? Consider it an extreme form of ‪#‎ASPD‬ that combines all the WORST and most extreme qualities of a person with ‪#‎NPD‬ and a host of co-morbid ‪#‎Entitlement‬ thinking based issues. Such high maintenance, insecure, and rage-filled personality types thrive on creating fictional discord. Understand they are pathological LIARS. A few quick fact checks of their stories before believing …

Threatening to Harm Pets is Narcissistic Abuse
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Threatening to harm pets or hurting animals is Narcissistic Abuse

Why do most people with personality disorders hurt a family’s most beloved pets? It is related to their desire to show off their power as well as to force sentient beings to comply with their will. For better or for worse, total submission of all family members — including both human beings and animals — …

Mental Health Tips for Talking with a Mental Health Therapist about C-PTSD
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How to help your Mental Health Professionals succeed with you

Going to see a mental health professional for the first time (or at any time) can be a daunting and unnerving process. Most people do not enjoy feeling like they need to seek out professional life coaches, therapists, behavior specialists, or psychiatric care services. Sometimes, however, being completely and unabashedly raw and emotionally vulnerable both …

No Contact order
C-PTSD, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, This Just In

The one thing Narcissistic Abuse victims never seem to regret

Going “No Contact” with a narcissistic peer group, person, or family unit can be a terrifying prospect to consider… but it is the one thing narcissistic abuse survivors all seem to wish they had been brave enough to do sooner. Do not let the fear of the unknown or fear-based thinking that they have raised …

Red Flags of Emotional Predators
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Getting to know the red flags and warning signs of emotional predators

Getting to know the red flags and warning signs of emotional predators early on in life — as well as developing skills to self-protect  — can help individuals, as well as families with children, learn to be more dolphin-like while navigating shark-infested social waters.  Using methods like creative visualization and GRAY ROCK techniques, a person …

Closet Homosexual Men hiding double life
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12 warning signs your husband might be cheating on you with other men

Listen up, ladies. What are some of the warning signs a male romantic partner is actually a gay man cheating on his utterly clueless, heterosexual, and most likely homophobic wife? Aside from your intuition telling you that something about your sex life seems “not quite right”, there are a variety of easy to spot clues …

The egocentric narcissist.
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Emotional maturity and the self-centered Narcissist

When it comes to ‪#‎Narcissism‬, most individuals who have any level of ‪#‎NPD‬ (or “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”) do not have an emotional IQ much older than the age of 6. If they are a malignant narcissist or a ‪#‎narcopath‬, one can also expect a dangerous level of cleverness to their personality (but with the irrationality of a toddler) when …

Narcissists Sociopaths and Flying Monkeys Oh My
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Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Flying Monkeys ~ Oh My!

How do you know if a person has ‪#‎NPD‬, #ASPD, or is acting like a Flying Monkey? Red flags and warning signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Anti-Social Personality Disorder are actually pretty easy to spot, figure out, or plainly see. With well over ten percent of the world’s population as of 2015 clinically meeting egocentric …

toxic family holiday traditions include ruining birthdays and holidays
Holidays and Birthdays, This Just In

Why Narcissistic people love to ruin birthdays and holidays

People with Cluster B personality disorders enjoy making other people feel worthless — especially on birthdays or holidays. Mean people love nothing more than stealing joy from an otherwise happy or sensitive-natured person. Do not let the opinion of a manipulator or gaslighting con-artist’s angry, ugly, words spoil your mood. Their fundamentally toxic ill-fated projections …

Stalking Statistics
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Statistics show routine stalking is a serious but common form of Narcissistic Abuse

Stalking is a serious form of Narcissistic Abuse. If you think stalkers do not exist or are not abusing targets on an everyday basis or that the people being stalked are “asking for it” or somehow responsible, keep your mouth shut… you are wrong. Not simply morally wrong, simply (per se). Actually fact-based inaccurate to …

Can Narcissism be cured
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Can Narcissism or NPD in narcissistic people be cured?

Can Narcissism be cured? It is a heartbreaking question to have to answer but the truth is most likely no — it probably cannot… and here’s why. Narcissism — a word used in the psychology field to discuss people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or “NPD” — is not a sickness. It is not an illness. …

How do you know if someone has a ‘Cluster B’ personality disorder?
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How to spot a person with a toxic personality disorder

How do you know whether or not a bully (or temperamental, abusive person) has a full-blown Cluster B personality disorder? It is totally ‪ Crazymaking‬ — but truly toxic personalities always reveal their true nature over time. By the time they reach their 40s and 50s, typically their friendship pool begins to narrow to ONLY Flying …

Self Centered Narcissists act like Grinches
Holidays and Birthdays, This Just In

What motivates Cluster B personalities to act like Grinches?

What motivates people to do self-aggrandizing, dishonest, or sadistic things — with their bad behaviors seeming to escalate during seasonal holiday events like New Year’s Eve and Christmas? If you are sitting here wondering why some people simply seem evil, you are not alone. Actually, you are part of the narcissistic abuse targeted Walking Wounded …