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12 warning signs your husband might be cheating on you with other men

Listen up, ladies. What are some of the warning signs a male romantic partner is actually a gay man cheating on his utterly clueless, heterosexual, and most likely homophobic wife? Aside from your intuition telling you that something about your sex life seems “not quite right”, there are a variety of easy to spot clues that may indicate your handsome or seemingly darling husband might be having secret affairs or is otherwise leading (sexually and/or emotionally speaking) a double life.

Here’s a list of clues most psychologists and women’s advocates say all women should be aware of related to how to spot a man who is cheating with another person of the same sex:

  1. Female partners are clueless regarding the true nature of their husband’s sexual proclivities.
  2. The husband may admit to some bisexual activity or inclination but will deny that it meant or means anything.
  3. He leaves clues on any computer or Smartphone that accidentally alerts you to the fact SOMEONE in your household has been surfing for gay male pornographic materials or has been to a dating or matchmaking “hookup” website offering a choice of straight, bisexual, or homosexual lifestyle alternatives.
  4. You keep catching him having affairs with manly looking women or women far below his own intellectual or class level.
  5. Your man can’t seem to stop trying to reach out and touch, grab, or smack another man’s buttocks area or compulsively looking at and or talking about other men’s private body parts.
  6. You find he has a close-knit circle of male friends with whom he is apt to disappear on a regular basis.
  7. His most attractive male friends pay an excessive amount of attention to his wife, even going so far as to compliment her about her sex appeal or figure right in front of him or to make sexual advances when they pretend he does not know or is not paying attention.
  8. When you walk past him naked or wearing a sexy outfit, he fails to notice or show any signs of arousal or interest in you without his own or your direct manual stimulation of his genitals.
  9. He claims to be an “ass man”.
  10. He openly brags about gay men who hit on him or have historically found him attractive over the course of his lifetime.
  11. He spends more than 10 or 20 minutes on a personal phone call that is not in any way business-related; when asked about the content of the call, he will most likely claim he either does not remember the conversation or will say he was not paying attention and or refuse to tell you while claiming you are acting jealous.
  12. His grooming habits change, meaning in some way he either significantly or subtly alters his appearance cosmetically (as in shaving or trimming body hair and or growing facial hair) or using fashion; new cologne, styling products, or scents on his clothing are often simultaneously evident.
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All points listed are not condemning but they are important pieces of evidence that your partner has something to hide about themselves. Legally, it can be beneficial to document a history of suspicious activity along with indiscretions. In the event of a divorce, some states will take into consideration marital indiscretions and/or will allow the admission of hiding true sexual nature from a spouse as behavior to be considered as fraudulent.

What are the more covert signs of gay cheating? Probably not as obvious as Al Bundy standing by the roadside holding up an “erotic massage parlor” sign.

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