Put downs are caustic humor
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Covert put downs and caustic humor are psychologically abusive

Covert put-downs and caustic humor are always telltale warning signs of an Abuser.  Whether it’s your snarky mom or Narcopath dad who makes the cut, a jealous or competitive sibling, or a toxic peer bullying friends and playmates on the schoolyard, it’s never fun. Except for the Sadist, that is — never the victim(s).

People who claim social persecution of others for sport is just a game or all in good fun are LIARS, plain and simple. They are social predators who enlist unwilling victims to play their little mind games on, making their participation level equal to that of a date rape victim.

When an Abuser and their Flying Monkey audience attacks, the scapegoat or target is never once given respect.

Domestic Abuse victims are brought to tears, treated like prisoners of war.

There’s no escaping a brutal social tormentor’s reach — the news of funny haha jokes made at the expense of a bullied and typically innocent, confused, and emotionally sensitive person tends to always travel fast.

Abuse Enablers who take pleasure in watching the pain and suffering of others tend to teach toxic shame values to children from the time they are young.

Whether everyone in the schoolyard rings a victim and taunts or torments or a group of siblings stands by pointing and laughing while a weaker or younger child is brought to their human point of psychologically breaking, the goal is the same.

Torturing a victim psychologically, socially, and emotionally speaking gives the Dark Triad more than all other situational abusers’ incredible pleasure at the mere idea of being able to watch another person gyrate or beg for mercy while begging them to stop causing them pain.

“Say Uncle! Say Uncle!”

How many adult children of toxic parents raised to tolerate abuse by older or bigger siblings still shudder when they hear the phrase?

Caustic humour is a type of humour which relies on witty insults. As is implied by the name (which literally means humour which is designed to burn or to corrode), it involves the clever use of language to convey biting, insulting, or sometimes even cruel remarks.

— Wikipedia

The more toxic the family unit at home, the more likely a child is to develop a Sadistic streak and social bullying mannerism or style. In some of the more dysfunctional families, girls learn to “play” even meaner and rougher than their counterpart sibling boys.

While GUY HUMOR is thought to help young men “toughen up”, it’s seldom productive socially to encourage a young man to learn how to avoid dealing with normal emotions by forcing him to choke them down.

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Little boys taught not to cry when they are sad or upset or who are socially ridiculed for expressing sensitivity are psychologically and emotionally stunted.

Even if they are born with the ability to process complex emotions like empathy, if they are never taught how to recognize what those twangs and flickers of emotional sensation are, they are never able to fully grasp how to apply the use of emotion as an everyday skill.

Think of it this way — if emotions were muscles, if you never used them, they’d atrophy.

The same thing goes for women who are taught from early childhood to act self-indulgent and spoiled. The idea that because a young lady is a female that they are supposed to focus on their looks rather than character development absolutely cripples and instills a completely toxic life skill sets in little girls.

When young women are ridiculed, it tends to be over things like:

  • looks
  • weight
  • intellect
  • fashion
  • social interaction (hyper magnifying issues of popularity or promoting extroversion)
  • sexuality

When little boys are shamed, they tend to have to go through a wide variety of painful socially degrading rituals they train them to shun empathy as well as embrace misogyny:

  • They are called named equating them with FEMALE ANATOMY
  • They’re expected to take beatings in jest
  • They are told they are not a man
  • Their testicles are made fun of for not dropping yet
  • Some form of degrading them in public is usually enacted, with the young man held down and expected to beg for mercy while adults claim the attacker harms for fun in jest

In a family where girls are taught to be nothing more than commodities and young men are trained on a daily basis to be abusive, children and young teens tend to take what they learn about themselves and adult expectations at home back to their school classrooms and their peers.

What happens next is the classic reason why children from good parents tend to be socially traumatized after being forced in a public or private school setting to have to interact with kids who — and this we say in true joking manner — stereotypically speaking tend to be BAD AT MATH.

Bright children are compulsively picked on and socially ridiculed by (let’s face it) dumber playmates. Then, as a result of abuse, those same bright kids develop passive-aggressive coping skills.

It’s a vicious circle of abuse, one few personality types can escape.

The Somatic Narcissist kids bully others over things like what they look like and whether or not someone’s family has enough money to purchase designer labels. The Cerebral Narcissists grow up to be mean-ass things like unsympathetic doctors and bloodthirsty lawyers.

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The Overt Narcissists tend to run the school cliques. The Covert Narcissists socially support the stronger predators, acting like Abusers by Proxy at their behest.

The Narcopaths tend to be loud, boisterous, and roam the school halls. They are the most likely to walk by the weakest child and do something like pants him or give him a swirlie as part of celebrating their own physical and social prowess. Letterman’s jackets or a massive heavy metal t-shirt collection these guys tend to have, one and all.

The more Machiavellian types tend to start all the nastiest rumors about their perceived social rivals at school. If a little girl is prettier than them, for instance, a cheerleader might start a horrible rumor that the girl is a slut — and will threaten to ruin the social reputation of any boy or any other young lady who is nice to her in private or in public.

The criminal minds we all remember from high school… you know. The vandals, the vagrants, the drug dealers, the dropouts who get in frequent trouble with the law? They are exactly the same personality type people might expect them to be when and if you run into them at a high school reunion 15 years later.

Bottom line, if someone was mean to peers by the time they were in second or third grade and they grow up finding bully humor funny, chances are they are being socially trained at home to emulate a person or toxic peer group led by people who are easily diagnosed with personality disorders.

Caustic humor — jokes made at the expense of one person or a stereotype for the pleasure and idle amusement of Sadists — is just that. CAUSTIC.

Socially, the practice of using mean words to break spirit before bone has little to no positive psychological or physiological effects on anyone. Both targets and perpetrators are always harmed.

People who are mean, make fun of others, or who take pleasure in other people’s pain are a rare breed — but their numbers are growing, thanks in great part to socially enabling Narcissistic Abuse in modern culture. That’s not to say bullies have not always existed. It IS to say that as of 2015, research studies from around the world show a dramatic rise in Cluster B personality types statistically by number.

With over 4% of the global population having Anti-Social Personality disorder now and more than 6% suspected of having full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the enabling of caustic humor by family members, school teachers, peer groups, and in workplace cultures bear examination.

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Since Scientists and mental health experts already know that trauma experienced at young ages tends to ignite ASPD, PTSD, C-PTSD, and nurture personality disorder formation, it seems absolutely FOOLISH to allow young children to be taunted, made to feel powerless, taught to feel toxic shame, or to be forced to endure a Sadist’s pranks simply because the parent themselves were forced as young children to learn to tolerate, overlook, or enact the same or similar abuses.

Why on earth would a healthy parent delight in their child’s shame or pain? Laughing at a bullied child is exactly what a person with a sadistic streak does.

It’s the JACKASS MOVIE mentality.

It’s crap.

It’s dangerous to promote laughing at other people in physical pain. It’s even more dangerous to teach children that other human being’s emotional or psychological pain is some sort of reward for a bully.

Bullies treat tears of their victims like skeeball tickets. They act like life is Chucky Cheese and they get toys, bragging rights, and prizes the more cries of physical pain or shame they forcibly elicit from their targeted victims.

Never mind the more complex karma issues caused for children and adults who are desensitized to abuse and prone to overlooking when and if another person has been targeted. Life has a way of twice punishing those individuals for failing to do the right thing by standing up to protect a victim.

Kids who are mean and think being mean to others is fun and funny have sick personality types. They grow up to be covert, situational abusers with overt streaks of anti-social malice.

Think words don’t matter — or that sticks and stones may break a domestic abuse or crime victim’s bones but that name-calling them or socially shunning them will never hurt them? Then you are an IDIOT, plain and simple.

And yes, we’re name-calling. And NO — we are NOT joking in any way, shape, or form about it.

Get help because bottom line, chances are you were either born lacking the ability to psychologically process complex emotions like empathy and you’ve fundamentally missed the boat with regard to being a full-fledged human being or you were raised by a pack of Cluster B jackals.

Either way, you might want to consider entering both behavioral modification training and some seriously intense Psychotherapy to figure out the root cause of why you find witnessing or causing other people’s pain or distress entertaining in some way or at all (for yourself alone) pleasurable and funny.

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