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Malignant Narcissism: Extreme NPD meets ASPD

What is Malignant Narcissism‬? Consider it an extreme form of ‪#‎ASPD‬ that combines all the WORST and most extreme qualities of a person with ‪#‎NPD‬ and a host of co-morbid ‪#‎Entitlement‬ thinking based issues.

Such high maintenance, insecure, and rage-filled personality types thrive on creating fictional discord. Understand they are pathological LIARS. A few quick fact checks of their stories before believing them almost ALWAYS produces a paper trail of malfeasance.

Know the warning signs and get out while you still can. Any contact or direct exposure these individuals have with targets, scapegoats, and family members inevitably leads to direct harm being done to others by them. This is one of the FEW known personality types on earth who will lie, cheat, steal, and worse with absolutely zero remorse.

Always remember to exude an aura of confidence in human trustworthiness but verify, verify, verify. 

In an article by Psychology Today about covert narcissists who regard themselves as Puppet Masters who pull strings, the web source shared the following personality profile of Malignant Narcissism as an act of seditious emotional terrorism (in essence). They describe witnessing the phenomenon as follows:

They pull on your strings to make you believe in them, follow them, and act on their behalf. Their grandiosity and sense of entitlement has no bounds which, when coupled with their ability to manipulate others, shocks us. They can be arrested snorting coke but still get reelected (e.g., Marion Barry); in high office they get charged with corruption yet manage to snag television time (think of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich; they start wars with the ease of one starting a shower (think Saddam Hussein), or they become captains of industry (e.g., Jeffrey Skilling), at the expense of those who must be servile at all times to them.

Obviously, by noting the connection to the behavior of well-known public figures helps domestic abuse victims both learn how to identify abuse and (eventually) learn to depersonalize in order to emotionally, physically, and psychologically recover.

Narcissistic people who are Malignant Narcissists combine the most successful predatory skills of all the Cluster B personality disorders. These crafty domestic despots love to dominate narcissistic family units while effectively breeding and cultivating new mini-me versions of themselves as well as producing narcissistic supply scapegoats.

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For whatever reason, Narcissistic people don’t do the logical thing (and sterilize themselves by having tubal ligation surgery or a vasectomy depending on gender specificity). Despite their egocentric nature, most insist on having children.

Normal people whose personality and temperament land them in the 80 percent use birth control. If they are in a bad marriage or are unhappy in their personal lives, they know to bring a new child into a toxic environment or to sate their own personal needs for companionship and devotional attention would be both ego-centered and cruel, abusive punishment for an innocent.

Ego driven people will breed recklessly without regard for the child, the community at large, or the environmental and social health of the planet. When the personality types collide and become fully formed Malignant Narcissism, self is always at the core of why MNs “do” anything for themselves or anyone else.

If they love to cook no one else will be allowed in the kitchen. Meals will be provided whether a person or child wants what is being served to eat or not. The MN will then grandstand complaining about how they “slave” for others — when in fact they are doing exactly what they want to do… cook, as boredom relieving hobbies. Their “chores” include exactly what they like doing to keep themselves entertained or amused. It does not matter if MN mom cleans the house compulsively or MN dad obsesses about weeds and the grass height in the yard he wants to mow. It’s all about them — no matter who else is affected.

Once you realize that a parent, partner, friend turned “frienemy”, terrible boss or angry co-worker is a Malignant Narcissist, life gets easier. Why? Because the one thing they actually get right is promoting the fact that in their mind Galileo was WRONG. In their mind, the world revolves around the MN. And in that understanding, victims of their meddling, narcissistic, and pervasively toxic narcissistic abuse can give themselves permission to ease up on trying to rationalize how to get along with a person whose true needs are for attention — not anything else they conspicuously demand.

Malignant Narcissists, according to technical specifications, are Extreme Narcissists (on the scale of Narcissistic Personality Disorder a.k.a. NPD) with anti-social personality tendencies. Due to their ability to caretake animals, children, and pets with some degree of emotional interest, they technically don’t meet diagnostic criteria for having full-blown and comorbid ASPD, but so many similar tendencies and emotional vacuous nature is present that the terms are often seen mentioned in psychological journals and self-help articles concurrently.

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It’s important to distinguish Narcopaths from Malignant Narcissists as the conditions really do vary according to DSM-5 spectral assessment. Personality disorders range in type of classification grouped by type with the most socially destructive being grouped together under the umbrella term Cluster B.

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