How do you know if someone has a ‘Cluster B’ personality disorder?
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How to spot a person with a toxic personality disorder

How do you know whether or not a bully (or temperamental, abusive person) has a full-blown Cluster B personality disorder? It is totally ‪ Crazymaking‬ — but truly toxic personalities always reveal their true nature over time. By the time they reach their 40s and 50s, typically their friendship pool begins to narrow to ONLY Flying Monkeys or people who — like them — have similarly toxic family units they themselves have cultivated, conditioning children to be “People Pleasers” with Stockholm Syndrome or taking after their own Cluster B natures.

Technically speaking, time will tell all about these characters. All you can do is pay attention to the patterns, monitor the person’s “acting out” or smear-campaigning behavior, give it time, and wait. If someone truly is dysfunctional or evil to the core, eventually they will be unable to control their own impulses to such a degree that socially at the very least close friends, family, and co-workers will not be able to “un-see” what they know to be red flags and warning signs of personality disorders. 

A massive set of red flag issues is drug or alcohol abuse, drug addiction, any form of domestic violence, road rage, and academic or workplace bullying issues. Over time, pay attention to court records (both civil and criminal) and be sure to check multiple states and counties where the person in question is known to frequent, reside, or travel. 

Peer groups who have addictions issues typically are not on the ball or savvy enough to comprehend the depth of evil or harm such people can do. If they get off the sauce and uncloud their mind and if they are average people they will quickly learn how to distance themselves. If they are LUCKY, they will be able to escape narcissistic rage.

The unlucky ones?

The Flying Monkeys and other enabling “Cluster B groupies”  who minimize the impact of behavior on victims and any subtle or glaring red-flag warning signs their person of interest displays?

Those are the people one sees in the headlines — typically ending up in jail or linked to some other malfeasance related to manufactured chaos — a specialty of the Cluster B person to create.

It is all part of the SOCIAL SPHERE OF INFLUENCE of the egocentric.

Connect the Dots
Mean people suck then demand nice people swallow

The ‪#‎NARCISSISTICCYCLEOFABUSE‬ hurts friends, family, community, and affects every neighborhood around the world.

Your silence is an emotional terrorist’s BEST WEAPON.

Break the silence, educate friends and family, and keep living YOUR life. It is never FAIR and there is seldom legal JUSTICE — but take comfort and solace in the fact they have to live with themselves.

Be yourself and be THANKFUL for your own space, emotional safety, and cognitive “gray rock” ability to de-personalize their vicious attacks. You will know you are healed FULLY when you can look at the person, spot the warning signs of CLUSTER B MANIPULATION, and see them for the circus monkeys they are…

Remember — their PRIMARY goal is to have absolute power at all times over your intellect and emotions. They strive to estrange you from friends, family, and community, and to cripple you physically, spiritually, and financially.

Attitude is EVERYTHING. Abusive people think they are constantly under attack and act offensively in an effort to protect themselves while enjoying the sadistic torture of others. 

They only “win” when you stop talking… when you stop being yourself. Basically, they only win when you stop living. 

Learning how to identify and depersonalize Narcissistic Abuse can help reduce the brainwashing and mind-control affect a person with a Cluster B personality disorders chooses for fun and sport to abuse. If your spider senses have led you to this page, trust them.

People with Cluster B personality disorders are socially, physically, financially, and emotionally dangerous to any and all scapegoats, targets, and collateral damage victims. They also have a profoundly traumatizing impact on family members as well as children.

Plato's Stunt Double

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