Self Centered Narcissists act like Grinches
Holidays and Birthdays, This Just In

What motivates Cluster B personalities to act like Grinches?

What motivates people to do self-aggrandizing, dishonest, or sadistic things — with their bad behaviors seeming to escalate during seasonal holiday events like New Year’s Eve and Christmas? If you are sitting here wondering why some people simply seem evil, you are not alone. Actually, you are part of the narcissistic abuse targeted Walking Wounded — those 80 to 90 percent of people who (like others) have the ability to experience a full range of emotions and actually have a little something-sumthin called EMPATHY. Here is a hint — the more egocentric a person is by nature, the less they are likely to nurture it in their own children or have it for others. The one thing all narcy people seem to have in common is they act like Grinches.

People with Cluster B personality disorders have emotionally limited to no social and emotional IQs aside from conning. As a result, they are simply not motivated by the same emotional rewards mechanisms or things as “80 percenters”. Their goal in any social interaction is to win at all costs. Sadly, very few — if any — people are actually ever aware we have been forcibly sucked into their projection and are seen as threats, the “enemy”, or competition.

People with higher than normal emotional sensitivity and “People Pleasers” with healthy levels of confidence and self-esteem are their preferred “Narcissistic Supply Source”. Feeding their selfish and self-aggrandizing egos in a surprising number of caustic ways, it is the mere fact targets breathe and exist that causes the bullish or raging Narcissist to go on the attack in an attempt to dominate.

To them, the personal attention we pay to them is like a food source. It actually gets emotional vampires and other people high on an endorphin rush when and if anyone makes them the center of attention. It never seems to matter that most of the time their abuse targets are not even aware that they have been participating in what the abnormal personality sees as a perpetual cat-and-mouse style of brainwashing, traumatizing, blame-shifting and victimizing mind game.

Representing well over 10% of the world population, one of the biggest POKER TELL REVEALS that a person has a malignant personality disorder is they cannot control their urges to stalk, harass, smear campaign, pathologically lie, rage, blame-shift, and SHAME. They believe they are entitled to harm, steal, lie, cheat, destroy, savage, or maim.

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Don’t fall for the bait. What once was love bombing and hoovering is the SAME.

The opposite of love is indifference. Think about how the Grinch consistently felt about Who people. He could not mention the name of a happy, kind, or loving person without sneering with contempt. He blamed every bad Who’s misdeeds against him on everyone rather than properly compartmentalizing abuse into the category of disliking his abuser and truly being hurt by Flying Monkeys enabling, ridiculing and sadistically enjoying his having been tormented unfairly.

Some people who are targeted for scapegoating and bullying become People Pleasers — trying desperately to get other people to understand the error of their social misdeeds. Others turn out to be Grinches — their only goal in life to self-soothe emotional neglect and nursing wounds by striving to become the bigger, badder, nastiest bully.

If someone just won’t let it GO, they are still emotionally consumed with jealousy, spite, malice, and hate based on being REJECTED SUITORS. Document evidence of stalking and abuse, keep your local authorities informed, and do whatever it takes to get your message across that you are NOT INTERESTED. Move away. Change your name. Go underground. Change your lifestyle ENTIRELY to avoid confrontation and keep yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually safe.

Here are a few fast facts to learn about stalking and stalkers — especially those who tend to escalate around triggering events like life stage changes, holidays, commemorative events, special occasions, and birthdays.  Victim and witness silence empowers these sorts of individuals, so read the following notes with an open mind, heart, and wise ear:

  • The more extreme the personality’s dysfunction, the longer they tend to obsess while desperately seeking to invalidate.
  • Typically people with mild Cluster B personality disorders might make life tough on a target for a few weeks or months.
  • Those with more toxic personality issues tend to drag out breakups and file frivolous lawsuits — so if you have children in common with one, expect at least 1-3 years of legal busywork.
  • Obsessed vendetta stalkers or egomaniacs with fixations on targets are arguably some of the most physically and socially dangerous of all the predatory personalities; they covertly and oftentimes overtly hunt down, harass, smear campaign, or otherwise socially and emotionally traumatize their favorite victims for years. 
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If you suspect you are being stalked, reach out to your local authorities and ask them to put you directly in touch with a victim’s advocate who specialized in helping those who are being pervasively stalked. Make sure any person you choose to work with is well-trained to work with those who are victims of people with Cluster B personality disorders and C-PTSD issues.

Simply having an advocate go with you to court can help enormously, as they know exactly what you are going through if they themselves or any of their clients have been abused. Don’t let grinches bully YOU into silence.

While Dr. Suess wrote a happy ending to his “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” story, it is important to understand that even a Grinch can change. Sadly, if a person truly has a mix of Cluster B personality types prone to doing dastardly things like pathological lying, manipulating, lashing out with malice at those who hurt them, or worse — GASLIGHTING while striving to isolate, shame, and estrange their targeted victims, they are most likely Malignant Narcissists. Such people cannot be helped or treated by the most effective of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists because NPD and ASPD people are fundamentally incapable of change.

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DISCLOSURE: The author of this post is in no way offering professional advice or psychiatric counseling services. Please contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY if you feel you are in danger. If you suspect your partner, a loved one, co-worker, or family member has a Cluster B personality disorder, contact your local victim's advocate or domestic violence shelter for more information about how to protect your rights legally and to discuss the potential benefits or dangers of electing to go "no contact" with your abuser(s). Due to the nature of this website's content, we prefer to keep our writer's names ANONYMOUS. Please contact directly to discuss content posted on this website, make special requests, or share your confidential story about Narcissistic Abuse with our staff writers. All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

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