The Study of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorders is not new. All the ancient civilization and myths traditions have offered warning advice about how to deal with social predators. Thanks to new advances in science and technology, finally human beings have a chance not only to be mindful about how they think but there is hope for a brighter future that includes all personality types in gaining ground using techniques learned during forward-thinking socialization without the toxic shame hindrance of striving for forced assimilation.
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Neuroanatomy and the study of Narcissistic behavior

Neuroanatomy is not a boring subject to research; neither is the study of narcissistic behavior and/or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It is smart, healthy, and socially prudent.

The human mind has been evolving over time, and science can trace back its development only in the periphery. As such, studying the evolution of brain function is a newly developing research field — one that includes Forensic Psychology studies.

The study of Narcissism, Psychopathology, and Sociopathy has fascinated Cultural Anthropologists, Religious Theologians, Folklorists, and Historians for years but until now, humankind did not have scientific tools available to them that would allow the anatomical state of the brain to be studied in a way that was functionally relevant.

Thanks to developments in brain studies made in 2015 especially, modern medical professionals and mental health care workers are inevitably going to be forced to rethink what they know about both brain function and personality disorders.

When making a career decision about whether or not to go into a field that studies Psychology or Science (from an academic perspective), students in the 21st century have so much more emerging field coursework to study that the possibility of a person making great research discoveries in the coming century has odds in their favor.

Those who have an interest in learning more about the nature of narcissistic behavior have multiple ways to approach their studies including anatomical, social, historical, archeological, anthropological, from a psychiatric perspective, from a legal angle relating to Criminal Justice and more.

The hindbrain, midbrain, and forebrain are all subjects of hot debate medically, psychologically, and philosophically. Not only do students of modern science have a chance to get to observe actions of a human who displays normal behavior, but the deviations in people with personality disorders or other medical conditions like Down’s Syndrome or Autism are fascinating areas of study.

Even Doctors of Divinity, Philosophers, and Theologians are fascinated with the topics as general concepts when questions like “Do humans have a Soul?”, “What does it mean to be sentient?”, “Are we predestined to have a personality type or are our preferences truly nurtured?” arise, including the famous question about if there is a seat of the soul in the body, then where is it located?

Some postulations have been made as of late that suggests the Medulla Oblongata may have something to do with a human’s functional ability to think rationally or irrationally depending on excitability or anger in a subject.

There have also been a number of discussions about the Pineal Gland that (oddly enough) has a resemblance to ancient assertions about humans having a “third eye” perspective.

Narcissistic behavior includes pathological lying.

Forensic psychology can include not only the study of brain and personality development but also has given rise to new fields of the legitimate scientific study of body postures, covertly narcissistic behaviors, and microexpressions.

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Long past are the days when anyone discussing these topics in self-help groups is being made fun of or disenfranchised for suggesting people with Cluster B personality disorders are psychic vampires. Many new debates are starting to happen among mental health professionals relating to mindfulness and its impact on behavior as well as emotional processes.

Once again, oddly enough Quantum Physicists doing particle research are finally starting to have the right mechanical tools to test things first postulated nearly 2500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ in Ancient Greece.

Concepts ancient civilizations were discussing long before and most likely will still be debated well past the 21st century.

In an article titled “Brain Awareness Week 2015: How Brain Research Has Progressed, And Ways You Can Enhance Cognition”, Medical Daily points out that studies of brain age are not only helping the elderly.

By learning all we can about how the brain functions over a human life experience, we’re making strides as humans that hopefully will someday allow humans to be taught socially techniques that not only prolong physical health but improve cognitive function over the duration of their life path history.

On this topic, the medical-based web source further shares, “The World Health Organization classifies dementia as “a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior, and the ability to perform everyday activities.”

For the first time in human history, it can finally be asserted by Empaths and Scientists alike that there is a legitimate problem affecting human beings as they are aging. A credibly evidenced 47.5 million people exhibit signs of suffering from dementia;  sadly, that number continues to rise, noting there are approximately 7.7 million new cases reported to medical health care providers, Neurologists, and Psychiatrists each year.

The scientific revelation of sorts has already arrived via Thomas Kuhn’s “Structure of Scientific Revolution” style, noting the following sentence published by the web journals stands as an anomalous admission of sorts. By sharing the scientific insight, “Despite the number of cases among older adults, it’s not a normal part of aging.” the source both confirms the suspicions of all empathic people who have been preaching to deaf eared masses for the better part of 60 years.

There is nothing normal about shortsightedness, bad behavior, delusional grandiose egocentrism being fostered, or toxic lifestyle patterns.

Things like food choices, sleep deprivation, and the effects of environmental stressors like neurotoxins found in chemicals like pesticides are all coming under scientific — rather than simply hippy-dippy tree-hugger — scrutiny.

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Stop wasting time arguing with narcissistic people

As narcissistic individuals from the Baby Boomer generation (arguably the most Narcissistic group of individuals still alive today) age, caregivers are striving to cope with their abusive and egocentric natures.

Understanding that narcissistic personality affectations are taught by culture can help prevent future generations from repeating the same parenting mistakes the WWII Generation made when raising them. The more narcissistic behavior is encouraged by religions worldwide, the more likely humankind is to engage as a mobbing group (disenfranchising others).

Waking up to the realization that having empathy for other people is not something that comes naturally to most people is a huge key that can help unlock the door to world peace in the future.


By bringing to humanity the psycho-social awareness that parents and primary caregivers who children are exposed to in infancy and toddlerhood (as well as traumatizing events that happen to them or are witnessed) help control the way the brain literally grows and develops from a synaptic perspective means modern-day parents have the opportunity to infuse mindfulness into the process of daily parenting, including deciding on the sort of people they choose to allow to have access to influence their children when selecting both daycare provision and delegation of dutiful responsibilities to caregivers.

Parents who are raising young children or who are planning to have families in the coming decades have a choice. That means there is a reason to have hope that the roots of any inherited psychological dysfunction acquired due to following toxic thinking patterns or advice that may have worked well for genders in the 18th and 19th centuries can be functionally eliminated, managed, or removed from the everyday thinking patterns of household members can be functionally healed and cured.

But perhaps the piece-de-resistance regarding the study of Neuroanatomy and Narcissistic behavior is new brain scans able to detect more microcosmic activity in the brain as well as the brain matter structure itself.

Individuals who are born with a predisposition for narcissistic behaviors or Cluster B personality disorders (like Psychopaths, Sociopaths, people with Borderline Personality Disorders, Histrionic Personality Disorders, those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or some other comorbid condition like Malignant Narcissism with Sociopathic tendencies (Narcopaths) or Dark Triads (people with Malignant Narcissism and a high degree of Psychopathology affectations) can stop being maligned morally.

Rather than fearing evil monsters, consider the very real and workable solution that from a very early age, such children can receive extra coaching for their physical limitation that limits their capacity to feel empathy.

Instead, their friends and family can work with them the same way one does with a special needs child with a learning disability who needs help.

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Techniques properly socializing young children by teaching them how to not only control their own behaviors but also to observe the reaction of others in the world around them to their behaviors is something all parents in the 21st century should be regularly employing with the help of modern science.

Children identified as being at risk for developing anti-social behaviors or who continue to exhibit them in a deviant way from early childhood forward seem to benefit greatly from being taught how to accept their nature without feeling shame for the way their minds were designed and built from a structural perspective when and if parents who realize children are functionally not connecting with any degree of intimacy or compassion to other human beings (in the collective in general) can be trained to emulate those who are not physically handicapped with regard to normal and healthful rage of brain function.

By properly socializing the next three to five generations of toddlers and teaching living children, teens, and adults how to spot warning signs of true psycho-social predators, not only is the global population of Narcissists likely to reduce at a rapid pace but the rampant rise of people with NPD and ASPD comorbid temperaments that are predisposed to physical violence are likely to quantifiably abate.

If you are a student interested in medical science or psychology in any way, there is a field of study opening wide related to the study of normal, exceptional, deviant, as well as functionally impaired brains.

Add to that new research opportunity in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), PTSD (which gravely affected WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War, and the families of all soldiers historically through those serving in military campaigns and wars today), Stockholm Syndrome, and C-PTSD. There are unlimited possibilities to make a name for yourself in the academic, medical, or scientific fields in the modern-day — noting that advances in understanding the complex sociological impact of such conditions are just now — in 2015 — starting to be made.

Help connect the dots by sharing your life history and experiences with your youngsters in a thought-provoking, reflective, and analytical way.

If you are a narcissistic abuse survivor, understand there are legitimate reasons to keep the faith, have hope for future generations, and to keep your mind open to new ways of thinking as we (as biological creatures involved in a systems theory state) make decisions about how to help ourselves or join career professionals whose only goal is to educate.

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DISCLOSURE: The author of this post is in no way offering professional advice or psychiatric counseling services. Please contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY if you feel you are in danger. If you suspect your partner, a loved one, co-worker, or family member has a Cluster B personality disorder, contact your local victim's advocate or domestic violence shelter for more information about how to protect your rights legally and to discuss the potential benefits or dangers of electing to go "no contact" with your abuser(s). Due to the nature of this website's content, we prefer to keep our writer's names ANONYMOUS. Please contact directly to discuss content posted on this website, make special requests, or share your confidential story about Narcissistic Abuse with our staff writers. All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

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