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Sociopath Stare and Psychopath Eyes major red flags of personality disorder

When a Sociopath stares, it is known as giving people “The Look”. It is a true psychological predictor of Anti-Social tendencies, known as the “Sociopathic Stare” in self-help and academic themed psychology circles.

All people with traits of Anti-Social Personality Disorder tend to give other people the look or sociopathic stare for a variety of reasons but in most cases, it is typically related to asserting their predatory nature as self-perceived pack animals.

But only those who intellectually or physically consider themselves to be dominant tend to make the predatory stare a psychic calling card of sorts while compulsively striving to enmesh with prey.

The more Alpha the person, the more likely they are to pull “50 Shades of Gray” Alpha sub-dom routines when posturing socially or professionally on any given day.

Sometimes people call the look making “snake eyes”, reporting the slight sneer coupled with a hint of glare, while others tend to describe it as more of a “shark look” or “reptilian gaze”.

Whatever the case, if you spot someone making the face at you or while looking at another person, understand what you have seen is more than likely the telltale hallmark of a person with an Anti-Social Personality Disorder — a person to be socially avoided if at all possible to avoid being targeted to suffer their wrath someday.

Sociopaths’ predatory stare techniques differ slightly from Narcissistic predatory stares. When a Narcissist looks at you, the more Malignant their nature the more likely they are to smile in your face then start hyper-emoting wildly to show their displeasure or distaste when and if the object of their attention looks away.

But not so with a Psychopath or Sociopath.

When they look at you, you tend to feel it.

It is literally such a powerful body language cue from a predator that prey can literally be transfixed, glamoured, or functionally mesmerized by their unnerving gaze.

Sociopath or “Psychopath Eyes” are simply different than normal peoples’ in the way they tend to operate. A Sociopath who is aware of their own power to persuade and intimidate or socially influence others tends to use it to his or her full advantage.

Ever wonder what a Sociopath or Psychopath was thinking when they make the intensely fixed but blank stare gaze? Or why they look so cold and dead inside but seem to exude sparkle and charisma just the same?

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It’s a body language trick they play to more cleverly control their victims by impressing them on a biological level most people are unaware even exists in human psychology.

The more they pose, preen, and posture like peacocks, the more attention tends to be lavished upon them — but the more sinister, menacing, and foreboding they look in general is meant to socially interest curious empathic people while simultaneously making the predator appear more socially powerful and domineering in some deeply twisted and disturbing quasi-romantic Disneyesque sort of way.

Sociopath stare is a real thing. So are Psychopath Eyes that frighten people on a core level with their cold gaze and passionately disinterested glare.

If it unnerves you seeing it, a Sociopath or Psychopath staring randomly or with deliberate intent at a specific target group or person, that’s because it should. Human bodies are still animal in biological origin and intuition tends to alert us to clear and present danger.

That danger is why when a predator stares, often times its next meal finds itself transfixed, mesmerized, and unable to look away.

Malevolent contempt is typically only present on the faces of people who are seriously anti-social and toxic by nature. Some people truly are born with a different sort of brain, anatomically speaking — one more inclined to behave in a primal, animalistic way than to ever function according to a way that promotes the long-term success of a group rather than a single entity.

The blank sociopath stare might mean they are contemplating their navel. It could also mean they are scheming to socially engineer a love fraud scenario, they actually physically would love to murder you, or they are plotting your social destruction — typically by observing your every move socially and emotionally and then doing exactly what they think is most likely to get your attention and manipulate your emotions psychologically most easily.

Predatory stare tactics include but are not limited to locking eyes with a prospective victim while sizing them up for ease of manipulability. Using “The Stare” to let a prospective narcissistic supply source know they have been targeted, their eyes convey a sociopath’s raw emotions towards others in such a way that no one in a court of law or public opinion is likely to hold them morally — or legally — accountable for any and all deviant or malicious things they are truly thinking.

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Stare a psychopath in the eyes and worlds of convoluted thoughts and dream impressions appear. Looking into the eyes of an average human being, pupils tend to dilate and friendly micro expression crinkles around the eyes tend to appear.

Not so with a predator.

Their eye focus tends to narrow their pupils, oftentimes with one side narrowing slightly more than the other — almost as if they are hunting and enjoying their own internally pleasurable gaming state.

The female Sociopath stare tends to be one that is supposed to give a viewer the sense that the woman is both powerful and alluring. It’s deliberately crafted to imply sexual promiscuity but only according to her wishes, her intent, her desire level, and her timetable.

In a truly sexy picture, a person’s gaze might imply something like ecstatic pleasure or “come hither”. Not so with the pose of a Female Sociopath. Her image is carefully crafted to make men think she’s one dangerously alluring, hot little number.

The duck lip pout is meant to symbolize a willingness to pleasure men orally while the pervasive pouter pretends they are the ultimate lollipop sucker.

If you see a woman who makes duck lips in the majority of her social media profile photos, be careful.  If you spot a man doing it?

Understand he is likely to have a down-low propensity, psychopathic and somatic narcissistic streak that is absolutely wild, not mild.

[It’s like wearing low-slung pants in a prison setting for men. When the pants sag in the back, it signals that a bottom boy is sexually available and interested in being ravished by many or a more dominant any.]

The male Sociopath is an expert in the art of brooding.

Their cold gaze might not be a full-force duck lip pout, but all the same, signs are there. He stares nonchalantly but a little too long at women as well as men. In some cases he’s sizing them up for sexual availability — in other cases, he fixes his gaze to show his social dominance as an active sign of subliminally projected hostility and aggression.

If a person is a Narcissistic Sociopath (rather than a Psychopath prone to physical violence), expect their stare-down techniques to include glaring with open hostility at rivals, vanity selfie pics galore all tending to strive to replicate the same look or otherwise serious predator face, and open use of whatever sex appeal they may possess to captivate the attention of new prospective narcissistic supply sources.

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Seriously — they line new victims up using social media and online dating websites like serving dishes behind safety glass on a grand buffet.

Whatever the case, the intense stare is a dead giveaway that a person is likely to be plotting you from the jump. Whether that means they want to jump your bones then bury them in the backyard is seldom clear.

All that IS known for sure is people who survey a party like a shark effortlessly gliding through a school of fish while deciding whether or not to take a bite of one are definitely to be avoided when and if they show any red flags or warning signs of having ASPD.

If you elect to engage with one, understanding that the way they look at you is a purposeful, deliberate attempt to unnerve, menace, and entrain can help you force yourself to summon enough courage and core level impulse control to mindfully and purposefully decide to look away.

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