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There’s always something to be thankful for in Narcissistic Abuse recovery

There is always something to be grateful for in Narcissistic Abuse recovery. Some days it is finding just the right Gratitude Rock following Law of Attraction theory, other times it is being grateful to have something wonderful or small and comforting in your immediate environment.

As the Thanksgiving holiday season approaches and the time to show thanks and the time to show measurable appreciation over the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays comes around annually, people thinking about what to make their next New Year’s resolution would do well to add being more mindful about gratitude and how to notice things worth appreciating to their list of goals to make an ongoing, permanent life habit.

People who live with problematic love interests and family members or who are forced to work or to attend school with unpleasant others often find themselves — ourselves — in a psychological state consumed with processing PTSD causing incidents.

The more we strive to analyze what every word or deed said or done by or Abusers, the less time we have to look around the room and be appreciative.

Think about that the next time you start to feel stressed. Or when you are feeling triggered and an emotional meltdown coming on.

Emotional meltdowns are the opposite of rage-fueled temper tantrums. Meltdowns involve falling apart emotionally, physically, and psychologically as a result of being exposed to extreme emotional fatigue caused by (typically) ongoing exposure to trauma.

Be grateful to know that today if you were unaware there was a difference between the two states before.

If you were born with healthy EQ capacity neurologically, chances are someone who lacked emotional intelligence and who was profoundly medically and socially undereducated told you the two states are the same if there were tears, irrational thinking, catastrophizing, or some kind of upset pacing or ranting.

The person who rage controls their mate is BPD. Borderline personality people have the ability to control their behavior but because their parent (or earliest childhood caregivers) taught them to use faux rage and menacing or withholding affection to control other people by rewarding temper tantrums with an easing of rules, freedom from restriction, or with some kind of social or material profit for the infant and young toddler, they chronologically mature without ever actually emotionally, socially, or intellectually maturing.

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Deflection is a conversational control tactic used to frustrate and abuse

Be thankful that you don’t need to act like that to net gain yourself things like your mate’s, friends’, coworker’s, stranger’s, or family’s attention. Be even more appreciative you are not trapped in their body with all that bad NLP and little to no knowledge of how to control their profound fear of being ignored socially or functionally (in their frozen emotionally by or before 18-month-old emotional psychology) abandoned.

Fear of abandonment is another thing to be grateful to be learning about how to let go if you are in low to no contact status with an abuser with no further interest in being socially involved with them whether they get better, grow a personality that’s civil and morally sane, or not.

People who are Cluster B have a profound attachment to belief systems that reflect nothing more intelligent than profoundly codependent thinking. The more vertical the thinker, the more vertical thinking minus emotional intelligence is likely to show them eventually in public to be at best intellectually and emotionally handicapped.

People who do things like believe logical fallacy arguments are valid after they have been educated about what a logical fallacy argument is or who keep taking things like Tylenol based products after being educated that it is doing harm to their brain’s ability to process empathy have zero excuses for their willfully socially and medically negligent behavior.

[IQ should be high enough in a person who reads to get them over the social habit of self-harming by taking in things like toxic words from other people or pharmaceuticals someone claiming to be an authority in the STEM profession told them was something advisable to take.]

Be thankful to know people with atypical reactions to the medication Ambien are at risk of developing severe neuralgia in the face. And that there is no blood test for Magnesium Deficiency, but if you are and you take a long hot batch 3-5 hours a week soaking in Epsom Salts it’s likely to replenish and cause that crappy anxiety that forms in the chest after trauma exposures to abate — if not to completely go away.

If you don’t smoke, be grateful.

Same thing — be grateful if you are not addicted to things like fake sugar in things like diet soda that can cause a body to develop symptoms that resemble Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Connect the Dots
Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse takes time and education

If you wake up and open your eyes, be appreciative you are awake and have eyes.

If you don’t have any eyes, be grateful you are awake.

Once you grasp the concept fully we are all who we decide to be on a day to day basis no matter where we are along our life path or in our hopefully eventually self-actualizing life process, every moment in life becomes your next opportunity to make a new and hopefully pro-social decision.

These are a few things our staff and writers are grateful for this year aside from our relationship with one another.

We’re grateful to be here writing.

We are happy to thank Al Gore if he really invented the internet.

We are thankful for our lives, for our homes, for our communities, for AMAZON, and for NETFLIX and for all of our emotional support companion pets.

We are thankful for flip flops and comfortable shoes.

We are thankful for food and water and things like shelter being so much more substantial than what our ancestors encountered.

We are thankful for and for’s genetic testing services.

We appreciate the ancestry site that reminds us even if there are a few bad apples in our bloodline there’s likely also to be an entire tree of neurotypical and not – Cluster – B people.

And above all we are thankful for you, the readers, for bookmarking our website and sharing links from our organization regularly on social media or on things like handwritten flyers that people who can’t post leave in bathroom stalls with our link sharing we are a Narcissistic Abuse recovery website.

But we also want to take a moment this year to say thank you so much for simply reading here.

Being validated with likes and shares or with your thoughts and prayers or when you click support one of our sponsors’ advertisements with the intent to support our business more by supporting theirs means so much to us.

We appreciate your cheers.

Keep sending us in those questions to and your success stories as well. Each time we hear from you we are able to remember a little more about our collective but individual staff past’s and to offer ministerial and academic consulting in ways that help everyone in society elevate social “quality of life” status.

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